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UniPixel Acquires Display Technology Patents

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WOODLANDS, TX-- Uni-Pixel has reached an agreement to acquire a block of patents that are applicable to UniPixel's TMOS display technology. The acquisition of the patents increases the total number of UniPixel's TMOS display-related patents to one hundred and six (106) patents issued and filed. The patent transaction is a direct result of collaboration efforts entered into during 2007 surrounding the development and assembly of its TMOS display technology.

According to Mr. Reed Killion, president and CEO of UniPixel, "Our development efforts to bring TMOS display technology and Opcuity films to commercialization continue to result in the rapid expansion of our Intellectual Property portfolio. The acquisition of this block of patents adds immediate value and protection for UniPixel and TMOS licensees moving forward. Furthermore, these patents augment our existing UniPixel patents in a number of the disciplines included within TMOS architectural, electromechanical, panel fabrication, system assembly and process related intellectual property. The expansion of our intellectual property is fundamental to the successful execution of our TMOS licensing business and the development of our Opcuity films business. Our continuing focus on innovation and capturing the resulting intellectual property will remain a top priority."


Accent Acquires Trinity Technology

Accent Electronic System Integrators has acquired Trinity Technology of Boca Raton, FL. The transaction was effective March 29. Accent is a privately-held electronic system integrator, focused on providing converged audio, video, data, security, and communications systems for a variety of facilities. Trinity Tec

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Polycom Acquires Accordent Technologies

Pleasanton, CA-- Polycom has acquired Accordent Technologies, a provider of video content management and delivery solutions, for approximately $50 million in cash. Polycom expects this acquisition to be neutral to earnings in 2011 and slightly accretive to earnings in 2012. The acquisition will allow the companies t

Community Receives Patent for Carbon Ring Cone Technology

CHESTER, PA--Community Professional Loudspeakers has been granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its groundbreaking work on Carbon Ring Cone Technology.   This innovative technology offers far greater efficiency in loudspeaker design, where a ring of extremely rigid carbon fiber

Premier Mounts Awarded Patent for Griplate

Anaheim, CA-- Premier Mounts has been awarded a patent for the Griplate, a specially designed metal plate that maintains the desired position of a flat-panel display by registering the mounting screw with the mounting bracket. The Griplate (US Patent number 8,035,757 B2) is an anti-slip plate with protrusions that a

AMX Acquires SchoolView Technologies

Richardson, TX-- AMX announced today the acquisition of SchoolView Technologies, LLC. , a Plano, TX-based company specializing in building comprehensive software that consolidates management and control of diverse school technologies at the district, building and classroom level, on a single, comprehensive platform.

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Premier Mounts Receives Patent

ANAHEIM, CA—Premier Mounts has successfully completed the patent registration for the MAG (magnetically-assisted) series of projector mounts (Patent # US 7,758,001 B2). The MAG series uses the company’s MagnaGuide mechanism.

Carousel Acquires Juma Technology Corp

Exeter, RI-- Carousel Industries has completed its acquisition of Juma Technology , an Avaya Business Partner. "We are pleased to see the closing of our acquisition of Juma Technology, which represents yet another milestone in the growth of our company," said Jeff Gardner, chief executive officer of Carousel. "This