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Powersoft Audio USA Established

Florence, Italy -- Former Crest Audio owner John Lee has returned to the U.S. professional audio industry as president of Powersoft Audio USA, a newly formed division of Powersoft s.r.l. Lee will assist the Italian manufacturer of digital amplifiers with market management on a global level, while running the American subsidiary with Tom Bensen, who will be directing the sales and marketing for the U.S.

Lee sold Crest Audio to Peavey in 1998. "I stepped back for a few years and just waited for a really good opportunity," Lee explained. "I believe these amplifiers are really special. It's an exciting opportunity for me to get back into the U.S. amplifier business."

Growing market demand for Powersoft audio products in the continents of North and South America spurred the U.S. move, and on a global level Powersoft is establishing several new sales representative offices to manage its growing distributor base. "Powersoft Audio USA will handle marketing and distribution in the U.S.," Lee said, "and because the U.S. market is such an influence on the world markets, it's a very vital role that we're playing over here. In addition, Powersoft Audio USA will have direct responsibility for the market management of all countries in both North and South America."

Late last year Powersoft introduced its K Series of digital amplifiers, which includes the K10, a 1RU model capable of producing 6000 watts per channel at 2 ohms. "I've been receiving tremendous feedback from the customers who've purchased these amplifiers," Lee said. "It really is an incredible product and I think we're going to have a lot of success with it in the U.S. market."

There will also be an alliance between Powersoft Audio USA and Bensen's company, RF Pro, where resources will be shared. "This is an opportunity worthwhile for both of us to really give this the type of attention it deserves," Bensen said. "We're looking at this as a fresh new marketing opportunity, and we already know what the reaction's been. It's been amazing."

In addition to his Powersoft responsibilities, Lee will also maintain his involvement with his new market management company, Global Pro-Audio Connections (G-PAC). G-PAC is responsible for the overseas market management of the new APB-DynaSonics console company.

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