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Jim Pascale Hosts Technical Advice For Speco Technologies

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AMITYVILLE, NY--Speco's Technical Group receives hundreds of calls a day on specification and installation questions regarding the diverse CCTV and audio products that have been purchased by customers. So, the company felt it could better service callers if a video demonstration for commonly asked questions was produced and placed on the website for easy access any time of the day. This new section has been added and integrated with FAQs about Speco DVR functions hosted by Jim Pascale. Access to this area is located at the top of the Reference Section web page within Speco Technologies website - www.specotech.com/reference. Customers can even email Jim-e directly from the website with specific technical questions regarding Speco Technologies products.

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In a recent statement issued by Vincent J Vento CEO of ATC International to its customers, partners and vendors, Vento discussed recent illegal activities that have been exposed by the press.

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