Sennheiser Unveils K+H SR Speaker System -

Sennheiser Unveils K+H SR Speaker System

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Sennheiser Electronic Corporation, the new Klein + Hummel distributor in the U.S. and Latin America, is unveiling the K+H freePORT PAS 400. This new wireless, self-powered sound reinforcement speaker system is designed to deliver outstanding reproduction of music and speech in a wide variety of applications. The flexible speaker system accommodates up to four Sennheiser Evolution Wireless G2 series receivers for wireless reception of audio, features an integrated mixer and 100W amplifier, and offers built-in rechargeable battery or AC powered operation, allowing the system to be set up and ready to go within seconds.

Up to four Sennheiser Evolution Wireless G2 compact body-pack or two rack-mount diversity receivers may be built into two compartments in the K+H freePORT PAS 400. An onboard high-power, maintenance-free, rechargeable battery with integrated Quick-/Trickle-Charge circuitry allows up to 13 hours of wireless mode operation (speech applications). The system may alternatively be operated using a 12 VDC power source such as a car battery.

The system's integrated mixer offers level control of two microphone inputsone with phantom poweron Neutrik-Combo connectors, an auxiliary line level input with pairs of RCA connectors for both playback and recording, plus a dedicated channel for the Sennheiser receivers. A three, six or nine volt DC output is included for powering external sound devices. A three-band equalizer provides bass, mid-range and treble tone controls.

The amplifier in the K+H freePORT PAS 400 is based on a state-of-the-art three-chassis design that powers the system's dual six-and-a-half inch woofers one inch horn with a 15W/four Ohms speaker output with level control available for independent operation of an additional speaker, such as the K+H PRO X5. The multi-chassis concept in combination with sophisticated electronic circuitry provides performance and flexibility advantages previously unattainable.

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