Countdown to InfoComm, Super Tuesday FPD Conference -

Countdown to InfoComm, Super Tuesday FPD Conference

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For the past several years a key part of the InfoComm show’s “Super Tuesday” line-up has been the Digital Signage Conference that Display Search has produced. It returns this year, but with a new name and new focus: the “FPD Conference at InfoComm: Displays in Professional Markets." DisplaySearch will be hosting the FPD Conference at InfoComm, on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. It will focus on display-based solutions for vertical professional markets. The agenda will include supply chain trends, case studies, and the effect of mobile products.

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The DisplaySearch conference at 2012 InfoComm. DisplaySearch will again present new numbers on sales data and sales trends for flat panels in the digital signage and related AV markets.

This conference has historically been rich in data– DisplaySearch has always used the event to present new numbers on sales data and sales trends for flat panels in the digital signage and related AV markets. No doubt they will come through on that again, but it’s worth noting that DisplaySearch is saying that this year “For the first time at the NPD DisplaySearch FPD Conference at InfoComm, industry integrators will discuss real world display solutions, current projects and how new technologies and enhanced product features will affect future installations.”

Also on the agenda:

• Supply Chain Trends
DisplaySearch analysts, along with well-established manufacturers and upcoming players in the large display, IT, and digital signage space throughout the supply chain, will discuss future trends.

• Mobility Meets Large Screen
DisplaySearch analysts will discuss display technology solutions, as well as the opportunities and challenges that mobile products present to the professional industry.

Should be interesting.

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Digital Signage Conference InfoComm– Defining the Market

On the eve of InfoComm, digital signage was front and center in Las Vegas, as DisplaySearch held its Digital Signage Conference in conjunction with InfoComm 2012. Crucial topics such as commercial vs consumer grade flat panels, LED vs CCFL backlit LCD, Super-Narrow Bezel (SNB), and the latest market/sales numbers brought some interesting discussion from some of the industry’s top analysts and providers.

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Projection Summit at InfoComm Registration Continues

It would not be InfoComm if we didn't have the annual Projection Summit. The Summit– under the leadership of Chris Chinnock of Insight Media– has been a great forum, year after year, for presenting in-depth, the very latest technology and marketing trends for the industry.

InfoComm 2013 Ramps Up Digital Signage

While the InfoComm show will feature a variety of new activities and educational sessions, digital signage in particular–already strong at InfoComm– will be getting even more space, time, and resources in Orlando.

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Countdown to InfoComm - Video Projection

As my regular readers know I grew up in the day of the “high brightness” 7”, 8”, 9” and even 10” CRT projector and their whopping 130 to 150 lumens of light output. We actually thought this was pretty spectacular back then and for real brightness, stacking was the word of the day unless you could afford a GE Talaria or Eidaphor from Europe that in those days produced 1k to 2K lumens each at nearly $400K a piece. Today we can buy 2K of lumen light output in a projector the size of a lunch box at considerably less than a thousand dollars. This begs the question– what will be the next stages of evolution of projection? Here is a hint– it’s not just about just increasing light output.

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Rental & Staging Award Winners at InfoComm

The 2015 Rental & Staging Systems/InfoComm Product Awards were announced and presented at the InfoComm show in Orlando June 16th, recognizing the most innovative products released for the staging market last year.

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NAB Future of Cinema Conference: HDR and the New Magic of Movies

If it’s HDR, more HFR (High Frame Rate), the latest 3D developments, and more of everything big-screen on all the on-ramp signs, you could only be headed to the big Future of Cinema Conference organized by SMPTE and NAB and held each year (it was formerly called the Cinema Summit) in Las Vegas the weekend just before the opening of the show floor at NAB.

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Kicking Off InfoComm – In Search of 4K

4K will be a hot topic at InfoComm 2013 in Orlando when the show floor opens on Wednesday, but a special 4K session at the InfoComm Projection Summit on Monday kicked off this week’s look at one of the most interesting new stages in the evolution of video projection at the high end.