CyberTouch Announces MultiTouch Table -

CyberTouch Announces MultiTouch Table

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The What: CyberTouch has introduced the Mono Mobile, a mobile touch table designed ergonomically to invite users to approach, interact, and collaborate with the content.

 The What Else: Mono Mobile (P/N MML Series) has a base complete with wheels allowing the table to be moved into different locations. Mono Mobile also has an adjustable height so users of different statures may comfortably interact with the content. Advanced-Infrared touch detection offers ultra-fast touch response with no ghost or shadowing and 32 simultaneous touch points. Unaffected by ambient lights, Mono Mobile is designed for high-bright environments such as lobbies and large venues.

The Mono Mobile line of multitouch interactive touch tables is designed for indoor applications. All Mono Mobile Tables are fully integrated plug-and-play. Offered in single-monitor configuration, Mono Mobile ranges from 32” to 65” in diagonal sizes. Mono Mobile incorporates its own internal PC with a choice of Win, MAC or Linux operating system.

The Bottom Line: Mono Mobile is a useful solution for museums, corporate experience centers, educational facilities, boardrooms, large venues, A/V rental houses, and all installations requiring ADA compliance.

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CyberTouch 4K MultiTouch Monitors

CyberTouch released a line of 4K multitouch monitors – the Rio 4K Series. The Rio 4K line of multitouch monitors offer high-definition resolution of 3840 x 2160. Allowing up to 32 simultaneous inputs using advanced IR technology, Rio 4K offers a smooth interactive canvas with absolutely no ghosting or blind spots. Rio 4K is currently offered in diagonal sizes of 32”, 55”, 65”, and 84”

MultiTouch Announces New Remote Management System for Interactive Displays

MultiTouch has developed a new remote management system, MultiTaction Management Suite, and its first application, MultiTaction Site Manager. The MultiTaction Site Manager enables system integrators, IT managers and content providers to manage globally dispersed, network connected interactive systems. This makes the solution targeted for the corporate, retail, digital signage and education industries.