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DVDO’s pocket-sized Test Pattern Generator (TPG), the AVLab TPG, allows professional AV installers to generate 4K custom test patterns to ensure proper set-up and calibration for 4K Ultra HD displays on-site. The AVLab TPG supports full 4K Ultra HD resolution at 50/60Hz, as outlined in Version 2.0 of the HDMI specification, and is designed specifically for use with Color Management System (CMS) software like Spectracal’s CalMAN. The calibration process is streamlined by interfacing directly with CMS software to automatically display 4K test patterns.


Gefen Unveils Upgraded HDMI Signal Generator

Chatsworth, CA-- Gefen has unveiled its next generation Mini Pattern Signal Generator for HDMI 3DTV, designed for easy mobility when installing, designing or trouble shooting audio/video systems in the field. The Signal Generator offers real-time testing of multiple displays and projectors, support for 3DTV, advanc

SpectraCal Releases CalMAN Geospatial

SpectraCal has released CalMAN Geospatial, a solution for calibrating PC monitors to the exacting standards required in geospatial intelligence work.   CalMAN Geospatial is an offshoot of SpectraCal's flagship product CalMAN. Geospatial intelligence (GeoInt) viewing requires the greatest possible visual detail an

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Meyer Sound and NTi Introduce Cinema Meter for XL2 Analyzer

Meyer Sound Laboratories and NTi Audio AG have announced a new cinema meter option for NTi’s XL2 handheld audio and acoustics analyzer. Developed through a collaborative effort by the two companies, the Meyer Sound cinema meter option and test script are designed to allow cinema sound technicians to calibrate loudspeaker systems efficiently and precisely using a small, easy-to-use handheld device.

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SpectraCal Software Calibrates with JVC Monitor

JVC Professional Products Company, a division of JVC Americas Corp., today said SpectraCal, a leading provider of display calibration solutions, has released CalMAN 5, version 5.2.3, which features auto calibration of JVC’s RS-840UD Reference Series 84-inch 4K LCD monitor. Used by integrators, installers, professional calibrators, and consumers, CalMAN provides a professional and repeatable method to calibrate video displays for home theaters, commercial AV installations, and broadcast production and post-production facilities.

Black Box Releases VGA Pattern Generator

True-to-life colors and sharp resolution are a must for high-end video applications. Healthcare, university, and government labs depend on accurately rendered images on every screen. Black Box’s new VGA Pattern Generator (PG-VGA) and HDMI & DVI Pattern Generator (PG-DIG) make it easy to properly calibrate remote c