Redefining The Potential Of Infrared Wireless

When it comes to taking infrared wireless microphone systems beyond schools and other niche installation markets, Azden has met with limited success until recently. Audio professionals who can only recall the earliest infrared systems continue to mistakenly think of it is an unsuitable technology susceptible to interference from a variety of outside sources.

But that's changing. Today's rapidly evolving technological environment is forcing contractors and other audio professionals to take a closer look at infrared wireless microphone systems. The technology has improved significantly over the years in terms of reliability, sound quality, and operating effectiveness and is now more than capable of meeting the more demanding needs of special wireless market segments.

An affordable solution for situation requiring secure wireless transmissions, Azden RED systems are ideal because, unlike VHF and UHF, they cannot transmit through walls and be picked up by external sources. As such, they also represent a viable alternative to expensive and complex encrypted UHF wireless systems in terms of providing affordable two-way security for any existing wireless system. Infrared is also an option to ensure that transmissions are free from digital TV and HDTV interference, something that can't be said for UHF systems. Plus they represent a secure alternative in a time when the increased number of RF devices being used poses an ever-growing threat of general RF interference.

Although infrared wireless can't be used outdoors for live entertainment events and the like, it is a natural alternative for indoor spaces requiring additional frequencies, "contained" transmissions for security purposes, and resistance to outside RF interference. Consequently, Azden sees growing potential for its infrared technology in light of meeting the changing marketplace in a smart, cost-effective way. Installation professionals who continue to turn a blind eye to the possibilities of infrared wireless microphone technology may well be eliminating many growth areas in their business.

The RED Series has a proven track record and alternative technological potential in a number of developing applications. Azden also continues to work closely with its OEM customers to customize systems more effectively for particular applications. The company is currently developing a range of new products for its RED Series as the ultimate confirmation of the belief in its potential.

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