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Manufacturing Resources International (MRI) has mastered thermal management for large size outdoor daylight viewable high bright AMLCD displays. Large LCDs (i.e., typically 23” and larger) all employ some form of In Plane Switching (IPS) or Vertically Aligned (VA and PVA) AMLCD technology to provide wide hemispherical viewing angles and fast response times desired for the ultimate viewing experience. However, these IPS and PVA technologies have been limited for outdoor use by low clearing temperature liquid crystal (LC) fluid. Previously warm temperatures and/or direct sunlight were a combination that IPS and PVA AMLCDs could not survive … the image would develop temporary black spots and the optical diffuser films behind the LCD would permanently buckle and warp resulting in objectionable image uniformity degradations.

MRI has developed a patent pending innovative technology that maintains the AMLCD temperatures well below the clearing point of the LC fluid, without introducing the extreme expense, size, and ongoing maintenance issues of an air-conditioned enclosure. Now, outdoor displays can be fully legible under the most demanding conditions of combined direct sunlight and high ambient temperatures, up to 125oF (50oC). This technology also minimizes the depth, weight, and acoustic signature of the display so they can be installed in virtually any location.

Full sunlight legibility is achieved by utilizing MRI Light Emitting Diode (LED) backlights, and direct laminated or optically bonded cover glass with anti-reflective (AR) coating. The AR coverglass also provides a robust vandal resistant front display surface. MRI outdoor displays offer the following performance:

Display Brightness: 1,000 nits minimum (white)
Video Interface: DVI, Analog or Digital Video over Cat 5, VGA or Wireless
Packaging: Slim Packaging Minimizing Depth and weight of the Display
Environmental: Temperatures from -40oF (-40oC) to +125oF (+50oC) ambient
Rain Proof Enclosure
Vandal Resistant Display Surface
Display Sizes Offered: 26 inch, 32 inch, 47 inch diagonal, applicable to displays up to 82” and larger
For more information about MRI outdoor displays, contact Jim Niemczyk at


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