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Even with the current trend toward wireless communications, the evolution of wire, cable and connector products continues. Today, the efficient transmission of audio and video signals alongside (and sometimes encoded as) data communications is as crucial as ever. Take a look at our selection of product innovations in these building blocks of the systems integration industry. There's even an enclosure for WiFi systems here. Just goes to show you that even wireless needs a little help from cable at some point in the chain.

Coleman Cable's Dual Cat-5e
Coleman Cable's Siamese data cable for residential and commercial applications features two Category 5e 24/4pr legs side by side for convenience, labor savings and efficiency. The new cable meets or exceeds the TIA/EIA-568-B.2-1 standard for Category 5e cable and is ETL Verified for performance.
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Gepco's Hybrid
Fiber Optic Cable

Gepco's HDC120P 12mm heavy-duty hybrid fiber optic cable is SMPTE 311M compliant, and was designed specifically for HD camera to CCU interconnections in studio or mobile production environments.
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CBI's EV Speaker Cable
The SNEV series cable was created by CBI and Electro-Voice to get the most out of all array-style speaker systems. The cable features an 11ga/4 conductor + 13ga/4 conductor special 8-pole design, under a heavy-duty and flexible inner and outer jacketing. The SNEV is completed by Neutrik NL8FC connectors.
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BTX's Screw Terminal XLR
BTX partnered with Neutrik to create the Screw Terminal XLR, which is a panel-mount, 3-pin XLR featuring three rear screw terminal connections in place of standard solder cups. Manufactured by Neutrik exclusively for BTX, the NC3FD-S-1-B (female) and NC3MD-S-1-B (male) connectors are suitable for all professional audio applications.
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Belden's IBDN Copper Structured Cabling Systems
Belden CDT offers three fully optimized IBDN Copper Structured Cabling Systems. The Belden IBDN System 1200 supports 1.2 Gb/s network applications. The System 2400 for 2.4 Gb/s network applications. The System 4800LX enhanced Cat-6 system supports ultra-high-speed and multi-Gigabit protocols and is a 300 MHz UTP system.
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Comprehensive's HDMI And DVI Extender Cables
Comprehensive Video Group's Ultra-High Resolution Extended Distance HDMI and DVI cables utilize an exclusive 24 awg copper construction which allows for long-distance, all-digital transmission with virtually no loss-even over 50 feet. Extended Distance cables come in HDMI, DVI and HDMI to DVI configurations.
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Crestron's CresCAT-QM
Crestron's CresCAT-QM cable provides a single-cable solution to simplify the wiring of QuickMedia-based MediaManager systems. CresCAT-QM contains one low-skew Cat-5e cable and one Cresnet control cable in a single Siamese jacket. CresCAT-QM is available in non-plenum and Plenum-rating.
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