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EvertzAV to Launch New Room Control Solution at InfoComm

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The What: EvertzAV will launch its all-new VUE-IN-5 control solution at InfoComm 2016. Evertz VUE-IN-5 has been developed to make setting up control for a single room possible in five minutes or less.

The What Else:
VUE-IN-5 is designed to allow users to design and build custom “in-room” control elements quickly and efficiently through the panel’s intuitive layout mode. In addition to accelerating the setup process, VUE-IN-5 offers a streamlined, user-friendly interface that is very comprehensive for all levels of users.

VUE-IN-5 control panels are hosted directly by the MAGNUM-RC in-room controller. MAGNUM-RC can support both Evertz new 10” touch panel as well as act as a web host for wired/wireless web based control for BYOD control surface deployments.

The Bottom Line: VUE-IN-5 supports control over all devices typically found in classrooms, meeting areas, and event spaces. Visit the EvertzAV InfoComm booth #N627


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