Bosch’s IRIS-Net Upgrade Offers More Control

  • BURNSVILLE, MN—Bosch Communications recently upgraded its IRIS-Net software—the proprietary digital audio networking protocol that works with the Electro-Voice brand of loudspeakers. It’s one comprehensive platform that lets integrators network speakers and send audio signals digitally, and even create a graphic interface. New advancements to IRIS-Net, according to product manager Ethan Wetzell, have increased the software’s functionality while simplifying its operation.
  • Like most software, IRIS has undergone numerous changes and refinements since its debut in 2002, so what’s special about IRIS-Net 2.0? New FIR-Drive technology and DSP integration are significant, says Wetzell. There is also a new peak anticipation limiter and new speaker settings for EV concert sound products.
  • Making this platform an “all-inone” solution simplifies the process for the integrator: “Addressing testing, GUI generation, DSP, all in different silos, is too steep a learning curve for your staff,” he said. “What we have created with IRIS-Net is a totally unified system.” As a total package, it is well suited for live sound venues, rental and staging, and the broad spectrum of commercial AV integration.
  • IRIS-Net 2.0 also supports remote monitoring and supervision for system diagnostics. Contractors can instantly troubleshoot the system if transducers aren’t operating efficiently or they suspect a wire was accidentally unplugged.
  • Another turning point for the software is its redesigned menu structure (tightened up for better navigation) and a project generator program for project creation from the ground up.
  • Wetzell added that in the current economic times, as people look to provide the best service and deals for customers, they also need long-term savings. Systematic efficiency for maintenance and service calls translate into peace of mind for the customer. “This is a platform for a more streamlined and unified operation, right out of the door,” he said.
Margot Douaihy, Ph.D.

Margot Douaihy, Ph.D., is a lecturer at Franklin Pierce University.