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Ghost Tours With SolaSpot Pro 2000

Ghost Tours With SolaSpot Pro 2000
  • Ghost's North American Popestar tour utilized 11 High End Systems SolaSpot Pro 2000 fixtures as the floor lighting package.

SolaSpot Pro 2000 at work
Operated by Lighting Director Mike Holm and supplied through Gemini Lighting Sound Video, the SolaSpots serve as powerful workhorses, providing massive looks and special effects lighting to the band’s high energy live performances.

“We’ve been touring since 2014 and have had the opportunity to use many different fixtures, including a variety of LED instruments," said Christian Wienberg Bonde, lighting designer. "The SolaSpots fit perfectly in our fixture sets. In this design we always have a line of floor fixtures, as a wash from the back, so we place 11 SolaSpots on the ground. This design requires a big, powerful fixture, and we surely got that in the SolaSpots. We like their LED colors, because we get a little more out of the dark colors compared to metal halide sources. We use them in all songs in the set.”

The designer originally specified the SolaSpots while Ghost was touring in Europe.

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