Pixel Networx Builds Digital Signage Network as a ScreenScape Affiliate

ScreenScape Affiliate Partners such as Pixel Networx acquire the technology needed to establish their own network of trusted venues with whom they can partner to offer unique Web-based digital signage marketing services.

  • Pixel Networx LLC, a newly formed marketing and digital signage business, has chosen ScreenScape, an Internet-based Venue Networking solution, as platform provider for its digital network. Pixel Networx has joined ScreenScape as an Affiliate partner, which allows the company to create its own advertising network using ScreenScape’s Internet-based service.
  • “We have been active in the digital signage business for years and have established relationships with many clients in the field during that time,” said Keith Wright, who, along with Thomas Hayden and David Richman, is a founding partner of Simsbury, Conn.-based Pixel Networx. “We are convinced ScreenScape has introduced a disruptive technology that is poised to turn the world of digital signage on its head.”
  • ScreenScape Affiliates acquire the technology needed to firmly establish their own network of trusted venues, with whom they can partner to offer unique marketing services. As an Affiliate network operator, Pixel Networx will have the ability to instantly distribute advertising content to the screens of its members throughout the eastern seaboard of the United States. Alongside this distribution capability, each member can locally create and manage their individual content. Sometimes described as “Web 2.0 digital signage,” ScreenScape combines professional display authoring tools with the content sharing principles and techniques of social media.
  • “We’ve seen the industry change over the years, but never have we seen such a radical departure from closed independent networks. ScreenScape’s Internet based service creates open communication and content sharing between venues, creating opportunities for small and medium-sized business that just didn’t exist with the digital signage technologies of the past,” said Wright. He and his partners have a combined 32-year track record working in the marketing, information technology and digital signage industries.
  • “The Pixel Networx team is moving away from a ‘conventional’ digital signage platform due to the many inherent limitations of closed proprietary vendor-controlled solutions,” he continued.
  • “Our Affiliate program gives our partners a chance to capitalize on the growth of ScreenScape,” said Kevin Dwyer, CEO of Charlottetown, P.E.I.-based ScreenScape. “We are certain that Pixel Networx, with their years of experience in the field, will offer the best quality service to their customers and be actively engaged to grow their network within the ScreenScape community.”
  • “We’re committed to giving Affiliates everything they need to establish their own venue network and help make sure the relationships within that network are lucrative and sustainable, both for member venues and their Affiliate partner,” he added.

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