Countdown to InfoComm 2014: NanoLumens' Future Takes Shape -

Countdown to InfoComm 2014: NanoLumens' Future Takes Shape

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Close to the end of my chat with Nate Remmes, NanoLumens' director of business development, he realized he was telling me something he shouldn't and stopped himself mid-sentence. What he eventually wound up saying—something he had never told a member of the press before—while vague, encapsulates exactly why NanoLumens should be on your list of companies to visit at InfoComm 2014.

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 The NanoSlim hovers over a football field.

"We are adding to our product line to become not just an LED manufacturer..."

Before I spill the rest of his statement, take a moment to consider what that first bit means, and how it might fit into the direction the company has been heading.

NanoLumens is on pace to have a record breaking year. "It's more than record breaking," Remmes stated. "It is far and away our best year."

He's not exaggerating. NanoLumens has more than doubled its business YTD in 2014. This is undoubtedly the result of the market's general desire for curved displays and different aspect ratios, and the unique display options the company offers.

If you're unfamiliar with these unique options, then you'll have a chance to get familiar at InfoComm. "This year we've rolled out a new booth design, but nothing too crazy," Remmes said. "We're trying not to take away from any of the displays we're going to have—one large format NanoCurve, two NanoWrap displays, and an 11-foot-wide NanoSlim display."

Remmes explained that the displays will be presented in actual channel environments to show how prospective customers can get an immediate feel for how the displays can work for them.

Which brings me back to the rest of that exciting quote.

With the flexibility (literally) that comes with NanoLumens displays, the company has found itself being just as much a solutions provider as straight-forward display manufacturer. So what does Remmes mean when he suggests the company will become more than an LED manufacturer? I'll let him finish his sentence:

"You will see us evolve over next year and a half into more of a large company—our customers are coming to us as a solution provider and they want to solve complex problems, and sometimes those problems call for solutions outside our typical indoor LED display. You'll see the installations coming out featuring newer SKUs and ideas—large-scale visualization won't be limited to indoor LED."

While that leaves a lot of room for interpretation, it definitely reinforces NanoLumens' dedication to bringing unique display solutions to the masses.

"Every integrator with a unique customer," Remmes concluded, "we can help them and their customer. We can elevate the conversation and offer them something that's never been offered before."

NanoLumens will be at booth #N1563. If you want to know more about the changing shape of their product line, you know where to go!


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Countdown to InfoComm - Video Projection

As my regular readers know I grew up in the day of the “high brightness” 7”, 8”, 9” and even 10” CRT projector and their whopping 130 to 150 lumens of light output. We actually thought this was pretty spectacular back then and for real brightness, stacking was the word of the day unless you could afford a GE Talaria or Eidaphor from Europe that in those days produced 1k to 2K lumens each at nearly $400K a piece. Today we can buy 2K of lumen light output in a projector the size of a lunch box at considerably less than a thousand dollars. This begs the question– what will be the next stages of evolution of projection? Here is a hint– it’s not just about just increasing light output.

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Philips has chosen BrightSign as a provider of digital signage controllers to power multi-screen applications such as video walls, digital menu boards and other projects that require synchronization across multiple screens. NanoLumens has chosen to install BrightSign’s players in the sales showroom at the company’s Atlanta, GA headquarters.

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