Nigel B Design Introduces the NB-MLC Minilight Flush Mount Model

Nigel B Design Introduces the NB-MLC Minilight Flush Mount Model
  • The What: By using the Nigel B Design’s Compact NB-MLC Minilight Flush Mount Model, users can have all day cell phone charging and lighting at their desktop.

Nigel B Design's NB-MLC Minilight Flush Mount Model
The What Else: By using the cell phone’s supplied cable, users have the convenience of having their cell phone always at peak performance right at their fingertips. With a choice of over five different lights and fans that can be connected, energy will be saved using the highly efficient LED energy lamp options.

The Why: This made in America product’s cover panel size of only 4-inches x 1172-inches takes up little space and is designed to be flush mounted into any countertop surface with all the electronics concealed below.

Key Features: The Minilight’s advanced electronic circuit accepts inputs between 18 and five Volts DC. Its 95 percent efficiency provides the necessary power to the two USB ports, one for switched dimmable light control, with the second USB port used for cell phone charging. Output voltage is regulated to five Volts, but rated at a constant 80 percent more power than a computer’s USB ports. Users can therefore expect in most cases to see an improvement in charging times.

The Bottom Line: For standard applications, the Minilight comes with 110 240 Volt auto ranging, two amp wall wart power supply. For custom applications, its 18 to five Volt variable input voltages makes the Minilight perfect for 12 Volt vehicle applications where it can be connected directly to a vehicle’s fuse box.

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