NSCA Unveils 2013 Web Events with Focus on Business Strategies

New in 2013, NSCA will be providing members with a series of web events centered around “what every integrator needs to know.” Every third Tuesday of the month, NSCA will feature a web event on relevant topics ranging from tax code changes to contract requirements, wages and payments to disruptive technologies.

NSCA executive director, Chuck Wilson, receives questions from members on a daily basis on accounting software to emerging markets and everything in between and answers them through his weekly videos and blogs. In order to cover the most frequent questions, Chuck will host an online web event where you can ask a variety of subject matter experts, along with your peers, how to handle the tough business decisions and make sure you are protecting your business, its profits, and your employees.

Upcoming topics that “What Every Integrator Needs to Know” include:

* January 15 – Tax Strategies for 2013 – McGladrey LLP
Protect your 2013 earnings by understanding the key tax code changes and the impact they will have on your business. Understand the 3.8% Medicare tax, changes to capital gains, AMT and much more. Hear from experts at McGladrey, LLP and Deborah Gulick of Entrepreneurial Services Group, LLC.

* February 19 – Ensuring Proper Payment for Hours Worked – Edwin Zalewski, J.J.Keller & Associates
The number of lawsuits on wage and hour issues indicates that many employers have difficulty applying the state and federal regulations. Common problems involve failing to record all working time, failing to pay for break or meal periods, and wrongly classifying employees as exempt – all of which can result in unpaid overtime. This presentation will discuss some of the most commonly misunderstood laws regarding overtime, working time, and related compensation issues such as ensuring the integrity of payroll records.

* March 19, 2013 – Business Transformation – Paul Cronin, Atrion Networking & Chuck Wilson, NSCA
This seminar will address how and why the traditional integrators’ business model must be transformed for long-term growth and sustainability. Details on how to make the transformation from a “product sales driven” organization to a “service driven” organization will be discussed. Finally, case studies of organizations that have successfully made the transformation will be made, and tips of traps and pitfalls to avoid will also be shared.

Additional topics throughout 2013 include:
* 10 Outrageous Contract Requirements
* Attracting & Retaining Employees
* Measuring Business Intelligence
* Protecting Intellectual Property
* Developing Visions for Scope & Scalability
* Government Policies & Regulations
* Disruptive Technologies for 2014

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