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C-nario Rolls-Out McDonald's Singapore

McDonald's Singapore, the national franchise of the world’s largest fast food chain, will rely on digital signage technology developed and deployed by provider C-nario to draw customers into outlets across Singapore. In the initial phase of an Asia-wide program, 67 out of 127 Singapore restaurants have already been outfitted with the latest in interactive digital signage technology driving this groundbreaking deployment.

Diners can now interact by sending text messages from their mobile phones to be displayed for all to see on an array of 42-inch screens strategically deployed throughout the chain's restaurants. In the digital-signage enhanced McDonald's environment, guests can engage one another in chat-like conversations, respond to running content or live feed, and even generate classified ads that run on a news-like ticker. Thanks to C-nario technology, every Saturday and Sunday, sports fan patrons can watch five-hour long video and audio streaming of sporting events in better-than-broadcast-quality.

"This initial roll-out of an Asia-wide, digital signage-based campaign not only enhances patrons' dining experience, but establishes a sense of community in McDonald's restaurants," said Rami Bahar, C-nario's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "We are thrilled that McDonald's has chosen C-nario as a partner in this venture."

C-nario's digital signage technology will feature compelling advertising rotated at intervals to maximize exposure based on the measured average times spent in the restaurants sitting areas. Touch-screen kiosks linked to restaurants' points-of-sale will issue coupons to eligible customers notified via the digital screens. Points can also be redeemed and gifts retrieved later at the cash register. Music selected based on predetermined parameters, will be streamed across various locations.

The McDonald's deployment is a result of a partnership between global digital signage provider C-nario, Singapore-based content provider At-Life and ABI Digital, an integration and operations company. The in-store network is now available to over two million McDonald's patrons a month.

C-nario is a provider of end-to-end software-based digital dynamic messaging and signage solutions across all industries, including advertising, corporate, public, media and entertainment sectors. C-nario’s cutting edge technology enables unparalleled playback and management capabilities of complex better-than-broadcast quality video displays in an extensive range of high traffic environments. For information:

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