Luxtera Expands Monitor Control Command Set For Digital Signs -

Luxtera Expands Monitor Control Command Set For Digital Signs

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CARLSBAD, CA-–At InfoComm 2008, Luxtera announced its collaboration with the Video Electronics Standards Association's (VESA) and other member companies to further the development of the Monitor Control Command Set (MCCS) Standard for digital signs. The MCCS is a universal set of commands used to control screen settings of digital displays. By enhancing the capabilities of MCCS, Luxtera is leading the industry to eliminate the need for the RS232 serial port cable and proprietary software currently required for digital sign installations. This new capability provides a universal and standardized way to install digital signs at a much lower cost.

Luxtera recognizes that the rapidly growing Digital Signage market would benefit greatly from combining VESA's MCCS and Luxtera's CMOS photonics to simplify, standardize and reduce the number of cables while providing new capabilities. Some of the proposed MCCS features include confirmation of display operating status, quality of service updates, interactive screen command and control, multi-screen support, programming timers, identification of the type of video signal and override capability.

This announcement marks a new initiative for Luxtera who recently demonstrated its advancements with the world's first DisplayPort optical active cable based on its own breakthrough Silicon CMOS Photonic technology. This standardization drive is the latest example of Luxtera's leadership, breaking cost barriers of traditional optics and economically delivering high performance optical interconnect to mainstream markets utilizing Silicon CMOS Photonics.

"VESA is pleased Luxtera is taking the lead and introducing new MCCS capabilities to standardize the way Digital Signs are deployed," said Bill Lempesis of VESA. Luxtera has demonstrated continued leadership in optics, particularly with their work on the DisplayPort initiative. We look forward to seeing their continued support at VESA."

"The combination of MCCS and Luxtera's Silicon CMOS Photonics technology will provide short and long reach cabling solutions to the Digital Sign industry. The solution will require only a single fiber optic cable for video, audio and control. We are pleased to demonstrate the MCCS capability and it's tremendous value as control link to manufacturers of digital signs and projection systems," said Eileen Robarge, director of marketing for Luxtera.


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