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Draper Updates Access Product Line

Draper Updates Access Product Line

Draper’s original “Case First, Screen Later” concept just got even better. Thanks to expanded manufacturing capabilities, Draper will be showing off several improvements to Access ceiling-recessed projection screens, including the introduction of a new model to the line.

The Access case door hinge.

The new Access Fit features a much smaller case cross section for above ceiling motorized screen applications. Access Fit is ideal for small to medium size boardroom, classroom, or training room integration, offering the same quality components engineered into a smaller profile to fit into tight spaces above the ceiling.

Meanwhile, we have re-engineered the Access bottom closure panel to make it easier to attach and improve the panel’s overall engagement with the screen housing. An improved “T” bracket engagement allows panel to hinge downward for service, eliminating the need to make extra trips up and down the ladder carrying the closure.

  • Improvements to internal components also enable us to offer sizes up to 488 cm in total width, without increasing the case profile size.

Finally, new removable hoisting brackets make it easier to use block and tackle or a winch to lift the screen out of the shipping carton and the final into mounting location.