Wireless Intercom System Debuts

Anchor Audio's ProLink wireless intercom system is being promoted in the industry as an ideal solution for television crews, theater directors, factory workers, and athletic coaches. Anchor ProLink is easy to set-up and operate, and it delivers full duplex audio which makes communication comfortable and natural.

  • ProLink is a digital wireless intercom system that transmits in a range of 250 feet through walls and glass and can operate up to 15 hours using three “AA” rechargeable or alkaline batteries. Each belt pack can communicate in “Push-to-Talk” mode, which is always receiving but only transmits when the PTT button is pushed, or “Always On” mode which provides completely hands-free communication. A 4-user system consists of one master belt pack and three remote belt packs and is perfect for a team which works as a single unit. When the team needs to work in two separate groups, the ProLink can be expanded to a 7-user system which includes two master belt packs and five remote belt packs. Operating two separate groups is easy with a 7-user system. For example, a director can assign lighting to group A and the sound crew to group B. The director can then be a part of either group by pushing the group selector switch on his belt pack.

The ergonomically designed belt pack includes three “AA” rechargeable batteries, a 4-Pin XLR headset jack, two heavy-duty antennae, headset volume control, microphone gain control, group selection, PTT (push to talk), out of range LED indicator and low battery LED indication. Operational buttons and switches are enhanced by a glow in the dark label for easy viewing. ProLink is designed to be used with most professional headsets with dynamic microphones; therefore, the users can continue to use their favorite headsets.

The patent pending ProLink wireless intercom system does not require a base station; therefore, set-up is easy, the users are not tied to a fixed location, and an engineer is not required to maintain and operate the system. This design allows the ProLink to offer a significant cost advantage over competitive intercom systems both in equipment cost as well as labor cost to install, maintain and operate the system.

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