New Products March 2007

New Products March 2007
  • Extron Electronics' full lineup of System INTEGRATOR speakers is a family of seven speakers that includes ceiling speakers with or without plenum-rated back cans, in-wall speakers with open-back, infinite baffle designs, and surface-mount speakers with durable, weather-resistant enclosures. They are designed for small and large classrooms, conference rooms, lecture halls, and auditoriums, and are optimized for smooth, accurate reproduction of music and voice for both low and high power delivery applications.
  • The System INTEGRATOR surface-mount speakers, the SI 26 and SI 28, feature an Extron exclusive, conical horn design and provide a smooth transition from bass to midrange frequencies, minimum phase shift, and a wide, flat response. They also feature Extron's exclusive V-Lock mounting system that provides quick, easy, and flexible placement of speakers for a secure, theft-deterrent installation. The ceiling speakers, the SI 26X, SI 3CT LP, and SI 26CT are designed for overhead distributed audio applications.

Sennheiser's Mobile Transmitter for Guideport

Sennheiser has added a Mobile Transmitter to its Guideport wireless, multilingual visitor information system for exhibitions, museums, theme parks, zoos, botanical gardens, and historic sites. The belt-worn Mobile Transmitter and headset gives tour guides or docents speaking to a group with pre-assigned Guideport receivers and headphones the flexibility to mix their live, guided tour with prerecorded audio at the press of a button.
@prodbody:The system monitors the location of the tour group so that when the guide switches to prerecorded audio, visitors hear content that is context appropriate. It matches the exhibit to which the tour guide has directed them. This frees the guide from the distracting and easily bungled task of triggering the appropriate audio clips. Moreover, the prerecorded audio is language/content appropriate; each visitor listens to it in his or her preferred language and at his or her own level of expertise.

SoundTube's SM400i

SoundTube Entertainment introduced the SM400i surface-mount speaker. The SM400 adds a low-profile BroadBeam option to SoundTube's SMi line of speakers. With maximum dimensions of 7.5 inches deep x 7 inches wide x 9.75 inches tall, the SM400i is 60 percent smaller overall than the SM500i. New features include proprietary low profile, corrosion- and theft-resistant self-locking Stealth bracket, and an iridite-plated aluminum grille with protective powder-coated finish for lasting durability. Other Features include 4 inch Polypropylene woofer, 1 inch aluminum dome tweeter with BroadBeam high-frequency dispersion technology, easy access five-position selectable tap switch and Euroblock connector. All SM400i's include terminal weather boot, port plugs and weatherized components for added weather resistance in outdoor applications.

Analog Way's Easy Fade, Easy Cut

Analog Way's Easy Fade and Easy Cut are two new high-resolution video scalers and audio-video switchers. The scaler/line multipliers increase video image resolution and brightness. Three computer inputs are provided for direct display of presentations or internet applications, and they also allow audio stereo switching. Especially designed for the high-end commercial AV and home-theater applications, they are fitted with user-friendly functionalities and effects: Cut, Fade, Title (between computer and video sources) for the Easy Fade; cut and smooth switching for the Easy Cut.

Panasonic's AG-HSC1U Camcorder

Panasonic is introducing a 3-CCD high-definition camcorder, the AG-HSC1U. Weighing 1.1 pounds, this handheld camcorder delivers 1080i recordings with the accuracy and natural 3-CCD color reproduction that professionals require for capturing events in HD. Since it's solid-state with no moving parts like tape or disc-based systems, the noiseless AG-HSC1U camcorder records up to 88 minutes (41 minutes in the highest-quality mode) of video on a high-speed 4GB SDHC memory card. A portable 40GB hard drive, capable of receiving and storing the contents of 10 4GB SDHC cards in the field, is packaged with the camcorder. SD video can be output in the widescreen 16:9 format.

By utilizing the H.264-based advanced video codec high definition (AVCHD) video format, the AG-HSC1U reportedly delivers two times the recording efficiency of older MPEG-2 codec technologies like HDV.

AGNPRO's HD Media Player and Content Management System

AGN Professional (AGNPRO) has added to its line of compact media players for digital signage with the release of the miniBoxHD. The unit outputs 1280 x 720 high-definition video (720i) and imaging for large-format wide-screen displays. Measuring 8 x 6 x 1 inches and weighing two pounds, the steel-enclosed units can be mounted on the back of screens.

Management of the miniBoxHD is performed via a built-in web interface or with an optional web-based subscription service for central management that allows users to manage and schedule media and monitor networks in real time. The unit allows for multi-zone layouts that can combine high-definition video with graphics and scrolling text. The software is designed for operation by non-technical users with little or no training.

Innovox Audio's SF-4032 Loudspeaker

Innovox Audio's SF-4032 2-channel, horizontal-display, mounted loudspeaker is targeted for use in digital signage, videoconferencing, and rental and staging applications. The loudspeaker includes a 130 Hz to 20 kHz (+/- 3 dB) frequency response, 91 dB sensitivity, a 60 W program per channel power rating, and 8 ohms per channel impedance. The unit, which is available in custom lengths up to 96 inches long, offers a universal mounting kit and an extruded ABS enclosure.

Crestron's DVPHD-PRO

Crestron's DVPHD-PRO high-definition digital video processor accepts up to eight source signals and displays them in up to eight scalable video windows simultaneously. Featuring input and output resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 for RGB and DVI signals, and supports 1080i and 1080p HDTV, the DVPHD-PRO is targeted for network operation centers, command and control centers and large entertainment venues. The DVPHD-PRO also handles HDMI with external adaptors. The DVPHD-PRO is available in several models, including multiple-output versions for video wall applications.

The DVPHD-PRO provides the same graphics capabilities featured in the latest Crestron touchpanels, such as 24-bit color, dynamic graphics, dynamic text, full-motion animation and translucent objects. Dynamic text displays customized labels to automatically identify cameras, locations, or sources. Further enhancing the aesthetic of professional presentations, the DVPHD-PRO features a full set of dynamic transitions.

SLS' CM141CC Small-Format Speaker

SLS Loudspeakers' 5-inch CM141CC small-format speaker is equipped with SLS' the company's PRD100 planar ribbon transducer for accurate high-frequency presentation up to 40,000 Hz. The PRD100 is mounted coaxially with a hi-fi quality, 4-inch, poly-cone woofer. Delivering 110-degree sound coverage, it is available in high-gloss white or black and includes a wall-mount bracket and barrier-strip inputs.

When used with the optional SLS CM832JB junction box, two wiring solutions that bypass the need for performance-degrading 70V transformers can be implemented. Four CM141CCs can serve as a single 70V 160W tap (32-ohm loading) or the four CM141CCs can present an 8-ohm load to a single amp channel. Additionally, the CM141CC is designed for use with SLS' new CM series subwoofers for extended range operation. The CM series subwoofers feature a built-in CM832JB, a low-pass crossover, high-pass crossover output and an optional 70V 60W transformer that can power both the subwoofer and the four satellites.

Kramer Electronics' DXF Drawing Library

Kramer Electronics' DXF Drawing Library of files for CAD and other industry drawing programs are available for download from the Kramer Electronics and Sierra Video websites and include every model in both the Kramer and Sierra Video product lines. The DXF Drawing Library offers product line drawings (of the front and back panel) for use in rack elevation illustrations. It also offers CAD blocks for use in signal flow and wiring diagrams. Each drawing is provided in a standardized CAD format and depicts detailed product information including model number and description, indications of directional and bi-directional lines of communication, as well as input, output, and control connector types and wiring schemes.

In addition to facilitating the creation of CAD drawings, files in the DXF Drawing Library can be used to support sales and technical support professionals by providing a visual representation of a product such as the number and type of signal channels available and/or the necessary cabling requirements.

Canton's GLE Series Loudspeakers

Canton's GLE series of full-range loudspeakers for stereo and multichannel audio has been redeveloped for improved performance through the incorporation of material and design advances developed for the company's high-end Vento, Ergo, and Karat lines. The GLE series consists of two floor-standing models, two compact speakers, a horizontal center-channel and a low-depth on-wall speaker.

The most significant advance in the GLE speakers is the replacement of the LE series' traditional polypropylene cones with the aluminum bass and midrange drivers used in the company's higher-end lines. In order to fully exploit the accuracy and stability of these diaphragms, the drivers' motor structures have been redesigned with more powerful magnets, and vented voice coils for improved heat dissipation. They also feature upgraded heavy cast baskets to accommodate the increased power handling.

Mediatech's ButtonMate 52

The Mediatech MT-52-BM, ButtonMate 52, is a configurable room control panel capable of directly controlling RS-232, IR and Contact Closure-controlled devices such as AV switchers, projectors, VCR/DVD players, document cameras, etc. This controller may be used for direct control of four IR devices (using two dual head emitters), two relay-controlled devices, and two RS-232 devices.

The ButtonMate 52 may also be used in combination with any of Mediatech's other control products for even greater control capability. Typical applications include classrooms, courtrooms, houses of worship, and boardrooms. The ButtonMate 52 can provide a customizable and consistent look and feel control interface to instructors and presenters regardless of the make and model of the equipment being controlled.

Crown's CDi Series Power Amps

Crown International's CDi Series of professional power amplifiers for installed sound applications has now been expanded with the addition of the CDi 4000. Like its siblings, the CDi 1000 and CDi 2000, the CDi 4000 is equipped with a host of new features, not the least of which is its ability to run both low-impedance 2-, 4-, and 8-ohm loads, as well as 70 and 140-volt outputs.

A front-panel LCD enables installers to quickly step through the process of tailoring system parameters for onboard loudspeaker processing, while 20 user-defined DSP presets ensure that those settings can be recalled at the touch of a button. A rear-panel USB connector further permits the amplifier to be configured and controlled via a PC running Harman Pro's HiQnet System Architect software.

Electrosonic's MS9500GL

Electrosonic's MS9500GL is a networked high-definition MPEG player for show replay, signage, and other AV applications. It offers all of the functionality of Electrosonic's MS9500 with the additional capabilities of genlock, timecode, and GPIO, providing synchronized multichannel HD replay.

For digital signage applications, the MS9500GL combines high-definition video with still images, scrolling tickers, and HTML pages for an array of display possibilities. The MS9500GL allows retailers, marketing, entertainment companies, and many other organizations to cost-effectively send HD video, graphical, and editorial content to hundreds of displays located anywhere. The compact size and headless operation allows quick and easy deployment in any environment, and the DVI output guarantees the highest-quality imagery on the latest generation of display devices.

Peavey's Distro Power Transport System

The Peavey Distro, a high-current, power-transport system, makes delivering energy to multi-amplifier sound reinforcement systems as easy as inserting a plug into a socket. The Distro is a 2-rack-space unit that provides up to 100 amps at 120 volts from a NEMA 14-50 plug. By dividing the current into six 15/20-amp services, each with a heavy-duty Edison socket and magnetic circuit breaker, the Distro allows users to permanently wire their amplifiers and outboard gear while providing plenty of power to run backline and front of house.

Since the Distro can be mounted inside a standard rack case, it allows users to run a stage setup without the messy cable routing caused by external power supplies. The Distro also greatly reduces hum and increases ground safety by putting the entire system on the same breaker.

Intelix's USB Over Cat-5 Extender

Intelix is releasing the DIGI-USB-F balun kit, which extends a USB 1.1 or 2.0 signal up to 330 feet over standard structured pair cabling, such as Cat-5 or Cat-6. Prior to the DIGI-USB-F, remote USB devices such as cameras, printers, scanners, keyboards, and mice were limited to only 16 feet via direct USB cables or required expensive secondary network equipment. Using the DIGI-USB-F, remote devices may be connected up to 330 feet via inexpensive Cat-5 cabling at standard speed USB 1.1 and 2.0 and up to 100 feet at full-speed USB 1.1 and 2.0.

The DIGI-USB-F includes a send balun featuring a type B USB connector, receive balun featuring a type A USB connector, and a 5-foot USB cable. No external power supplies are required, as the system is powered through the USB connection to the source and destination devices. To use, connect the DIGI-USB-F send balun to a source device, connect standard unshielded twisted pair cabling such as Cat-5 or Cat-5e, and connect the DIGI-USB-F receive balun to the destination device.

ColorGlo's Par 30, Par 56 LED lamps

ColorGlo RGB LED par lamps--designed and manufactured by J&J Electronics--are an inexpensive way to add color change to set elements for touring, events, theater, and television. ColorGlo LED par 30 and par 56 lamps (also works in par 60 with spacer) install into a medium Edison screw base for integration into conventional fixtures used on truss and in other set elements. The lamps feature onboard programming for static colors or color-changing effects activated by switching a circuit on and off to advance through program choices. At 12 or 35 watts each, dozens of lamps can be run on a single circuit with synchronization and programming activated by a single switch.

Available in either a 72 or 202 LED configuration, they generate saturated color without the use of theatrical gels, color scrollers, or dicroic lenses. The thermal management system produces maximum light output without generating significant heat. These lamps are available in 12VAC or 120VAC and last up to 100,000 hours.

Soundcraft's Vi6 Digital Console

The release of the processing card for the Soundcraft Vi6 brings Lexicon effects and BSS Audio equalization to this digital console. The card uses eight custom Lexicon DSP engines to provide eight mono or stereo effects units, which may be patched to aux bus outputs and then back into a channel input, or inserted into input or output channels. The real flexibility, however, comes from being able to control these effects via the desk's Vistonics II screens, which give the engineer an intuitive graphical user interface.

The Lexicon devices offer a choice of 14 types of reverb, including various plates, halls, and spring types, seven delay settings (including ping-pong and tape delays, for example), plus eight other effects, such as chorus, flanger, tremolo, and pitch shift. Once selected, the parameter controls appear on the rotary encoders on the Vistonics II screen.

JBL's CSC Software

JBL Professional has introduced its Ceiling Speaker Configurator (CSC) software. The CSC software identifies the appropriate JBL in-ceiling loudspeaker models and system design for any environment depending on a few simple parameters. The CSC software allows users to input the characteristics of a venue in layman's terms and immediately receive a ceiling-speaker design in return.

For music systems, users enter the kind of background or foreground music desired. For paging systems, they enter what kind of activity is taking place. Lastly, they provide the floor space and ceiling height. From there, the CSC software does the rest, offering up to three appropriate JBL in-ceiling loudspeaker models for the space, where to tap them (if it's a 70V/100V system), how many to use, how far apart to space them, and the maximum volume available with each particular design.

Super Vision's Savi LED Light Bulbs

Super Vision International has introduced a new line of LED white light bulbs that replace traditional incandescent light bulbs in commercial lighting applications. Savi LED light bulbs feature True White Technology and offer the equivalent lumen (light) output of incandescent bulbs, but reduce energy costs by 75 percent and last 15 to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. In commercial lighting applications, where lights can run 12-24 hours a day, incandescent lamps that only last 1,000 to 2,000 hours can cost hundred of dollars a year in labor to replace. Savi LED light bulbs are designed to last up to 5 years even if they operate 24 hours a day.

The Savi LED line of products do not contain mercury, so unlike fluorescent technology, the bulbs are environmentally friendly, require no special disposal, and carry a 3-year warranty.

Lantronix's XPort Direct

Lantronix's XPort Direct is an embedded networking device gateway module and the latest offering in the Lantronix XPort family. XPort Direct is a complete, miniaturized communications subsystem targeted at applications that need to move commands, status, and information over IP networks or the internet, to or from remote devices. The XPort Direct breaks through existing market barriers, bringing ethernet and internet connectivity to new high-volume, cost-sensitive applications in commercial and consumer markets.

The XPort Direct is a component that is mounted onto a device manufacturer's printed circuit board, enabling drop-in network connectivity. This allows OEMs to differentiate their products by delivering a wide range of capabilities such as remote diagnostics, monitoring, maintenance, and control. Building upon the ease of use found in the XPort product family, XPort Direct can be quickly integrated into existing or new products with minimal hardware and software engineering investment, a critical factor for most designers.

YCD/MuVi Wall

YCD has launched MuVi Wall, a video wall technology specifically designed for the in store market. MuVi Wall is a plug and play system. It is a ready to use, robust machine backed by YCD's dedicated service and support programs. MuVi Wall is a multi faceted solution that can be used for video, advertising and audio purposes with additional customization tools. It comes in three configurations to support three, six, or nine screens of any size. Screens can be mounted in different ways vertically, horizontally, or side by side--MuVi Wall provides freedom to design any video wall matrix combination. Based on YCD's unparalleled MuVi technology, the MuVi Wall showcases a high-end, fully integrated AV player with synchronized support of up to three different simultaneous video playbacks, including HD from a single PC.

WideBand Solutions' Simphonix Si-400

WideBand Solutions' Simphonix Si-400 functions as a standalone solution or can be easily integrated into a larger, existing system. WideBand Solutions has incorporated technology from its WebCallT WC301 product into the Simphonix Si-400, enabling hundreds of digital and VoIP telephones to turn into conferencing systems.

Simphonix Si-400 is designed with hardware and speech algorithms that accommodate the full range of human hearing. It features Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC); noise reduction; auto-mixing with Voice Activity Detection (VAD); digital, VoIP, and analog phone lines; Cross Point Automatic Gain Control (AGC); web management; and voice reinforcement. Using newly developed AEC technology with a high tolerance to a variety of conditions, the algorithm deploys an adaptive nonlinear processor that passes speech. During doubletalk situations, the Simphonix Si-400 can operate at 20 Hz-20 kHz without changing the frequency response.

Turbosound's NuQ Speaker Systems

NuQ is the latest addition to Turbosound's range of professional loudspeakers. NuQ systems are fully integrated, networkable sound reinforcement packages designed for portable professional audio applications. They are offered either as digitally self-powered units or as discrete loudspeakers used in conjunction with optimized Turbosound controllers and power amplifiers. TurboDrive software gives real-time, intuitive control of Turbosound controllers and powered loudspeakers individually or over a network.

NuQ systems make exclusive use of advanced neodymium magnets, low-distortion, rotatable, high-frequency waveguides, and pre-bent plywood construction to reportedly provide the highest possible performance. NuQ systems are offered in different sizes and output capability according to application, providing consistently high audio quality with similar voicing between models.

Lightronics' Ellipsoidals

Lightronics offers ellipsoidals to complete lighting control systems. Lightronics ellipsoidals are available in 10-, 19-, 26-, 36-, and 50-degree beam spreads. They are equipped with an optical system with variable focus. The ellipsoidals' housing is made from die-cast aluminum, and the handles are insulated. The ellipsoidals include gel frames and require a HPL575 or 750-Watt lamp. All ellipsoidals are available in a black or white finish.

ATM's Circle-Vents

Active Thermal Management's Circle-vents are powered air vents designed for easy mounting in fine cabinetry. Available in surface or flush-mount configurations, in a variety of wood species, Circle-vent is field-adjusted to either exhaust hot air out of an audio-video cabinet or pull fresh air in.
Circle-vent consists of two fan assemblies, power supply, and a magnetic-base thermal switch assembly. The fans can be set to either turn on and off with temperature, or run continuously at idle, speeding up as temperatures rise. The surface-mount configuration is retrofitted into existing cabinets; the flush-mount version is intended for installation during cabinet construction.

Bretford's Presentation Technology Carts

Bretford's new family of presentation technology carts are streamlined for mobility and display of AV equipment. Designed primarily for education and office environments, the TC12 Series, TC15 Series, and TC35 Series carts allow users to incorporate the latest technology tools for teaching, training, and signage applications.

Developed by Bretford's in-house design team, the presentation technology carts can accommodate a projector, but also offer an optional flat-panel mount that supports up to a 42-inch monitor with a 200mm VESA hole pattern for a seamless fit with essentially any medium-sized display. The new carts are the first to include an aluminum-extruded pole that extends up to 28 inches for dynamic flat-panel viewing from further distances. The TC12 Series includes an open-shelf design for access to storage, while the TC15 Series has a closed cabinet with locking doors for security, and a 19-inch rackmount to house additional equipment. Further, the TC35 Series has adjustable top and pullout shelves that can be customized for a variety of uses.

Leviton's 72-Port Patch Panels

Leviton Voice & Data's 72-port patch panels increase port density by 50 percent without increasing RU space--an ideal use for crowded telecommunications rooms and data centers. The Patch Panels conserve valuable space in zone enclosures, racks, and cabinets. Designed to fit in a variety of applications and design solutions, the panels are available in standard, angled, and recessed angled configurations and feature 72 ports of 2RU space. Panels are QuickPort-compatible, providing Cat 5e/6/6A connectivity options.

Other beneficial features include silk-screened port numbers below each jack opening, a cable management bar (standard panel only) for easier cable management, improved punch-down accessibility, rack density, and enhanced patch cord transition to vertical cable management.

Allen & Heath's WZ3 Monitor

Allen & Heath's WZ3 monitor is a console which combines the design principles of the MixWizard Series with many modern monitor facilities. Furnished with 16 mono mic/line inputs, the desk boasts 12 mix outputs, which can be either mono or switched to six stereo pairs to take advantage of the recent trend towards in-ear monitoring. Mechanically identical to other MixWizards, with individual card and nutted-pot construction and Quick Change Connector pod, the WZ3 monitor presents the monitor engineer with a compact desk reportedly capable of mixing a large number of wedge and in-ear sources. Its 12 mixes can be globally assigned as mono or stereo, and each stereo mix is provided with stereo AFL signal checking.

Input channels feature the WZ3 preamplifier and include a passive microphone splitter and individual phantom power. In common with the entire Wizard range, four extended range overlapping bands of EQ are provided, two with frequency sweeps. Rotary channel fader, mute switch, PFL, signal, and peak meters complete the strip.

QSC's HPR122i Powered Loudspeaker

QSC's HPR122i powered loudspeaker can be pole-mounted using a stand socket, or flown with the aid of nine integral M10 suspension points. Built to meet the same demanding specifications used to create the RMX line of amplifiers, the HPR122i power module provides a total of 500 watts. The HPR122i is operable between 53 Hz and 20 kHz. Equipped with a 12-inch, low-frequency driver featuring a 3-inch voice coil and neodymium magnet structure, the 2-way enclosure features a compression driver with a 1.4-inch diaphragm coupled to a 75-degree conical horn at the high end.

Unlike some powered loudspeakers incorporating low-cost chip amps, the HPR122i's proprietary power module incorporates the same circuit designs used on QSC's RMX Series amplifiers. Aluminum heat sink extrusions offer mechanical strength and an abundance of surface area that promotes cool operating temperatures, even when the loudspeaker is pushed to extremes.

BTX's NUVU Portable Projection Screens

BTX's NUVU is a portable solution that allows a screen to be mounted on the ceiling or floor in just minutes. Once removed from its pouch-like carrying case, the NUVU screen pops open and sets up in seconds, and folds up just as fast. Available in three types--16:9, 4:3 and self-standing tabletop models with diagonal viewing angles ranging from 40 to 88 inches.

These portable screens blend high style with convenience for the indoor or outdoor plug-and-play, business meeting, event presentation, classroom environments or home theater. Watch movies outside on the patio, in the kid's room, or one can even carry it on the plane when traveling to sales meetings.

Sierra's Ponderosa Switcher

Sierra Video Systems' Ponderosa multi-format routing switcher is designed for critical broadcast, production, and post-production facilities. The HD-SDI/SDI video routing switcher has a fully modular design and includes a wide range of features tailored to applications with critical video needs.

The Ponderosa is a format-flexible HD-SDI/SDI routing switcher capable of handling standard serial digital video signals including SMPTE 310M, SMPTE 259M, SMPTE 344M, and DVB-ASI up to 540 Mbps along with HD serial digital video signals conforming to SMPTE 292M. The Ponderosa control system allows setup for 3.0Gbps 2-channel operation. Hot-swappable video I/O boards allow for onsite repair, eliminating the disruption of factory modifications. Redundant control processors and power supplies are optional. Expandable by eight input and/or eight output increments, Ponderosa can be built up to 64 x 64 in a compact 4RU frame.

Christie's DS+300, DS+650 Projectors

Christie's DS+300 and DS+650 projectors are the latest in a series of projection solutions. Weighing 6.3 pounds, the DS+300 is targeted for unobtrusive installations. At 3,300 ANSI lumens, SXGA+ resolution and 2,500:1 contrast ratio, it delivers top image reproduction. It is compatible with virtually any data source up to UXGA (1600 x 1200) and HDTV formats up to 1080i. Combined with a unique optical design, featuring 100-percent vertical lens shift and a zoom lens for image placement flexibility, the DS+300 is adaptable for installations where space is limited.

The DS+650 delivers 6,500 ANSI lumens, variable contrast ratio up to 7,500:1 and SXGA+ resolution with scaling to UXGA, images are bright, detailed and demand attention. A broad range of standard inputs allow installation almost anywhere and connect to virtually any source, including HDCP-compliant HDTV formats up to 1080p. A range of lens options with throw ratio ranges from 0.8:1 through 7:1 and horizontal and vertical lens shift provide the broadest range of installation flexibility.

SMP's 10GBASE-T Products

SMP Data Communications recently participated in a comprehensive demonstration of 10GBASE-T products in operation at the Solarflare Communications test facility in Irvine, California. The validation trials to demonstrate 10GBASE-T operation over Cat-6A cabling were performed on a 100-meter channel. The trials were run in a 100-meter, worst-case channel configuration as specified in the draft TIA augmented Category 6 standard, currently under development in the TIA TR 42.7 subcommittee. The channel configuration consisted of six around one cables, bundled every eight inches. The equipment used for channel performance validation was Solarflare Communications 10Xpress 10GBASE-T PHYs that are currently sampling to OEM customers.

Bi-directional Ethernet traffic was sent over Solarflare's 10GBASE-T link using two 10Gb/s traffic generators with XAUI interfaces. At the same time, bi-directional 10GBASE-T traffic was running on all six neighboring channels simulating a worst-case alien crosstalk environment.

Triveni Digital's StreamScope

Triveni Digital claims its StreamScope product family is the first monitoring system in the DTV industry to support the newly released ATSC Transport Stream Verification Recommended Practice, A/78. A/78 was developed to meet the needs of broadcasters, allowing early detection of those errors that most impact the viewing experience, but still may go unnoticed by station engineers. The StreamScope MT-40 and RM-40 models both support the error-severity prioritization defined in A/78, allowing the broadcaster to detect and correct service impairments quickly in order of importance.

Triveni Digital's StreamScope product family allows real-time monitoring and analysis of transport streams from service providers such as broadcasters, cable operators, telcos, IPTV, and mobile TV operators. MT-40 provides the capability for in-depth, real-time troubleshooting, and analysis for multiple signals over all commonly encountered physical layers.

Cabasse's La Sphere Loudspeaker

Cabasse's La Sphere loudspeaker utilizes a specially engineered spherical enclosure that boasts advantages of a spherical enclosure such as rigidity, elimination of standing waves, and symmetry in every direction with no diffraction effects from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

La Sphere's 22-inch woofer features a honeycomb dome, specially engineered for optimum performance in a spherical enclosure. The low/midrange unit is an 8-inch Duocell ring design that is then combined with a 5-inch mid-range and 1.2-inch dome diaphragm tweeter.

WorxAudio Technologies' TLV10-PMD3

WorxAudio Technologies' TLV10-PMD3 powered touring line array is a 3-way line-array loudspeaker. Designed as a system for the reproduction of speech and music program material, the TLV10-PMD3--with integrated power and DSP capabilities-is targeted for a variety of applications, including corporate/industrial theater, medium-to-large concert reproduction, theatrical musical events, and AV production.

This loudspeaker incorporates a large-format, 3-inch, voice-coil compression driver coupled to a stabilized proprietary FlatWave Former (wave-shaping device). For the midrange, dual, 8-inch cone transducers in a sealed enclosure coupled to the (A.I.M.) Acoustic Intergrading Module minimize cone filtering throughout the operating range. And with the twin, 10-inch cone transducers in a vented enclosure that provide a wealth of bass, the TLV10-PMD3 reportedly delivers a fully balanced sound.

Niles' VCS50, VCS50R Stereo Volume Controls

Niles Audio has introduced two new stereo volume controls, the VCS50 and the VCS50R. The VCS50R is a volume solution for retailers, DIYers, and installer vans, thanks to its all-in-one packaging that includes multiple colored knobs and Decora trim outs (bone, almond, and white), giving installers and customers several options in one small package, alleviating the need for multiple SKUs.

Both models feature a wall-mounted interface and a rotating volume knob with pop-free switching between 10 volume levels (50 Watts per channel RMS; 100 watts peak), providing all Niles dealers with a modern yet affordable alternative to more expensive trim-outs. The VCS50R offers selectable impedance magnifying (1X, 2X, 4X, 8X) and is recommended for use with Niles' VCS HUB8 speaker distribution hub, while the VCS50 is recommended for use with Niles' SMS-10 impedance matching system or speaker selection systems.

Kaltman Creations' KCC50-5 Cable Coiler

Kaltman Creations' KCC50-5 cable coiler is a handheld motorized cable coiler that will coil up to 50 feet of medium-duty cable in less than five seconds. What makes the patent-pending cable coiler particularly unique is that once the cable is on the coiler spool, the cable slides right off for storage. Kaltman claims that besides the 10-1 speed advantage over hand coiling, the "perfect coil" also means no stress on the cable's internal conductors and no twisted tangles when uncoiling the cable for the next use.

In addition, there are the Kaltman Creations patent-pending cable slap ties, which literally--in one motion--slap onto the cable, eliminating Velcro straps, tie line, taping, or cable knot tying. Originally designed for any environment where microphone, lightweight speaker, lighting control, and electrical power cables are used, the Kaltman cable coiler will also work for Cat-5, fiber-optic, coax, and video cables, as well as rope.

ERG's Smart Force

Endicott Research Group (ERG) is introducing its new Smart Force family of LED driver solutions for high-bright LEDs (HBLEDs) used in a wide range of LCD backlighting applications. Available as an LED driver board or a complete kit including driver board and LED rails, ERG's Smart Force LED Solutions drive HBLEDs to backlight LCDs from 6.4 to 20 inches diagonal and larger.

ERG driver boards employ a DC-DC boost to provide voltage to a constant current driver and LED rail. ERG can design driver boards with input voltages ranging from 5V up to 48V. ERG's Smart Force LED Solutions are offered as standard products with input voltages of 12V, 24V, or 48V, in single, dual or 3-channel versions, with custom designs readily available. ERG's LED driver board with 48V input voltage measures 34mm x 60mm in size.

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