Dedicated IP Platform Debuts for Enterprise and Gov't Clients

FiberLight is launching a Dedicated IP platform for enterprise and government customers in the 21 U.S. markets it serves to meet the growing demand for high performance Internet service.

The new service will be made available exclusively to enterprise and government customers to reduce the amount of congestion and threats brought about by intermingling of traffic from web centric companies and service providers onto a single network as most ISPs do today. This new platform provides customers with a secure alternative for high speed dedicated Internet that offers leading flow control, denial of service mitigation and cost-effective, scalable network architecture.

FiberLight is deploying its state-of-the-art architecture using Juniper Networks, which provides a high performance core routing platform, while leveraging the design and engineering expertise of IBM, a FiberLight partner. FiberLight’s massive network footprint, with its high availability bandwidth, will enable customers to receive Dedicated Internet service at speeds of 10MB to 10Gigs.

FiberLight is now able to bundle its core Ethernet data network product with high-speed Internet connectivity on a single consolidated network while offering customers cost savings and performance improvement required of network operations today.

“Network flexibility and performance are at the heart of FiberLight’s value, and the capabilities we have built using Juniper’s core routers extends that position in the marketplace. This investment demonstrates FiberLight’s commitment to meet and exceed customer expectations while taking our backbone infrastructure to the next level,” said Ben Edmond, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing for FiberLight.

“Purpose building an enterprise only offering for our IP network that segments network service providers and web centric companies traffic that typically have higher burst levels and are more prone to network attacks, further demonstrates FiberLight’s desire to lead the market in terms of mission critical, high performance network services. Not only does FiberLight have the capacity in its network equipment to avoid oversubscription, but in terms of its fiber assets, we are able to provide the highest level of quality, security and scalability needed,”Edmond added.

"IP traffic on our network is growing at an astonishing rate, which made it evident that we needed a very high-performance core router platform capable of scaling rapidly to meet the demands of enterprise customers converting from legacy TDM circuits and changing service requirements to more IP enabled applications," said Judd Carothers, FiberLight’s EVP of Operations. "By leveraging IBM’s engineering and design support and Juniper's core routers, we have built an advanced high-capacity network that meets our current and future scalability requirements, while also delivering the flexibility that enables us to rapidly introduce new services."

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