EAW Introduces Voicing Update for KF Line-Source Products

EAW Introduces Voicing Update for KF Line-Source Products

Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has introduced updated voicings for its KF Line Source family. Available to users in the form of EAW Greyboxes, the new voicings incorporate improved equalization, crossover, focusing, and limiting parameters, resulting in better system performance for installed and touring KF Series systems without any physical changes.

  • EAW engineers leveraged data and experience from the development of Adaptive Systems to ensure that EAW's line-source products sound even more consistent and perform at an even higher overall level than before.

The KF740 Greybox update offers enhanced clarity and balance with more accurate and consistent midrange directivity. Users also benefit from increased system protection at very high output levels and a 4 dB improvement in low-frequency headroom using EAW DynO dynamic optimization (when using EAW UX Series processors).

KF730 systems now offer a characteristic tonality more closely matched to KF740 and Adaptive Systems with the new Greyboxes. Low-mid directivity is also significantly enhanced across the coverage area along with a dramatic reduction in rear sound radiation. A notable improvement in limiting and overall driver protection is another system enhancement.

The KF720 and NTL720 Greybox update improves warmth, openness and clarity, ensuring the systems better match KF730, KF740 and Adaptive Systems. Low-frequency support and output has also been greatly enhanced.

The new set of Greyboxes for the KF Series are available on the EAW website (www.eaw.com) for free download. The NTL720 firmware version is available via EAW Pilot, also a free download.

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