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Fulcrum Introduces RX699 Speaker

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Fulcrum Acoustic has introduced the RX699 compact full range loudspeaker.

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Tthe RX699 compact full range loudspeaker.

Designed as a solution for locations with tight spaces such as stage lip, balconies, kiosks, multimedia and delay/fill applications, the RX699's coaxial design delivers smooth and natural sound on and off-axis, the company says.

The system's high efficiency, horn-loaded HF compression driver gives the RX699 a high output-to-size ratio, and its broad 90 degree by 90 degree is particularly effective in close quarters. Unlike similarly sized products, which use dome tweeters, the RX699 maintains clarity and articulation at high levels without sounding harsh. Housing a 6.5 coaxial speaker, the RX699 cabinet is 10.8-inch x 7.1-inch x 6.5-inch and weighs 12lb.

Two yoke points as well as t-nuts for third party mounting systems are standard. Options include a mounting bracket and internal 70 volt transformer.

As with all Fulcrum Acoustic products, the proprietary TQ processing is an integral part of the RX699 design. TQ processing can be implemented on over 20 different industry-standard DSP platforms.

"This product further expands the Fulcrum product line for fixed installations," said Stephen Siegel, president of Fulcrum Acoustic. "We designed the RX699 to the same standards as its larger siblings, using premium drivers and Dave Gunness's advanced design techniques. Consistent with all of our products, the RX699 packs an amazing amount of performance into its diminutive footprint."


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