New Products: December 2011

New Products: December 2011

Yamaha 01V96i

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems 01V96i digital mixer offers a 16-track USB 2.0 interface for multi-track recording via Mac or PC. The unit is identical in mixing functionality to its predecessor, but cosmetically, it takes on a new black look for differentiation from the previous 01V Series’ dark blue.

Community VLF115, VLF118

The VLF115 and VLF118 models are designed with a slim profile and clean, modern style. Both offer powerful bass with a halfspace sensitivity of 98 dB. The VLF115 handles a 1,500-watt program with an operating range of 25 Hz to 1,000 Hz, while the VLF118 handles a 2,000-watt program with an operating range of 26 Hz to 1,000 Hz.

TV One C3-340

The C3-340 CORIOmatrix is based on TV One’s CORIO2 technology and provides high quality modular video matrix switching using CORIOsoftswitch, which provides an industry first, firmware based video routing, switching, and video conversion platform. There are 16 AV universal module slots available, and the CORIOmatrix automatically recognizes the modules inserted as an input or output module. With the CORIOmatrix, there are no dedicated input or output slots when using two-channel DVI-U or 3G-SDI modules.

AMX Inspired Composer 5

The enterprise-scale digital signage software Inspired Composer 5 answers the challenge large organizations face of how to ensure a consistent look and adherence to brand guidelines when content from assorted departments across an enterprise is needed. Inspired Composer 5 allows multiple staffers to become contributors with intuitive content creation tools and guides them through a workflow management and approval process. Developed for use with the Inspired XP ert digital signage player from AMX , Inspired Composer 5 delivers on-the-spot editing, publishing, and delivery of content, including real-time internet content, like weather, stock tickers, and news, to every display across a deployment.

Primacoustic StratoTile

Black StratoTiles are great looking, high-performance ceiling tiles featuring .75-inch thick, high-density, six-pound per cubic foot glass wool construction for maximum sound absorption. They are encapsulated in fine micromesh with sealed edges to retain the minute glass fibers. Once in place, the black StratoTile works with the air space above the panel to absorb all frequencies down to 125 Hz. This makes the black StratoTile appropriate for installations in nightclubs where excessive reverberation and echo inside the room can severely interfere with the sound from a live band, DJ, or PA system.

Listen Confidea

Confidea features a powerful combination of technologies developed by Televic engineers with experience in the development of highly reliable conference systems for the most demanding applications. Making use of state-of-theart multi-band wireless technologies, fault-tolerant error correcting protocols and advanced encryption algorithms, Confidea provides robust and secure wireless connections.

Draper Tab Tensioned Surface

Draper has announced a significant improvement in the company’s tab tensioned motorized projection screens: Every Draper tab tensioned screen surface (including the tabs) is now CNC cut as a single piece, and the tabs are then folded and RF welded. The result is a much stronger tab with no possibility of separation.

Renkus-Heinz IC8R-II

The IC8R-II is an update to the Iconyx range, introducing significant performance improvement over its predecessor and combining a new triple tweeter high frequency array coax with the RHAON (Renkus-Heinz audio operations network) v1.8 beam steering module. The triple tweeter design creates a continuous, close spaced, high frequency line source that pushes the onset of gradient lobes out past 10 Khz, while the new RHAON v1.8 beam steering module offers a host of new features to make setting up and commissioning Iconyx arrays faster and more consistent.

Extron Half Rack Shelf System

Extron’s Half Rack Shelf System is a new concept in mounting hardware for applications utilizing one-half rack width and smaller products. The compact, 1U half-rack width size allows the mounting of half-, quarter-, and eighth-rack products in space-constrained furniture, such as lecterns and cabinets that are not wide enough to support the mounting of full width, 19-inch rack shelves or electronics.


RGB Spectrum offers the VIA-100 SD video-to-HDMI converter for upscaling the analog video signal from composite and S-video sources to an HDMI signal at a range of HDTV and PC resolutions. Along with scaling the video, the VIA-100 embeds analog or digital audio into the HDMI stream. The audio can also be converted between analog and digital formats and output as a separate signal. A built in OSD menu provides easy access to configuration, picture setup, system information, and other advanced options.

JBL AW Series

JBL Professional’s AW (All Weather) Series loudspeakers are a family of high-power, lightweight, two-way, full-range loudspeaker systems. The loudspeakers are comprised of JBLs differential drive dual voice coil and dual magnetic gap low-frequency 12- and 15-inch woofers, and 2432H high-frequency 38 mm (1.5 inch) exit, 75 mm (three inch) voice coil compression driver. The waveguides are rotatable, so the loudspeaker system can be used in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. The enclosures are constructed of multilayer glass composite and are heavily braced to maximize low-frequency performance. The 14-gauge stainless steel grille, backed with open cell foam and stainless steel mesh, provides protection in harsh environments.

Christie LX1200

Christie’s LX 1200 is suitable for rental staging applications, boardrooms, high education facilities, and houses of worship. Featuring XGA (1,024 x 768) resolution and 12,000 ANSI lumens, the Christie LX 1200 fills the market need for a high brightness affordable projector, providing radiant imagery and finer contrast. The Christie LX 1200 utilizes 4DColor technology that incorporates a fourth (yellow) LCD panel. The Christie LX 1200 also features a mechanical light shutter to block light completely when required, inorganic LCD panels for long life expectancy and increased performance levels, and top loading lamps easier replacement.

Bag End TA Series

Bag End Loudspeakers’ new Time- Aligned (TA) full range loudspeakers are completely compatible with previous models, and are available at the same prices. The TA models have been updated with the new E-700 driver, which incorporates newer materials and improved high-frequency response with lower distortion at extreme levels. The TA Series loudspeakers include compact portable, installed, and floor monitor full range loudspeaker systems offering both high fidelity and high efficiency.

Electro-Voice RE320

Electro-Voice’s RE320 is the latest addition to the RE Performance Group of wired microphones. Engineered for performance in virtually any application, the RE320 delivers excellent results when micing vocals or instruments in the studio or on stage. The RE320s key features include Electro-Voices variable-D proximity control technology for tight, bold, expressive, and consistent tonal performance; a humbucking coil for noiseless operation; and a high-output neodymium magnet structure capsule that delivers fast and accurate transient response and pronounced high-frequency detail. A dual personality switch essentially creates two mics in one.

Symetrix ARC-2e

Symetrix’s ARC-2e menu-driven wall panel remote replaces both the ARC-2 and the ARC-2i at a lower price point. The ARC-2e joins Symetrix’s complete line of ARC remotes, which provide integrators with the ability to customize an intuitive end-user experience. The ARC-2e can take its power either directly from the Symetrix DSP via Cat-5 or from an optional DC power supply. Rotary DIP switches determine the device’s RS485 address. The stock ARC-2e ships with a white plastic faceplate, but an optional milled aluminum metallic silver faceplate is also available.


JVC’s DLA-F110E D-ILA 3D projector delivers 1080p imagery and is housed in an attractive white cabinet. With three, 0.7- inch 1,920 x 1,080 D-ILA imagers, the DLA-F110E delivers flicker-free images with true blacks and luminance detail. JVC’s wire-grid optical engine helps deliver 30,000:1 native contrast ratio, and its double-speed 120-hertz clear motion drive technology reduces motion blur. The projector provides 1,700 ANSI lumens. For 3D presentations, the DLA-F110E is compatible with JVCs PK -AG1 active shutter 3D glasses and PK -EM1 3D signal emitter (sold separately). The projector includes an HDMI 1.4a port to support side-by-side (broadcast), frame series (Blu-ray), and abovebelow 3D transmissions. The unit also features a VGA input, RS-232C terminal for IP-based control, and motorized zoom and focus.

Radial PhazeQ

Radial Engineering’s PhazeQ is a 500 series phase adjustment tool that works double-duty as a phase cancelling device and summing equalizer. A variable phase control shifts the incoming signal from 0 to 180, and then extends the effect to 360 using a polarity invert switch. The blend control is set to 100 percent wet when the PhazeQ is used in tandem with another track. When used by itself, the blend is rotated counterclockwise to set the desired wet-dry signal mix. To further focus the effect, a variable low pass filter allows the engineer to dial out high frequencies, thus only applying phase cancellation to the bottom end. This creates interesting effects while leaving natural air.

beyerdynamic Synexis

beyerdynamic’s Synexis wireless RF transmission system can be used for guided tours, interpreting and assistive listening, or as a command system. Operation in the license and registration-free 863-865 MHz frequency range is possible at all times. On guided tours, up to eight groups can participate at the same time and independently of each other. With the latest UHF radio technology, Synexis can be used both indoors and in the open air. The hand-held transmitter also has three mute functions allowing the user to conduct brief private conversations without involving others. The transmitter and receiver units work with rechargeable or standard batteries.

Crown Audio XTi 2 Series

Crown Audio’s XTi 2 Series amplifiers provide a complete suite of integrated speaker processing, eliminating the need for external crossovers, limiters, and EQ’s, saving rack space and money. The XTi 2 features enhanced control with Crowns PeakX Plus limiters. The limiters allow users to manipulate threshold, attack, and release times. A new and improved subharmonic synthesizer offers more accurate control over which frequencies are targeted and can be tailored for a specific system or room setup. Offering increased amplifier functionality, users have advanced thermal control to tailor the fan performance to a specific application. XTi 2 also increases the amount of presets a user can save and recall from 20 to 30.

Epson PowerLite 1880, 1850W

Epson’s PowerLite 1880 and 1850W portable projectors are designed to provide brightness and advanced functionality to budget conscious businesses and higher education institutions. The PowerLite 1880 offers 4,000 lumens color and white light output with XGA resolution. The PowerLite 1850W delivers 3,700 lumens color and white light output with WXGA resolution, allowing presenters to leverage widescreen notebooks, tablets, and video. Both the PowerLite 1880 and 1850W come equipped with flexible setup features, such as easy-slide technology, an intuitive horizontal keystone adjustment slider, as well as advanced connectivity options, including HDMI digital connection, USB connection, and PCfree slideshows.

Gepco LSZH Cables

Gepco International has re-engineered a line of its AV cables in response to the demand from the European marketplace for low-smoke, zero-halogen (LSZH) cables. Gepco LSZH cables deliver exceptional quality while complying with IEC and RoHS standards.


Atlona Technologies has added AT-HSDI-VGA SDI to PC/HD scaler with audio to its Atlona Industrial line. For the integration of SDI sources into standard AV environments, the AT-HSDI-VGA converts SD, HD, and 3G SDI signals to component or VGA formats with resolutions up to 1080p or 1,920 x 1,200, respectively. In addition, the units reclocking technology allows SDI signals to be extended up to 1,000 feet with no signal degradation. For larger applications, the units built-in equalized ports allow SDI signals to be expanded up to 330 feet with 3G, 660 feet with HD, and 1,000 feet with SD.

Kramer SPK-CCF848

Kramer Electronics’ SPK - CCF848 equal sound dispersion (ESDTM) ceiling speaker provides an unmatched sound experience. The SPK -CCF848 ESD ceiling speaker comes in a PRO version for the professional video market or an EDU version for the educational market, in eight different configurations of stereo or mono, full-tile or halftile versions. The professional version (PRO) is optimized for music and high-quality voice reproduction making it ideal for boardrooms, hotel lobbies, and airports. The educational version (EDU) is optimized for speech, making it appropriate for universities, classrooms, and presentation venues. The EDU model also has a bass port for a bass reflex effect. The speakers are fully RoHS compliant, in accordance with RoHS regulations that restrict the use of certain dangerous substances commonly used in electronic and electronic equipment.

Optoma TW762, TW615- 3D

Optoma’s 4,000-lumen TW762 and 3,500-lumen TW615- 3D build on the success of the company’s XGA models by offering improved resolution to WXGA and adding 3D capabilities. The TW762 and the TW615-3D are designed to meet the most challenging ambient light conditions. The TW762 offers an internal eight-watt speaker, compatibility with Crestron RoomView for remote monitoring and control over a network, and provides extensive connection options. The TW615-3D couples a 3,500 ANSI lumens output with a 3,000:1 contrast ratio. It utilizes two five-watt speakers, and it offers a similar complement of connectivity options.

AVIOR 3D-Ready AV Switchers and Splitters

AVIOR has introduced four- and eight-port versions of 3D-ready AV switchers and splitters. Designed to give installers flexibility with 3D technology in their commercial and residential AV projects, the switchers allow up to eight additional HDMI devices to be connected to a single display while the splitters bring content from a single HDMI source to as many as eight 3D displays. AVIOR’s rack-mountable 4 x 1 and 8 x 1 HDMI switchers provide HD and 3D switching between devices such as DVR’s, settop boxes, Blu-ray and DVD players, game consoles, media servers, computers, and more on a single connected display. The AVIOR HDMI AV Splitters are also four and eight port devices, but instead take HD AV from a single HDMI source and direct it to as many as eight separate HD TVs or displays with 3D support.

Lowell LXR-Series

Lowell Manufacturing’s LX Rseries floor rack includes a selection of popular accessories already installed in the rack. The LX R-IAV is an open-frame style rack with a slim (19.2W) footprint that requires only a minimum amount of floor space. Installed accessories include shelves, vented panels, 15-amp power strip, vertical cable manager, and swivel casters that protect wood, marble, and tile floors from mars and scratches when rolling heavy equipment over them. The ready-to-use, pre-assembled LX R-IAV is available in 14, 30, or 38 rack units with 21-inch depth. The quantity of accessories varies with rack height.

Matrox MuraControl App

Matrox’s MuraControl for iPad transforms the iPad into a touchpanel control interface capable of remotely managing input sources on any Matrox Mura MPX -powered video display wall. MuraControl uses a network connection to interface between Mura MPX video wall controller boards and the iPad. MuraControl users may also choose from a large number of previously saved layouts and switch instantly from one layout to another. MuraControl is compatible with all video walls powered by Matrox Mura MPX boards.

RTW TM7 TouchMonitor

RTW has introduced two rack-mountable enclosure variants of its TM7 TouchMonitor, the 20700-VID and 20700-3U. The TouchMonitor versions are technologically identical to the TM7 model, providing eight analog and eight digital ports. Both versions feature a frontpanel USB port that allows for preset import and export, license updates, and firmware upgrades. The 20700-VID version has been specifically designed for installation into waveform-monitor racks. At 9.5 inches wide and three rack units high, the 20700-3U is designed for standard-rack mounting. The TouchMonitor is RTW’s response to growing demands to adhere to loudness requirements in modern production, post-production, and broadcast environments.

Panasonic PF30 Series

Panasonic’s PF30 Series plasma displays are available in four models, the 42-inch TH-42PF30U, the 50-inch TH-50PF30U, the 60-inch TH- 60PF30U, and the 65-inch TH- 65PF30U. These displays all offer 3D capability. Customers can purchase a TY-3D30TRW IR transmitter that connects to the shutter out terminal on the display, making 3D content viewable via Panasonics 3D glasses. This 3D capability also improves 2D images as well by achieving new levels of moving image resolution. This option will allow customers to use the screens for 3D imaging in professional applications such as custom home theater, 3D CAD proposals where 3D simulations could improve design precision or in healthcare where 3D can be applied to medical imaging.

NanoLumens NanoFlex, NanoWrap

NanoLumens’ NanoFlex and NanoWrap flex digital displays conform to fit any surface and are thin, lightweight, energy efficient, and can be mounted easily. The company’s patented display technology allows customers to select from four millimeter up to 10 millimeter pixel pitches (depending on the model).

Snell Vega

Snell’s Vega is a new routing platform that allows users to configure any signal port independently for fiber or coax connectivity. Vega’s design also enables any port to be configured as either an input or output, providing a flexible asymmetric routing solution within a space-saving 96-port router. Vega has 96 signal ports on its rear panel. The fully asymmetric I/O port designation of the platform enables the user to configure the router with one input and 95 outputs, 95 inputs and one output, or any combination in between.

Planar PS Series

Planar’s new PS-Series includes six models ranging from 42 to 65 inches and starting at an MSRP of $849, one of the lowest in the industry. The line also includes models with LED backlighting and dual touch technology, proving that ultra-slim and interactive LCD displays can be cost-effective. Engineered from the ground up for commercial use, Planar PS-Series displays are loaded with features required by demanding professional applications, including sturdy, full-metal casing and professionally reliable panels optimized for all-day operation. These full HD displays deliver a variety of advanced features including multiple connectivity options, video wall support, RS-232 control, and ambient backlight control.

Contemporary Research QMOD-HDSC

Contemporary Research’s QMOD-HDSC HDTV scaler modulator is designed for digital signage integration. The onboard in-stream scaler ingests signage at PC resolution, converting the output to 1080i/720p video. In addition, the scaler features up and down scaling, zoom, shrink, and positioning. The QMOD-HDSC detects and automatically scales a PC’s inbound resolution, and formatting is a two-step process for horizontal and vertical dimensions. The content is output as an HD digital cable channel, set from two to 135.

Audio-Technica SpectraPulse mtu301

Audio-Technica’s Spectra- Pulse mtu301 body-pack transmitter allows presenters to transmit audio as they move throughout the entire SpectraPulse coverage area. By plugging in a lavalier or headworn microphone to the mtu301, users can now be free to untether an onstage performance, leave a podium, or walk away from a conference table. A completely new application of UWB technology, SpectraPulse offers secure wireless operation for the installed sound market, free from RF competition, frequency coordination, and white space issues.

Kordz PRS Series Commercial HDMI Cable

Key innovations for the Kordz PRS Series HDMI cable include the new ProGrip HDMI connector for securely seated installation as well as an industrial-inspired all-metal connector shell, which has been miniaturized to fit through a conduit. Redmere active technology enables high speed HDMI performance in lengths to 18 meters (59 feet). The PRS series features a balance of around 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds) of extraction force. This ensures the connector will stay in place as required, offering robust longevity in one-time commercial installations, such as in hotel room AV systems, while still being able to pull free if required for safety. The round cable profile addresses the desire of many installers to provide 360-degree bend uniformity with UL CMG fire rating for compliant in-wall installations (CL3 is not applicable to any HDMI cables).

Platinum Tools Double-Ended Coax Stripper

Platinum Tools’ double-ended coax stripper (15020C) is now shipping. Additional features of Platinum Tools’ double-ended coax stripper (15020C) include: RG7/11/213/8 and RG59/6/6 quad cable types compatibility; the ability to remove the cable jacket and inner conductors in a single step preset without adjustments; two stripping ports for a broader range of cables; rugged high impact plastic housing; and long life stainless steel blades.

Barco OLS Series

Barco’s OLS series of 3D LED video walls addresses both control room and simulation markets, offering a flexible, cost-effective, and scalable solution for video walls that need to show stereoscopic images. The OLS series has a standard 16:9 aspect ratio and full HD (1,920 x 1,080) resolution. To create vivid 3D images, the stereoscopic input signal, consisting of left and right 60 hertz source signals, is displayed on the video wall as a 120 hertz image sequence. The active shutter glasses, synchronized by an IR emitter, then filter the left and right signals to create smooth, artifact-free stereoscopic effects. Further advantages are that the 3D impression works at any head position, the full color spectrum is available, imaging is colorneutral, and there is no ghosting.

Black Box ServSwitch Agility

Black Box’s ServSwitch Agility extends DVI, USB, and audio signals over IP, with maximum range determined by the network and the number of switches in it. It can be also be used as a KVM switch, a sharing portal, a digital signage extender, and more. In addition to standard point-to-point KVM communications, the Agility supports multicasting of video and audio over an IP network, as well as turning an entire network into a KVM switch. It also supports single-target sharing, where multiple users share a single remote computer. For simplified deployment, the system uses regular ethernet equipment. The systems iPATH controller unit enables a network manager to securely configure system transmitter and receiver units from a remote location.


RTS’ VLink virtual linked intercom system is a fully interconnected, DHCP-compliant virtual communications solution for RTS intercom systems. RTS VLink enables remote users to interface with RTS matrix intercoms via the internet using a PC-based application. VLink supports SIP to provide enhanced connectivity. Two RTS VLink systems are available: the basic RTS VLink-LE system comprises a standalone software/server-based intercom, providing limited interconnect functionality into any existing audio feed; the premium RTS VLink system provides intelligent trunking links into an RTS intercom matrix to provide full support for RTS intercom alphas and matrix access for standard communications workflows.

Tributaries PWRI-XF

Tributaries’ PWRI-XF in-wall AC power extension outlet kit provides remote protection and filtering for displays and projections. With the installation of the PWRI-XF kit, a TV or projector that is located at a distance from source components can be connected to a T100 or T200 power manager, taking advantage of its surge suppression and filtering capability. The extra filtering in the PWRI-XF outlet box that would be located behind the TV or projector provides a second level of protection from EMI/RFI that could be induced into the unshielded in-wall wiring connecting the outlet box to the Neutrik inlet.

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