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Telex RadioCom Presents the BTR-80N

  • Telex RadioCom is pleased to present the BTR-80N Narrow Band wireless intercom system at InfoComm 2010, an intercom system offering the most comprehensive, user friendly and versatile set of features available.
  • Providing a 25 kHz of modulated bandwidth, the BTR-80N Narrow Band system allows more users per channel in the cramped UHF spectrum. Combining the award-winning performance of the BTR-800 wireless intercom system with Narrow Band technology and a host of innovative new features, the BTR-80N is a breakthrough product suitable for an extremely wide range of applications.
  • In addition to providing excellent audio performance and Narrow Band technology, the BTR-80N inherits all the standard features of the BTR-800 system, including DSP digital processing and Intelligent Power Control, and offers up to four full-duplex wireless TR-80N or TR-82N beltpacks per base station. An unlimited number of additional beltpacks can be added in half-duplex operation.