BroadSign Acquires Navori -

BroadSign Acquires Navori

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BroadSign International, Inc. (BroadSign), provider of hosted software for managing digital signage networks, announced Feb. 5th that it has entered into an agreement to acquire privately-held Navori International S.A. (Navori). The Switzerland-based company provides software solutions for closed digital signage networks. Financial terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.

This acquisition reinforces BroadSign’s leadership as the premier software provider in the digital signage industry and expands the company’s presence in the European and Pacific Rim markets with a centrally located facility for sales, support and services staff. It also builds on the company’s leadership position in the expected industry consolidation and adds to BroadSign’s market share and vertical penetration.

Navori will be integrated into the BroadSign brand adding to the company’s offerings portfolio specifically for companies requiring a closed on-premise digital signage network. The agreement will also allow Navori the opportunity to participate in BroadSign's Ad Server which delivers content to over 100 networks in 25 countries around the world on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

“The acquisition of Navori will offer businesses requiring a closed on-premise network an opportunity to add on to BroadSign’s product offering,” said Rick Engels, President and CEO of BroadSign. “BroadSign was designed with a focus on being leader providing clarity and growth in the digital signage space. This initial acquisition demonstrates BroadSign’s ability to add market shares and increase vertical penetration.”

Navori is one of the top software brands in the digital signage industry enabling its solutions to seamlessly integrate with existing back office and logistics systems. Its products offer features such as an intuitive management interface and a highly evolved graphics engine. Navori powers more than 17,000 screens and drives more than 4,000 networks worldwide. Its customers include well- established brands such as Sony, Boeing and Clear Channel network inside Norway’s Oslo International Airport.

“Navori is joining forces with a leader in digital signage technology,” said Jerome Moeri, CEO NAVORI SA. “Our immediate goal is to gain from synergies and contribute to the creation of a new technological standard for our industry.”

BroadSign International, Inc. is a fast growing leading worldwide provider of hosted solutions for managing digital signage networks. BroadSign combines extensive expertise in digital signage software, media, advertising, and information technology and is a member company of the Out-of-home Video Advertising Bureau (OVAB), OAAA, In-Store Marketing Institute and POPAI. Digital signage networks in 25 countries around the world use The BroadSign™ Suite. For more information, visit

Navori was founded in 1998 with investment by the LVMH Group (Luis Vuitton Moet Hennessey) that was looking for a digital signage solution for its retail locations. To date, the Navori Tycoon platform is driving more than 4,000 digital signage networks worldwide. For more information, visit


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