New DS Link Announced -

New DS Link Announced

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The Digital Signage Group, a sales and marketing company focusing on digital signage products and services has introduced their DS Link Program, which addresses the needs of the Integrator and Service providers who are focusing on digital signage.
"We have put together a program specifically for Integrators and Service Providers who are focusing on digital signage and who need a knowledgeable partner to assist in providing the right software and hardware choices for their customer's unique requirements," said Jill Miller, EVP of The Digital Signage Group. Miller went on to say, "These Integrator and Service Providers are central to effective digital signage and we are excited to be offering a program which will provide the necessary tools for these types of businesses to be successful in this market."
As many of the integrators and service suppliers do not currently handle the full range of components necessary to provide a comprehensive answer to a digital signage installation, TDSG has formed the DS Link Program. The DS Link program is a members only group devoted to providing the products, services and tools necessary to successfully install and maintain a superior digital signage solution for our members' customers.
Other member benefits of the DS Link program include:
Assignment of a digital signage specialist with substantial digital signage experience, to work with the member on their projects.
Proven software solutions addressing the various requirements of digital signage.
Unique display and projection technologies optimized for digital signage.
Relationships with manufactures that focus on custom configuration of display/projection technologies to meet the needs of your customers.
Access to network of affiliates to assist in rounding out a complete offer.
If you are interested in becoming a part of DS Link Program, go to or call 866-591-1974.


DS Federation Board Announced at DSE

by David Keene At the Digital Signage Expo yesterday, the new Digital Signage Federation (DSF) , announced the appointment of an interim Board of Directors.This came on the heels of the announcement just a week ago of the Federation's formation, partially in response to the news that the "Digital Signage Associatio

LINK delivers Continuous Evolution

Link USA has introduced their PowerLink line of single pole connectors. Link has earned a well deserved reputation for delivering continuous product improvements in direct response to the requests of a dedicated group to PowerLink users.

Radical Computing New DS Platform

Radical Computing announced on January 7th  the launch of its new Adaptive Signage platform for developing the next generation of digital signage products. The Adaptive Signage platform will, according to the company, “serve as the basis for creating unified and intelligent marketing solutions capable of taking critical data from various sources to automatically structure content delivery.” “The goal of the adaptive signage platform is to support a major paradigm shift in 1-to1 marketing for retailers, thereby allowing marketers to customize marketing responses to individual consumers in real time,” said Alex Tsyfanskiy, Director, Product Development of Radical Computing. Adaptive Signage platform will address 1-to1 marketing for retailers by identifying four unique dimensions of 1-to-1 marketing...

Symon Acquires Message Link

Symon Communications announced April 23rd that it has acquired Message-Link, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, a provider of digital signage systems for the hospitality and conference center industry. The acquisition advances Symons position in the digital signage arena, where it is leveraging its experience in employee communications, call-centers, and broadcast, while building its portfolio of digital signage content aggregation, content management, and systems integration. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed. Message-Link has been serving the visual communications needs of major hotels for over eighteen years...

MediaTile’s Human Kiosk, Human Interface and DS Content

David Keene– In a private conference call yesterday with Simon Wilson and Mike Foster of MediaTile, I got a look at MediaTile’s Human Kiosk. (While MediaTile has shown demos of this earlier this year, they are now signing on partners and doing some innovative rollouts.) With all the press releases that fly in daily, i

Melillo DS Session at GlobalShop

Diversified Media Group (DMG), a network management and systems engineering companyfor digital signage networks, announced that its president, John Melillo, will head up a session at GlobalShop next week, the annual trade show dedicated to in-store marketing and retail design. The session, entitled “Digital Signage Project Management:  From Pilot to General Roll-Out”, takes place at GlobalShop in Chicago on March 19, from 2:30 to 3:30 pm. The panel will discuss how digital signage can build brand, create shopping experiences and move product. The distinguished group of experts includes Pat Hellberg of Nike, Tim Hunter of Tim Hunter Design and Stephen Platt of the Platt Retail Institute. The panel is expected to delve into how the needs of the brand are supported by current market research, how the creative is designed to deliver the most appropriate message and how it is all brought together with overall project management...

Link Unveils SB Audio Distrib Snake System

Link's SB (stage box) audio distribution snake system has been designed for live applications where a single mixer is used. It consists of stage extensions that permit separate In and Out channels by running one cable from the stage to the mixer (black color for mixer in and red for mixer out). Manufactured in 15/10 mild steel, finished in black-dust ebony, Amphenal XLR and multiple length individually shielded multipair cable from eurocable, the SB system ends with a 100cm Fan Out and is protected by a special "heat-shrink" jacket maintaining flexibility.