Adtec Introduces signEdje-TV Converter For Digital Signage Distribution Over Digital Cable Systems

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Adtec Digital has introduced a new solution for broadcasting messages from digital signage products over digital cable systems. Using Adtec’s signEdje-TV Converter, high definition and standard definition audio and video content can be distributed over the digital television tier that is available from many cable television providers.

Adtec’s solution is unique because it allows audio and video signals from digital signage products, DVD players, and television receivers from direct-to-home satellite television providers to be distributed over a digital cable system in a cost effective manner.

In an analog cable system, messages generated from most digital signage products can be distributed over the cable system by taking the audio and video output of the signage device and feeding it into a standard modulator. That is inexpensive and easy to do; however, in a digital cable system it can be expensive and complex to get messages from a digital signage device onto a digital channel in a cable system. By using Adtec’s signEdje-TV Converter, signage systems can be deployed on the digital tier of a cable system without spending a lot of time and money.


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