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New Products: October 2011

New Products: October 2011

Jupiter Systems Quad HD Decoder Card

Jupiter Systems’ Quad HD Decoder Card is designed for both the Fusion Catalyst and VizionPlus II display wall processor product lines. The optional Quad HD Decoder Card provides support for the display of up to 200 HD or SD IP video streams in MPEG-2, MPEG- 4, H.264, and MJPEG formats. The card also supports streams from PCs, with real-time updates. Using Jupiter scaling and communication technology, dozens of streamed sources can be displayed at full frame rate, simultaneously, with digital precision throughout. The Quad HD Decoder Card supports most popular IP cameras and encoders.

QSC TSC-3 and CCN32 CobraNet

QSC’s TSC-3 controller and CCN32 CobraNet audio I/O card expand the offerings of the Q-Sys system. The Q-Sys TSC-3 is an elegant touchscreen controller, which enables simple and costeffective control for Q-Sys systems and other devices under Q-Sys control. The TSC-3 utilizes Q-Sys Designer software to create custom control panels, with buttons, faders, custom navigation, and other software tools including bitmaps and other graphical images, and then deploys those control panels to this interface. The CCN32 CobraNet Audio I/O Card enables system bridging between Q-Sys and a CobraNet legacy platform.

Christie J Series

Christie’s J Series projectors target various applications within the rental, staging, and fixed install segments, requiring high brightness, performance, and crisp, clear images—all in a compact, rugged, and reliable package. The Mirage versions of the J Series models are high-performance active stereo projectors. Easy to set up and configure, these models are compact, yet powerful and flexible.

Extron SoundField SF 228T

The Extron SoundField SF 228T is a two-way ceiling tile speaker for low impedance and 70 volt/100 volt systems. This Extron design features a low profile, 2 foot x 2 foot (61 centimeter x 61 centimeter) by 5.3-inch (13.5 centimeter) deep enclosure that is UL 2043 plenum rated, weighs less than 20 pounds (9 kilograms), and drops directly into standard suspended ceilings, providing quicker installations. The two-way ported design includes an 8-inch (165 millimeter) woofer and a 1-inch (2.5 millimeter) silk dome tweeter that provides a frequency response of 50 hertz to 20 kilohertz for high fidelity music and speech reproduction.

Xantech Web Designer 3.0 Software

Xantech’s Web Designer 3.0 software allows contractors and system integrators to design custom web control pages that can be stored and served up from within Xantech’s WIC1200 web intelligent controller and then exported remotely to any network/web-based control device. Additionally, because the WIC1200 is a network/web-based control device, the custom design web control pages can be used on any webenabled device/tablet.

Peavey MediaMatrix nWall 2.0

Peavey’s MediaMatrix nWall 2.0 is a surface-mount audio interface panel that converts audio from analog to a digital stream that can be routed via CobraNet right at the panel. The nWall 2.0 offers analog-to-digital audio conversion and transport for MediaMatrix. By converting two balanced XLR inputs and two 1/8 inputs into a digital audio stream at the panel, the nWall 2.0 reduces buzz, hum, ground loops, and other cable issues, eliminates the need for isolation and impedance matching interfaces, and replaces long analog cable runs with a single CAT-5e UT P cable.

Channel Vision Plasma-Proof IR-Receiver Kit

Channel Vision’s Plasma-Proof IR Kit (IR-5010) is designed for IR distances up to 1,000 feet. Simple and compact in design, this kit offers greater flexibility and convenience when controlling AV receivers, audio sources, cable boxes, DVD equipment, and security DV R’s from behind a closed cabinet door or from a separate room. This kit offers a complete one-room entertainment center solution for controlling up to four devices in a single room from up to 1,000 feet away. Included is one IR receiver, one IR hub, four flashers, and a 12-volt power supply.

Genelec 4000 Series

Genelec’s 4000 Series range of two-way active loudspeakers’ connectivity and installation features provide a smooth installation for contractors and system integrators incorporating audio into their installations. The 4000 Series is Genelec’s first foray into the commercial and professional installation market sector. Both of the models in the new 4000 Series (4020 and 4030) feature major advances in audio driver technology.

Gefen Digital Signage Media Players

Gefen has introduced two digital signage media players, expanding the range of solutions it provides for this growing industry segment. Both Digital Signage Media Players with Wi-Fi offer a synchronized multimedia integration language (SMIL)-compliant media player that works with any computer LAN system, either by connecting directly to the LAN or by using the Wi-Fi connection. Users can playback 1080p full HD video. These players also output component and composite video with two-channel audio and oneline scrolling text.

Optoma DC300

Optoma’s DC300 document camera features SXGA resolution with an autofocus lens and high optical zoom capabilities. The camera, which offers still or video recording, is mounted on a flexible gooseneck arm with rotating camera head to capture and display images from various angles. An embedded LED lamp allows the camera to capture depth of field and accurate colors, and records at SXGA (1,280 x 1,024) resolution.

Aeta Audio 4Minx

AETA AUDI O’s 4Minx is a portable DSP-based combined audio recorder and fourchannel mixer. With a userfriendly interface featuring rotary encoders, programmable function keys, and a TFT display panel, the 4Minx provides a breakthrough combination of functionalities for TV syncsound location recording, music recording and satellite mixing, or radio journalism. 4Minx features four mic/line inputs, two stereo line inputs, and two AES3/AES42 inputs, along with two stereo line outputs, two auxiliary outputs, and three AES3 outputs. The DSP-based mixer supports four channels and a stereo mixdown, and the unit provides flexible routing for versatility through any mix of analog, digital, and 100Base-T outputs.

Crestron 24 V-Panel

Crestron’s V24-C 24-inch HD touchscreen display blends full touchscreen navigation, high performance graphics, and HD video with DigitalMedia 8G+ connectivity and a 24-inch high-definition widescreen display. Bringing media plus control functions together on one screen, V24-C combines separate touchscreens, TV displays, and computer monitors into one HD touchscreen display. Full HDCP support enables reliable viewing of content-protected DVD , Bluray, digital HDTV , streaming video, avnd multimedia computer sources.

Powersoft DEVA 1S

Powersoft has patented a new technology that incorporates solar power with bi-directional wireless AV communications. The first product showing the potential of the concept, the DEVA 1S, consists of a power/ control module and an interface module. The power/control module consists of a solar panel and batteries, as well as processing, Wi-Fi communication, and amplification. The interface module consists of loudspeakers, light, and optional devices such as camera, microphone, and telemetric sensors. The highcapacity battery offers approximately 30 days of stand-by.

Parasound ZphonoUSB

Parasound’s ZphonoUSB is a compact preamplifier for moving coil, and moving magnet phonograph cartridges and linelevel analog sources. For new media applications, ZphonoUSB also adds an analog-todigital converter with a USB port to transfer audio from vinyl LPs onto Mac and PC as digital media. The Parasound ZphonoUSB has a stereo input for an MC or MM phonograph cartridge, and two stereo linelevel inputs to facilitate digital transfers of analog sources.

Audio-Technica BP893cW

Audio-Technica’s BP893cW MicroEarset omnidirectional condenser headworn microphone is now available packaged with Audio-Technica’s 2000 and 3000 Series wireless systems. The product bundles, otherwise known as ATW-2193a 2000 Series and ATW-3193b 3000 Series wireless systems, come with BP893cW Micro- Earset, 2000 or 3000 Series receiver, and UniPak body-pack transmitter.

WorxAudio I/O-4

WorxAudio Technologies’ I/O-4 loudspeaker system is for use in a range of settings, including restaurants/bars, retail environments, hotel lobbies, under balcony fill, and corporate industrial training/ meeting spaces. With its injection molded, high-impact polycarbonate enclosure, the I/O-4 makes for use both indoors and outdoors, wherever quality music and speech reinforcement is specified. Available in black or white, the system also includes a standard mounting bracket with weather-resistant, stainless steel hardware designed for flexible aiming and easy installation.

Electro-Voice R300

Electro-Voice’s R300 wireless microphone system brings EV wireless technology to a more accessible price point. Features like One-Touch ClearScan and EZsync make the R300 quicker and easier to set up and use; its rackmountable metal receiver, sturdy metal bodypack and handheld transmitters, and remote-mountable antennas are of a build and performance quality usually reserved for higher-priced professional products. With a low-profile design and durable construction, the R300 receiver system is at home on a tabletop or in a 19-inch equipment rack.

beyerdynamic Iris

beyerdynamic’s Iris is a digital infrared interpretation system for wireless multi-channel transmission. It is easy to install and can be operated intuitively. The easy-to-read display, the indicated signal strength and battery status allow for comfortable handling, and therefore a smooth event. The system makes use of the latest DQPSK digital modulation technology and provides smooth operation even outside in direct sunlight. With band IV operation between 2 and 6 megahertz, interference caused by plasma TV sets or fluorescent light tubes is not possible. The simultaneous use of up to 16 audio channels meets all requirements from small individual applications to multinational congresses.

Wowza Media Server 3

Wowza Media Server 3 is a single extensible foundation for “any screen done right” media delivery. With Wowza Media Server 3, hard-to-implement features such as adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming, time-shifted playback, and integrated rights management are simple and cost-effective. Complementing the platform are three initial value-added components, Wowza Transcoder AddOn, Wowza Network DV R (nDV R) AddOn, and Wowza DRM AddOn.

BidMagic Version 7.5

BidMagic’s proposal and project management software Version 7.5 adds a host of advanced multiuser features for larger companies that need a complete system solution for residential and commercial installing dealers. New features include service calls, management oversight and reporting, job status tracking, automatic email notifications and shared files for tracking operations with multiple locations, central purchasing, and inventories. This new version is appropriate for CE integrators requiring a comprehensive multiuser workflow with both control and collaboration to oversee all activities.

Crest Audio Pro-Lite 3.0

Crest Audio’s Pro-LIT E 3.0 and Pro-LIT E 3.0 DSP power amplifiers feature a lightweight, efficient design with high power and stable performance into 2-ohm loads. Pro-LIT E Series amps are built on an advanced, high-speed class D design with a switch-mode power supply that reduces weight while increasing reliability, thermal efficiency, and output power. The Pro- LIT E 3.0 and Pro-LIT E 3.0 DSP both feature 870 watts per channel at 4 ohms stereo (up to 3,150 watts bridged at 4 ohms), weigh 13.3 pounds, and deliver performance in parallel, stereo, and bridged modes.

Kramer VS-162AVM

Kramer Electronics’ VS-162AVM 16 x 16 composite video and balanced stereo audio matrix switcher is for composite video and balanced stereo audio signals. The additions in the VS-162AVM include a 3.5-inch LCD display and a stereo audio headphone output with volume control. This allows users to monitor the video and audio of any channel at any given time, before or after switching. The switching and monitoring can be done either in the audio-follow- video or audio-breakaway modes. The unit can be controlled locally, using the front panel buttons, or remotely via RS-232 or RS-485 serial commands transmitted by a touchscreen system, PC, or other serial controller.

Tripp Lite SmartRack

Tripp Lite’s heavy-duty 42U SmartRack industrial rack enclosure features a NEMA 12 protection rating and Zone 4 seismic rating (model SR42UBEIS). The enclosure is designed to protect equipment from harmful environmental conditions, including falling dirt, dust, drips, and splashes. It is appropriate for use in factories, construction areas, utility plants, warehouses, and other areas high in moisture and debris.

Kordz HDMI 780 Handheld Test Instrument

Kordz has announced its partnership with Quantum Data, provider of innovative solutions for testing emerging video technologies. Together the partnership brings AV installers a new portable testing device, the 780 Handheld Test Instrument for HDMI, to conduct basic tests of video displays and audio systems. The 780 Handheld Test Instrument, a battery-powered, portable multimedia pattern generator, enables integrators to conduct quick, on-site verification testing of HDMI systems and analog video displays.

TV One LM-1920R and LM-1520R

TV One’s LM-1920R and LM- 1520R are color LCD monitors for the professional market. Their respective sizes are 19- and 15-inches diagonally, and they are housed in rack mount housings that tilt up or down to optimize the viewing angle. This is particularly beneficial when monitors must be mounted above or below normal eye level. An integrated swivel stand is also included on the rear of both units to allow tabletop use if desired. The LM-1920R and LM-1520R feature high brightness, active matrix LCD displays with wide viewing angles, high contrast ratios, PIP, and POP.

Platinum Tools PROAMP Crimp Tool

Platinum Tools’ PROAMP Crimp Tool is for terminating AMP-Style modular plugs. Additional features of the PROAMP crimp tool include crimp/ terminate AMP-style RJ45, RJ11, and RJ12 modular plugs with a single tool; the ability to cut and strip Cat-5e, Cat-5, and Ca-t6 cables; high-leverage, ultra stable platform; zero flex frame that prevents torque loss during the crimp cycle; integrated die head assembly that provides 360 degrees of connector support during the crimp cycle; full, uniform crimp force delivery; and built-in cutter and cable jacket strippers for round and flat cables and cutter.

Radial Reamp JCR

Radial has introduced the latest generation Reamp, a passive Reamper that follows the traditional design set out by inventor and patent holder John Cuniberti. The JCR Reamp has been equipped with a handy mute switch that enables the engineer to turn off the signal coming from the control room and move mics around the studio without the amp blasting away. A switchable high-cut filter has also been added to help tame overly bright amps, as well as a low-cut filter to reduce unwanted resonance.

Vaddio HD-20

Vaddio’s HD-20 PTZ camera includes additional resolutions, improved communication speed, and an additional color space option for increased compatibility with third party video equipment. Resolutions now include HDMI or HD analog component video resolutions of 1080i at 59.94 hertz fields/second (drop frame DF) and 60 hertz fields/second (nondrop frame NDF) as well as 720p resolutions at 59.94 hertz frames/second DF and 60 hertz frames/second NDF. The inclusion of both rates of 59.94 hertz and 60 hertz ensure compatibility with a range of AV presentation gear, videoconferencing codecs, and broadcast equipment.

Snell Sirius 800

Snell’s Sirius 800 Series large-scale multi-format routers includes support for embedded audio routing and for audio track swapping on inputs and outputs that allow users to route any combination of embedded, discrete, and MADI sources and destinations. The Sirius 800 Series’ re-assignable firmware eliminates the need for external modular cards, and, as well as saving space and power, Sirius 800 routers give users the flexibility to configure the type and amount of functionality they need.

RapcoHorizon DesignVision

RapcoHorizon’s DesignVision is a panel design program created specifically for the company’s network of professional systems integrators, dealers, and contractors to create quality custom installation diagrams for touring artists and musical venues. Appropriate for companies that specify audio for live musical tours, DesignVision features a simple interface that enables someone with no computer aided design (CAD) experience to create CAD-like setups of custom rack panels, wall plates, and floor pocket inserts.

RGB Linx Prime

RGB Spectrum’s Linx Prime switchers offer built in scaling with HDCP compliance. Users can choose from a variety of analog and digital inputs, which are converted and scaled as required to DVI /HDMI outputs. Scaling is valuable in a number of ways: it resolves EDID compatibility issues between multiple display devices, it allows both legacy and unusual signal sources to be displayed on today’s high-resolution devices, and it provides seamless switching. With the Linx Prime’s mixand- match architecture, each unit can be custom configured with just the required number of each I/O card type.


Video Mount Products’ PM-LPM yokeless low-profile projector mount has been designed with a high-load capacity, rugged housing, low profile, tilt, and full rotation. It is compliant with today’s leading projectors with mounting holes inside 14.5-inch diameter, and is available in silver and black powder coat finishes.

OmniMount Hospitality Mount Series

OmniMount has introduced three SKU’s as part of its hospitality mount series to address display security concerns of hotel, motel, and resort customers. OmniMount’s HM2 and HM3 fit a range of flat panels up to 55 inches and 150 pounds, and the HMSK1, a TV lock down kit that secures the base of a flat panel to a desktop surface, fits 22-inch to 42-inch flat-panels up to 100 pounds. All three products are designed to help curb the rampant walk-rate of panels from hotels and motels.

Procella Audio P15

Procella Audio’s P15 active subwoofer has been upgraded with 15-inch speaker drivers. The new custom-made Italian pro-audio subwoofer driver enables the P15 to achieve improved low-frequency extension, higher continuous and peak output levels, and a greater level of articulation. Manufactured for Procella by a leading Italian pro audio manufacturer, the new longthrow 15-inch woofer has a three-inch voice coil and uses high-efficiency Neodymium magnets, producing a high level of output, with increased peak capability. Designed for medium-to-large sized rooms up to about 3,000 cubic feet, the P15 active subwoofer produces cinema impact from a compact, heavily-braced, sealed-box cabinet design enclosure.

Riedel MediorNet Compact

Riedel’s MediorNet Compact is a 50 gigabit multimedia stagebox with integrated WDM that provides the flexibility of a real-time media network, including integrated signal processing, at the cost of simple multiplexing point-to-point products. With a network bandwidth of 50 gigabit per second, MediorNet Compact provides enough capacity for bi-directional transport of 12 HD-SDI signals, dozens of MADI streams or gigabit-ethernet signals, and hundreds of audio channels or intercom ports, appropriate for streamlining the infrastructure of any mobile, studio, or live event application.

AMX ICSLan Device Control Boxes

AMX’s ICSLan Device Control Boxes let users connect devices not typically ethernet enabled, including projectors, displays, lighting, and shades to an ethernet network via a single standard twisted pair cable for remote management using a NetLinx Controller. Virtually any device controlled by IR, RS-232, I/O, or relays can be connected to an IP network and managed, regardless of whether the device is in the next room or across the globe. The compact units allow one NetLinx Controller to manage many more devices than the number of ports present on the controller.

JBL CSA-2120

JBL’s CSA-2120 power amplifier provides simple front-end amplification and a switch mode universal power supply. An auto-standby mode allows the amplifier to save energy by disabling the amplifier pulse width modulation generator when there is no input signal. The CSA-2120 also features thermal and low-voltage auto protection. The amplifier includes two optional accessories, a mounting kit, and transformer module.

Atlona Industrial Line HDMI Switchers

Atlona Technologies’ 12 x 2 and 16 x 2 HDMI switchers provide a high digital performance connection between 12 (AT-HD-V12x2) or 16 (AT-HD-V16x2) HDMI sources and two mirrored HDMI video displays. Allowing users to match any source to their display’s resolution, the AT-HD-V12x2 and AT-HD-V16x2 support resolutions from 480i through 1080p, 640 x 480 through 1,920 x 1,200, and all seven available 3D formats. With dual mirrored HDMI outputs, the switchers allow users to send video easily to two different displays, or a display and an audio/video receiver simultaneously, reducing the amount of equipment required for presentations.

Screen Innovations Black Diamond Zero Edge

Screen Innovations’ Black Diamond Zero Edge projection screen is an affordable, large, flat-panel alternative. The Zero Edge ultra-thin rigid panel features a pencil-thin bezel, so the projected image appears to float off the wall. Among the multiple mounting options, the Zero Edge includes recessed (unframed), flush-to, projected off the wall, or flying from cables. Standard screen sizes are available in 80 to 142- inch diagonal. Custom screen sizes are available as well. Screen materials include Black Diamond 2.7, Black Diamond 1.4, and Black Diamond 0.8.

Califone PA419

Califone’s PA419 wireless portable PA system comes equipped with an Appleapproved iPhone/iPod docking station. With its integrated 30-watt built-in amplifier, the functional 16-channel PA419 is for audiences of up to 300 people in rooms up to 2,000 square feet.

EAW SBK Series

EAW’s SBK Series subwoofers are designed to complement EAWs MK series full-Range loudspeakers in construction, size, and sound, but they can also be used as stand-alone subwoofers in a system from any other manufacturer. The line includes three models: SBK150 (single 15-inch), SBK180 (single 18-inch), and SBK250 (double 15-inch) subwoofers. All three units operate in passive mode.


FOR-A Company’s MV-42HS HD/SD multiviewer supports up to four asynchronous or mixed HDSDI and SD-SDI inputs, including 1080i, 1080p, and 720p sources at a variety of frame rates. The MV-42HS’s half-rack size and user interface makes it an appropriate multiviewer for OB trucks and master control facilities. The MV-42HS offers high-resolution HD-SDI and DVI -D output as either a full-screen picture or four-image split view. It has an auto resize engine for SD input. Embedded time code, as well as level meters for up to eight channels of embedded audio, can be displayed for all inputs.

Juice Goose JuiceBox

Juice Goose’s JuiceBox 6 is a power distribution box that can be set on the floor far away from a wall outlet, in the middle of a stage, or anywhere else AC power is needed. It’s similar to having a rack mounted power strip without the rack. The JuiceBox 6 has a heavy-duty 25-foot power cord and a chassis with six receptacles on the top for easy power connection. A seventh unswitched outlet is on the side of the chassis for additional connectivity to other equipment or additional power distribution devices. Current overloads are prevented by a thermal circuit breaker, which allows brief high demand for power consumption but prevents dangerous, excessive current draw.

Channel Vision DS-3 Series

Channel Vision’s access control door stations DS-3 Series is a three-gang door station that integrates a weather-resistant speaker/microphone, doorbell button, access control keypad, and color camera into one entry unit. Channel Visions DS-3 Series door stations feature an integrated access keypad, which can be used to open an entrance gate or electric door lock by typing in a code. These units are also designed to interface with a variety of telephone entry products to provide audio communication with front door visitors.

Clear-Com Optocore InterCOM Interfaces

Clear-Com’s Optocore digital fiber and SANE CAT-5 network interfaces are designed for real-time audio, intercom, and data distribution. These products are a direct result of a strategic joint development partnership with Optocore. The V3R-FX-INTERCOM and X6R-FX-INTERCOM are intercom interfaces for the Optocore distribution networks based on the Optocore and Synchronous Audio Network plus Ethernet technology platforms.

AKG IVM 4500

AKG’s IV M 4500 IEM in-ear monitoring package includes high-end radio electronic signals and a manual radio signal attenuator for more RF dynamic; enhanced frequency setup to show the number of free channels and supported TV channels; and quick frequency change functions to support monitors, all within a rugged housing. Battery life for the IV M receivers has been tested up to 10 hours. Antenna diversity, with two matched antennas and a new reference radio electronic design, contribute to the stable signals of the receiver. IV M 4500’s audio quality boasts a high-end and powerful headphone amplifier, ultra linear frequency response, and dual mode for individual mix.


By combining physical security measures with controlled USB connectivity, the new IOGEAR switches consolidate multiple workstations of various security classification levels with one keyboard, monitor, and mouse (KVM) console, adding efficiency and security while eliminating the threat of data leaks or breaches from computer peripherals. In addition to security, IOGEARs dual-link DVI secure KVM switches provide video quality, supporting 2,560 x 1,600 (DVI Dual-Link), 1,920 x 1,200 (DVI Single Link), and 2,048 x 1,536 (DVI -A) from a rugged metal enclosure with a built-in internal power supply.


Offering 16 channels IN/ OUT and two configurable party line interface channels, the Zeus III LE+ offers more options for smaller-scale applications. Ethernet and serial ports on the unit’s back panel allow it to be configured from virtually anywhere on a network using AZedit Intercom configuration software, while a USB port on the front panel offers direct access with AZedit. The system also has 16 standard RJ45 connectors, making it easier to connect an intercom system with audio lines and keypanels by keeping the RTS wiring scheme. In addition, the two built-in relays can be used to control lighting or to key remote transmitters and paging systems. Zeus III LE+ combines the flexibility of a networked matrix frame with the simplicity of a party line system. The system features a built-in party line interface that makes it compatible with all major party line systems, including RTS, Telex Audiocom, and Clear-Com. Party line users who are beginning to outgrow their system will appreciate being able to connect the Zeus III LE+ and gain many expansion options without abandoning their current investment.

Adder ADDERLink ALAV102T

Adder’s ADDERLink ALAV102T has been designed to transmit audio and video content to two separate receivers, each of which can drive two back-toback screens. Combined with CD quality audio, ALAV102T produces a media experience up to 300 meters (1,000 feet) away. Using the built in RS232 interface, the ALAV102T can be controlled to switch transmission paths on and off, enabling users to manage screen content remotely, and helping the user to save power and reduce screen hours, further enhancing return on investment.

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