Guide to Flat Panels for Digital Signage

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By David Keene

As long as we’ve been covering the digital signage industry, digital signage display and flat panels have gone hand in hand. Although video projection still dominates in the classroom, boardroom, and auditorium (for now), flat panels– especially LCD and plasma panels–seem to be the technology that keep the digital signage market growing year after year. That’s not to say there is not other display technology in the digital signage world. There is plenty. But it often seems LCD panels alone, with their inexorable economies of scale, are taking over the flat panel world. On the surface, they often seem to be, but there are both old and newer flat panel technologies out there now, and more coming in the future.

I just edited a special Supplement on flat panels, for our August edition of Digital Signage magazine. And that Digital Signage Guide to Flat Panels is now available online (link, at the end of this news item, to access). The Digital Signage Guide to Flat Panels is a special supplement to Digital Signage Magazine that provides integrators with advice, product news, and how-to tips about flat panels.

This issue includes:
- Picking the Best of an Ever-Evolving Crop
- The Right Tool for the Job: Commercial vs. Consumer Panels
- The Continuing Evolution of Flat Panel Displays
- Flat Panel Product Briefs

The Digital Signage Guide to Flat Panels is not meant to be a roadmap for the future. The industry still needs to address today’s top issues: deciding between LCD and plasma, and deciding between commercial vs. consumer grade flat panels. And I could not think of two professionals more able to tackle these issues than Alan and Jonathan Brawn. They have both been involved in this industry since before we called it “digital signage”. And of course, now with their DSEG (Digital Signage Experts Group) education, training, and certification initiatives, both Alan and Jonathan Brawn are again at the forefront of the industry.

To check out the digital edition of Digital Signage Guide to Flat Panels, click on:


Integration Guide to Flat Panels

The Digital Edition of the  is Now Available. The Guide is published by editors of SYSTEMS CONTRACTOR NEWS (sister magazine of Digital Signage magazine, from NewBay Media) To check out the digital edition of The Integration Guide to Flat Panels, click here: Integration Guide to Flat Panels The Integration Guide

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Flat Panel: An Abundance Of Riches

Picking the Best of an Ever-Evolving Crop By David Keene As long as we’ve been covering the digital signage industry, digital signage display and flat panels have gone hand in hand. Alth

2008 Flat Panel Digital Signage Conference

DisplaySearch has unveiled the final line up of speakers for its upcoming 2008 Flat Panel Digital Signage Conference, called “The Future is Out-of-Home.” Presenters at the conference represent executives from a varied group of businesses who will present their views on the digital signage market and their visions for the next big market for flat panel displays – outside the home in public and commercial environments. The inaugural conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency in downtown  Chicago on May 28.

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Beyond the Flat Panel

Projection for Digital Signage While the ubiquitous flat panel is the mainstay of digital signage, when larger screen sizes are needed (like the entire side of a building), or when unusual size screens are needed, projection is great. And there is more out there than you think. Alan Brawn, of Brawn Consulting,

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Parsing the Flat Panel Market

Post-InfoComm– where the focus was of course on commercial AV– it’s a useful exercise to look this week at the latest numbers from the “TV” display world. Because no matter how you parse the markets, we are all still living in a world where consumer market technology advances drive many segments of the pro AV side. Case in point: flat panels.

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By David Keene It’s been axiomatic in the AV industry for several years running that the consumer electronics market is now the driver of the evolution of video displays. This is mainly a matter of the economies of scale on the consumer side overwhelming those of the smaller commercial AV space. So on the supply side, LCD panels, for example–used in everything from cell phone displays to washing machine user panels to flat panels for the boardroom and classroom–are churned out in numbers so huge that their momentum will threaten to swamp competing flat panel technologies that can’t be produced by the kilometer. So at the biggest, and first, “AV” trade show in U.S. each year, it can be hard to separate the truly innovative technology introductions from those that are simply riding production-efficiency waves or, conversely, acting as vaporware placemarkers for the consumer electronic giants who need to reserve market sha

Digital Signage Best Practices Guide

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