iMAGsystems Unveils Australia’s First Zero-Latency VOIP Product

iMAGsystems Unveils Australia’s First Zero-Latency VOIP Product

Lightning by iMAGsystems, from the side

The What: Matrix company iMAGsystems recently released a VOIP 4K encoder/decoder series called Lightning.

iMAGsystems partnered with Montreal-based technology company Aptovision to create the uncompressed, zero-frame-latency VOIP system using off-the-shelf Cat-6A networking switches.

The What Else: Lightning delivers 4K HDMI video together with RS-232/IR control and gigabit ethernet over 10GB networking infrastructure. It is designed for routing computer video data through venues and corporate facilities using existing or standalone networks. The benefits of using off-the-shelf standard networking switches compared to proprietary systems are ease of deployment, reduced maintenance, and lower costs.

The founders of iMAGsystems have a history based on JPEG2000 and H.264 technologies. “Convergence of AV and IT happened years ago,” said Gerry Raffaut, CEO of iMAGsystems. “Compressed technologies have paved a way for the next generation of VOIP without the latency and associated artifacts; uncompressed video is what people expect and Lightning certainly delivers that.”

Using AptoVision Blue River NT technology, Lightning frees designers to create matrix applications with the same quality expectations of native matrix switching, but all the benefits of using networking infrastructure.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Lightning API control box has been designed for ease of use to ensure personnel new to networking can configure those systems.

The Bottom Line: Due to its zero-latency qualities, Lightning can be used for any application including videoconferencing and live performance where both audio and video delay cannot be tolerated.

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