ISP Technologies Introduces HDDS SM2110 Speaker

ISP Technologies has introduced an all new speaker to add to the High Definition Distributed System (HDDS) line of products, the SM2110.

  • The SM2110 is the largest and most powerful speaker available as part of the HDDS system. The heart of the SM2110 is an all new amplifier design that allows the speaker to reach maximum output levels of 220 watts with low current draw, powering a 10-inch speaker and a 1.3-inch compression driver. Maximum SPL levels are 122dB peak and 116 dB long term, Nominal Coverage Angle is 80 deg. H x 70 deg. V, Frequency Range is (-10 dB): 42 Hz - 20 kHz, and Frequency Response is (+-3 dB): 50 Hz - 19 kHz.
  • According to the company, the SM2110 is ideal for foreground and background music plus music-plus-paging systems. Low frequency output can be augmented with the addition of our HDDS subwoofer, the SB112. Installation of the SM2110 is quick and easy, only requiring dual Cat6 cables to be run from the Master Control Module. The loudspeaker is packaged with a bracket for easy wall mounting.