Black Box Demos IP-Based Extender for HDMI Video at DSE -

Black Box Demos IP-Based Extender for HDMI Video at DSE

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Black Box, a provider of multimedia and digital signage technology, will be exhibiting MediaCento IPX, a new, attractively-priced IP streaming solution for HDMI video and audio, at Digital Signage Expo 2013 (DSE 13) February 27–28 in Las Vegas.

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The flexible, IP streaming solution multicasts an HDMI signal to up to 256 screens on an Ethernet network. Even better, the VRX version can be used to output source video on video walls, so AV and digital signage implementers can project video content on a larger scale.

The MediaCento IPX Multicast extension system is ideal for AV installers, integrators, and end users looking for an economical way to distribute 1080p video content to many screens, including those used for digital signage.

“There’s no need to run any new cabling runs between rooms,” said Erik Indresovde, global video and multimedia product manager at Black Box. “Installers can simply use the existing LAN infrastructure for screen connections. In addition, MediaCento IPX enables flexible system expansion. A single transmitter can deliver HD content to hundreds of displays, so when it comes time to add a screen, just plug in another receiver and connect that screen to your LAN.”

The system features visually lossless compression technology and uses standardized Ethernet protocols to packetize signals and deliver multimedia content anywhere the user has Ethernet wiring. The MediaCento IPX system transmits up to 328 feet (100 m) per link, but goes even farther with network switches added to the mix (a standard Gigabit network switch with IGMP must be used to control traffic in multicast applications with multiple screens).

For multicast applications, Black Box offers MediaCento IPX Multicast Transmitters and Receivers (VX-HDMI-IP-MTX, VX-HDMI-IP-MRX) and MediaCento IPX Multicast Video Wall Transmitters and Receivers (VX-HDMI-IP-VTX, VX-HDMI-TP-VRX). For point-to-point IP streaming to a single screen, the company offers MediaCento IPX Unicast Transmitters and Receivers (VX-HDMI-IP-UTX, VX-HDMI-IP-URX).

The video wall version scales source video for output on a matrix of tiled screens. A video wall can be configured for multiple rows and columns. To configure a video wall image, simply use the system’s browser-based interface. “Just plug in your HDMI source and begin configuring your matrix of screens,” Indresovde said.

In addition to digital signage, the MediaCento IPX system can be used to distribute high-quality medical imaging video across a hospital campus to multiple screens, as well as to stream video to banks of displays in training or simulation rooms.

To see the system, visit Booth #645 on the floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center during DSE 13. For more information on any of Black Box’s MediaCento IPX systems, visit


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