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UCView to Introduce ARM Caster HD Series

In the upcoming weeks UCView will release the ARM Caster HD Series. The ARM Caster HD series is distinctive due to its power and size, offering complete functionality.

  • The ARM Caster Series consists of a variety of micro-sized, yet durable players which can fit into the palm of your hand. With its slim and small structure, the selection of new players will be easy to conceal from an audience. The affordable Android hardware series has optimal computing performance.
  • “This is one of the smallest series available in the market, however, it is unexpectedly powerful for its size and can be utilized for many applications in the marketplace,” said Guy Avital, CEO of UCView Media. “We see these affordable players being an ideal tool for menu boards, retail environment and many more applications.”
  • Included in the series are the ARM Caster HD1 and ARM Caster HD2. Both players have a USB port and an HDMI connector. The series will offer a range of CPUs to accommodate the end user’s complexity. Pricing will be in the range of $50.00 to $150.00.
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