MA Lighting Technology On The Road With a-ha

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BERLIN, GERMANY--The Norwegian band a-ha performed their only concert in Germany this year on the occasion of the Sommergarten Open Air in Berlin. It took place at the beginning of the IFA 2006 on August 31st. Lighting Designer Jojo Tillman relied on the grandMA system, using two grandMA full-size, one NSP and two grandMA mediaPC with grandMA video, to run the show. The technology was also used for other a-ha concerts e.g. in Norway.

"Lighting consoles are to me an instrument and this instrument I play live. I searched for a console which combines lighting and video, because I've shifted my main focus more and more towards video. grandMA is the console I was looking for", Jojo Tillmann explained when asked why he uses MA Lighting technology.For more information visit


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