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SynAudCon Courses Bring Hands-On Approach to InfoComm

While many companies have shifted their education courses to the web, the benefits of an in-person, hands on educational experience still proves beneficial for students.

To help reinforce the positive impact of the hands-on learning, Synergetic Audio Concepts (SynAudCon) has brought its Sound Reinforcement for Technicians course to InfoComm, training nearly 60 audio technicians on ways to improve the quality of their audio projects.

  • Run by SynAudCon president and head instructor Pat Brown, this course teaches students the technical aspects of an audio system, and provides them with the tools necessary to produce a high quality of reinforced sound for a variety of events.
  • “This particular course is geared towards those that install and calibrate sound systems,” said Brown. “We teach them everything that is expected from an audio technician and break it down to individual services they are expected to provide.”
  • The in-classroom education approach has also proved beneficial for SynAudCon, as Brown explains he uses his experiences teaching the course to constantly adjust the program to make the material easy to understand for his students.
  • “We’re constantly changing the course. Every time I teach, I go through the manual page by page… and I see students’ expressions. If it looks like they’re not getting it, I might go back and come up with a better way to present it. Sometimes in doing that it helps me come up with a better way to teach the topic,” Brown said.
  • Also new to the program this year is Brown’s use of iPods and apps to test audio equipment, versus the bulkier equipment they used to use.