New Switching and Router Products 2007

New Switching and Router Products 2007
  • The Extron MPS 112CS media presentation switcher merges four independent switchers in a single enclosure: a four input, one output VGA with stereo audio switcher; a four input, one output S-Video with stereo audio switcher; a four input, one output composite video with stereo audio switcher; and a 12 input, one output program audio switcher. Because the MPS 112CS can switch between VGA, S-Video, composite video, and program audio signals, presenters can incorporate and access a variety of different sources.

Kramer's VP-23RC Presentation Switcher

Kramer Electronics' VP-23RC presentation switcher with media/room control is the first Kramer model to combine the convenience and technology of switching multiple audio and video sources with control of media room features such as window blinds, room lights, and projector lifts. The VP-23RC incorporates a presentation switcher section and media/room controller section, with the option of integrated or independent operation of each section.

Altinex's MT400-016

The MT400-016 is a pre-configured matrix switcher with an AV over twisted pair matrix engine for 8x8 to 16x16 twisted pair signals. The base engine, MT107-105, includes two 4-channel inputs and two 4-channel outputs, each with local audio output. Included with this new engine are two specially designed expansion cards: the MT107-212 is a four twisted pair input expansion card, and MT107-312 which is a four twisted pair output expansion card. Each of these new cards can handle up to 16x16 channels over 2, 4-TP inputs and outputs in one enclosure, have signal detection circuitry, and RS-232 control.

Hall Reasearch's SW-HDMI-3A Switch

Hall Research's SW-HDMI-3A is used to select (and boost) one of three HDMI video-plus-audio inputs. The SW-HDMI-3A three-port switch uses only one connection to HDMI compatible HDTV. It equalizes the inputs for losses in the cable to 65 feet and can boost the output for driving cables to 50 feet. The SW-HDMI-3A features a front panel LED indicators for status monitoring and supports PC resolutions to UXGA (1600x1200) and HD to 1080p.

Crestron's MPS-100 System

Building on the heritage of Crestron's MP2, the MPS-100 integrates the multimedia switcher, audio processor and amplifier, and control system into a two-space rackmount package. The MPS-100 provides switching of two video inputs and three RGBHV sources. Each video input can be configured as composite, S-Video, or component supporting HD video sources up to 1080i. The DB15HD inputs support RGBHV signals up to WUXGA. Two outputs are provided, each independently switchable to support dual displays, or a single audience display plus preview.

Knox Video's VS-100

The VS-100 video scaler provides high quality up conversion from standard video formats to computer or HDTV signals in a compact package. NTSC and PAL video standards are supported. Inputs can be composite or S-Video. A computer bypass is also provided. The output is selectable as any computer resolution up to 2048 x 2048 at any vertical refresh rate and all HDTV resolutions up to 1080p. A wide variety of computer signal formats are available to support PC, Mac, and Workstation formats.

Mutlidyne's FOS Series

Multidyne Video and Fiber Optic Systems and Calient Networks have introduced the FOS Series of fiber optic routing switchers. It is available in matrix sizes starting at 32 by 32 bidirectional optical ports. The FOS Series is fully scalable to matrix sizes of up to 256 by 256 bi-directional ports. It delivers guaranteed, non-blocking, deterministic switched video over fiber optic connections. The optical switch is based on Calient Networks' field photonic switching technology. Laser light is switched in a pure optical format, without electrical conversion, allowing the switch to support transparent connections compatible with any video or data format including uncompressed HD video of 1.5 Gb/s.

AMX's Optima HD-SDI Board

AMX first high definition serial digital interface (HD-SDI) board for its AutoPatch Optima Series Matrix Switcher line, the Optima HD-SDI board provides routing in a small, economical footprint. Available in an 8x8 configuration, the Optima HD-SDI interface board automatically configures each input to perfectly replicate all standard SMTPE 292M, 259M, and 344M frame rates and clocking speeds to any and or all output signals. The new board is also capable of passing embedded audio, metadata, or any additional ancillary data included in the video stream.

Network Electronics' Vikinx HD128128M Router

Network Electronics' HD128128M router offers control features with full tCP/iP interconnectivity. VikinX reduces the capital expenses necessary to install. VikinX sublime offers the broadcast industry the most extensive range of matrix sizes available (8x8 to 6x6 and 16x2 to 128x2) and covers signal formats from analogue video/audio to HDTV. The SMPTE-292 HD products provide support for gbps dual link standard.

Magenta Research's MultiView Matrix

The Magenta Research MultiView Matrix Cat-5 video routing switch features complete compatibility with all versions of MultiView Cat-5 distribution products. The Cat-5 cable interface connections are clean and neat, reducing space. The LED matrix shows at a glance which inputs are connected to which outputs. Pre-defined macros can be created for specific switch settings, allowing users to easily change inputs/outputs at the touch of a button.

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