New Products : October 2009

New Products : October 2009

Extron Cable Retraction System

Extron introduces the Retractor, a cable retraction and management system designed to work in conjunction with new or previously installed Cable Cubby access enclosures. The Retractor provides a discreet, convenient solution for accessing AV cable connections and then storing them effectively. Users pull the end of the cable from the system, which extends up to three feet. When pulled to the desired length, the cable is held securely in place. After use, the cable retracts smoothly and effortlessly with the push of a button. The Retractor is available in versions to support most AV and data signal types including VGA, Network, PC Audio, USB, DVI, or HDMI.

Christie Roadie HD+35K

Christie unveils the Christie Roadie HD+35K. This new addition to the Christie Roadie family of projectors shines with 35,000 center lumens and features Christie’s flexible split-body design with separate lamp ballast. The Christie Roadie HD+35K has a native 2048x1080 HD resolution and 10-bit image processing. True to its name, the Christie Roadie HD+35K is built for the road. It sets up quickly and easily and is tough enough to withstand frequent installs. New to this model is a motorized lens mount. In addition, a lens conversion kit is available, allowing users to motorize their existing Christie Roadie lenses so that they are compatible with the new Christie Roadie HD+35K.

NTi Audio XL2

NTi Audio AG presents its new handheld, the XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer. The XL2 analyzer forms the unique combination of a sound level meter, a comprehensive acoustical analyzer, as well as a powerful audio analyzer. The wide range of functionalities are tailored for live sound, installed sound, studios, and service and environmental noise measurements. The XL2 provides the measurement microphones M4260 or M2210 and provides a precise sound level meter for monitoring of live sound events and environmental noise. The instrument generates the 48V phantom power supply for the microphones and reads the included electronic data sheet of the M4260 and M2210 automatically.

Black Box LanScope

The Black Box LanScope Network Analyzer can be used for installing, monitoring, maintaining, upgrading, and troubleshooting any network. LanScope enables LAN installers, technicians, managers, and service providers to quickly maintain and optimize 10/100/1000BASE-T networks with a single tester. This one tool provides one of the most complete suites of testing and analysis functions available. It can be used to discover and identify network devices, and non-intrusively monitor and generate network traffic to identify protocols, port usage, VoIP statistics, and network utilization.

Crestron MPC-M50 Media Presentation Controller

The Crestron MPC-M50 features a built-in 2-Series control system and fits onto a standard 3-gang electrical box. Its large LCD display has four soft and seven hard key buttons with LED feedback, all fully programmable for controlling system functions such as power, source selection, transport control, audio settings, lighting, and more. In addition to the LCD screen, the MPC-M50 has a total of 16 programmable buttons, customizable backlit labeling, volume control knob, 17 various control ports, and wireless remote capability. Like all MPC models, the MPC-M50 is available in black and white, mounts in a wall or podium, and provides seamless integration with Crestron RoomView software via ethernet.

JBL CBT Series
JBL Professional’s CBT Series passive line array columns feature JBL’s Constant Beamwidth Technology circuitry, a breakthrough in pattern control that provides remarkably consistent constant directivity coverage and audio clarity, even in difficult acoustical environments. After years of research by JBL engineers, the CBT Series, with Constant Beamwidth Technology, gives performance and versatility for passive column loudspeakers, providing not only constant directivity, but also adjustable coverage control and fullfidelity sound quality.

ATI Series 3

Audio Technologies introduced its new Model MCDA-208/WC106. This new product contains an ultra-low jitter 192 kHz studio master sync generator, two independent 1X4 AES/EBU digital audio distribution amplifiers and a 1X6 clock distribution amplifier. The MCDA-208/WC106 is designed to give centralized control over their digital audio signals. When used as a studio master clock, the MCDA can generate an exceptionally stable 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, or 192 kHz clock reference for the purpose of synchronizing all digital equipment. Automatic fallback allows external sync signals to be used, with the internal generator providing backup if external timing is lost.

Gefen DVI-1600HD

Gefen’s newest fiber optic extender, the DVI-1600HD, goes the distance, delivering high resolution video with audio and RS-232 control up to two kilometers in length. The sender/receiver system supports the extension of one flat panel display or projector using either the DVI or HDMI format along with both digital and analog audio and RS-232 signals. Ideal for managing remote digital signage installations through touch panel controls, the DVI-1600HD supports 1080p full HD resolutions in the HDMI format with HDCP compliance up to 1000 feet or 1920x1200 resolutions in the DVI format up to 6600 feet. Users select their video mode using a switch on the front panel of the sender unit.

Soundcraft Si1

Soundcraft’s new Si1 has a very compact footprint of just 1200mm width, meaning it fits nicely into space-restricted areas such as theatres, small venues, and houses of worship. As standard the Si1 has 32 mic inputs mapped on 16 faders, and with four dedicated Stereo Line channels, four dedicated FX Returns from the four stereo Lexicon FX processors can mix up to 48 inputs. Eight balanced insert sends and returns are provided, along with the same bus structure as the Si2 and Si3 of 24 group/aux busses, eight matrix busses, and a full complement of monitor talkback and main bus outputs.

Lowell LWBR Series
Lowell Manufacturing’s LWBR series of pivoting wall racks include a supporting base. The LWBR forward section pivots either right or left on a ball transfer system via Lowell’s internal hinging system, providing easy access to interior equipment and cable management. LWBR racks have a load capacity of 500 pounds and are available in 24, 35, 40, or 44 RU and 22, 28, or 32 inches.

Premier Mounts PWR-MDP1 And PWR-MDP3
Premier Mounts’ new Motorized Projector Mounts, the PWRMDP1 and PWR-MDP3, will enable businesses to hide projectors out of sight and make them appear at the touch of a button. The Motorized Projector Mounts are designed to enhance any electronic lifestyle installation and incorporate the latest in projector-drop systems featuring components from Future Automation. The entire motorized system fits snug within an enclosed housing unit that is easily installed within any ceiling structure.

Neutrik XX-HD Series
Neutrik’s XX-HD Series is a heavy-duty XLR cable connector designed specifically for outdoor use. Equipped with hybrid metal/rubber design, the new XX-HD Series is both dust and water protected, meeting the requirements of an IP67 rating, by mating it with the related XX-HD cable connector or Neutrik’s MPRHD chassis connector. The XX-HD Series includes a three-pole female XLR connector with optional black housing.

Aurora Multimedia WACI NX-22

Aurora Multimedia’s WACI NX-22 offers improved processing capabilities and provides integrated Bluetooth microphone capability for voice-lift applications. Additional features include a built-in audio player with volume control to enable internal management of audio mixing, voice over IP, and intercom and paging systems, all at a lower cost. The Web Accessible Control Interface is a powerful non-proprietary IP control system. It is a native network device that can operate seamlessly and simply on an ethernet network. The WACI serves as the ambassador between the ethernet and intelligent electronics. The system is accessible through any web browser running on a wired or wireless ethernet network and requires no special software.

Panasonic H-42PG9U

Exclusively designed for the needs of the hotelier, the TH-42PG9U combines image quality with a sophisticated design and reliable durability. In addition to its image quality, this space-saving plasma display offers the flexibility of three terminal board slots concealed in the back of the display panel. The interchangeable terminal board slots support a variety of PPV/HDTV PPV and PC connections allowing you to customize the panel according to system needs, rather than paying for features that may not be used. With specially designed, bottom-mounted speakers, the ultra-thin plasma display fits a smaller space than many 32- inch LCDs with side-mounted speakers. Specially designed, multi-function connection slot concealed in the back of the display supports multiple in-hotel TV/PC/video-on-demand systems without invasive box sets or major attachments.

QVS VARCA-1P Extender Kit
QVS’ VARCA-1P, VGA and composite with audio Cat-5e wallplate extender kit provides both PC VGA and stereo audio along with composite audio and video using dual Cat-5e RJ45 cables. Both transmitter and receiver have grounding screws and shielded casing to meet government, school, and commercial requirements. The intuitive design anticipates both computer and regular AV application that provides a well-rounded solution for installations that require separate VGA or composite AV sources to a single projector or monitor.

Analog Way Broad Scan HD

Analog Way’s Broad Scan HD is a model of its range of high resolution to video scan converters for high definition and standard television broadcast, broadcast studios, and TV production. The Broad Scan range by Analog Way is a broadcast and professional computer to video and high definition TV scan converter family. Fitted with digital DVI and analog RGB inputs, Broad Scan HD, Broad Scan DVI, and Broad Scan convert Workstation, PC or Mac graphic images up to 1600x1200@60Hz into NTSC/PAL video or HDTV formats.

Shure X2u

Shure’s X2u XLR-to-USB Signal Adapter is available by itself or in bundles with either the SM57 or SM58 microphones. The X2u Adapter is a modular accessory that connects any XLR microphone to a computer to create better-than-CD quality recordings. As home recording flourishes, the X2u redefines what amateur musicians and podcasters can do in their homes and on the go. The X2u mimics the sleek, beautiful design of Shure’s iconic SM57 and SM58 microphones and can be used unobtrusively for live and in-studio recording.

Wharfedale Pro EVP-NEO Series

Wharfedale Pro has started shipping the next generation of the EVP line of loudspeakers, the EVP-NEO series. Lighter in weight with improved materials and construction the EVP-NEO series builds on the already impressive sound quality of the EXP-X. Seven models are available in the range: the EVP-12M NEO and EVP-15M NEO are low profile stage monitors with the EVP-12NEO, EVP-15NEO, and EVP-215NEO completing the full range lineup.

Architectural Acoustics PHR Series

Architectural Acoustics by Peavey has introduced its PHR Series loudspeakers, designed specifically for compact, in-ceiling operation in permanent installations. A tap selector switch allows for easy system tuning and configuration for 70-volt or 100-volt distributed systems, and a full selection of taps up to 60 watts and an 8-ohm transformer bypass setting are included for maximum system versatility.

Aurora V-Tune Pro HD
Aurora Multimedia’s V-Tune Pro HD is the latest of the company’s TV tuners. The new V-Tune Pro HD delivers a tuning solution for any integrated system, whether it requires legacy NTSC tuning or ATSC/QAM capability. The tuner is also LAN-addressable and IPTV-ready, capable of decoding MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and H.264. RS-232 command sets provide two-way communication via traditional control systems, in addition to IP-based control for networked arrays.

Vivitek Digital Projectors
Vivitek has added two new shortthrow digital projectors to its product line-up, the D520ST and D525ST. Designed for smaller settings, the Vivitek D520ST and D525ST both feature 2600 lumens of brightness and 2300:1 contrast ratio. The D525ST offers a native XGA resolution and the D520ST is a native SVGA projector. Both projectors can deliver a projected image of 23 inches to as large as 300 inches at throw ratios of 0.9 and 0.9- 1.0. The D520ST and D525ST also include an enhanced wall color adjustment feature, seven pre-set enhanced display modes, and color adjustments.

Listen Technologies ListenPoint

ListenPoint is a simple way to provide complete audio infrastructure for small- or medium-sized rooms. ListenPoint integrates and amplifies all sound sources to accelerate participant productivity up to 30 percent. Highlights of ListenPoint include integrated VOIP/Skype and SoundStation2 teleconferencing, one control dial on the central unit does it all, and its ergonomic design fits most room decors.

MultiDyne COMMS-2000
MultiDyne’s COMMS-2000 two wire to four wire intercom interface allows for the conversion of a single channel of standard or TW partyline intercom to four-wire audio, while also converting call signals to RS-422 data. It also offers the capability to convert the signal back to its original form. The resulting audio and RS-422 data from the COMMS- 2000 can then be sent to a Clear- Com Matrix port, fiber optic converter such as the MultiDyne Fiber-Comms, or connected to another COMMS-2000 over twistedpair cable such as Cat-5E.

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