FSR Sponsors Annual CUNY IT Conference at NYC College

  • FSR has joined a prestigious list of technology leaders that are sponsoring The City University of New York’s 13th Annual IT Conference, taking place at John Jay College in New York City, on December 4 and 5.
  • The Conference, which is looking at shifts that are taking place in the core enterprises of teaching, learning and research, is offered every year at no cost and offers overviews of the university’s key IT initiatives, discussions of how technology continues to affect teaching, scholarship and administration, the 2nd Annual CUNY Excellence in Technology Awards and a chance to meet with exhibitors and partners in the exhibit hall.
  • “Events such as The City University of New York’s 13th Annual IT Conference are key for companies like FSR, who are continuing to show strong leadership within the education market,” says Gina Sansivero, who joined the company earlier this year as its director of educational sales. “Here, FSR has the opportunity to speak face-to-face with educational leaders about our variety of interactive and collaborative learning systems and how we are embedded as a primary or top-tier manufacturer of installations in higher-education and K-12 buildings and campuses. Also, it serves as an outlet for us to learn even more from these same leaders about what their goals and needs are so we, in turn, can create new products and solutions.”
  • FSR joins other event sponsors, such as Adobe, Cisco, Dell and Lenovo, in the exhibition portion of the Conference to meet with K-12 and higher education technology leaders. For more information about the Conference, visit http://www.centerdigitaled.com/events/CUNY-IT-Conference.html?page=home.

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