New Products February 2007

New Products February 2007
  • Crestron's MPS Series are complete multimedia presentation systems in a stand-alone box. Crestron integrated a 2-Series Ethernet control system, multimedia switcher, audio amplifier, balanced audio with professional DSP, mic inputs, discrete touchpanel preview out, and full QuickMedia signal routing and processing. MPS systems are stand-alone solutions with out-of-the-box functionality. Simply connect source components and display devices for a complete, fully functional presentation solution. MPS does not need a separate control system; there is no need to load a program; and no laptops or touchpanel are required; just walk up and control the system right from the front panel.
  • For added functionality MPS systems offers plug-and-play connectivity with Crestron 3-channel amps, touchpanels, keypads, handheld remotes, iLux lighting control, and the new APAD room controller.

Anthony Gallo Acoustics' (AGA) Reference 5LS line source loudspeaker stands 78 inches tall, boasts 12 custom aluminum four-inch woofers and features seven of AGA's proprietary CDT II tweeters, which possess power-handling, off-axis response, and efficiency. In addition, the Reference 5LS has eight four-inch carbon fiber midrange drivers, each housed it its own five-inch spherical enclosure. The 5LS offers the options of bi- or tri-wiring, as well as bi- or tri-amping. The twelve four-inch woofers fire out the back and equal the cone surface of a 15-inch subwoofer, while offering speed and transparency.

Da-Lite Matt White Insta-Theater Screens

Da-Lite has expanded its line of Deluxe Insta-Theater screens to include matte white screen surfaces. The matte white screen surface evenly distributes light over a wide viewing area with a gain of 1.0. The Deluxe Insta-Theater is a designed screen features a pneumatic scissor mechanism for raising and lowering the screen surface. Lightweight and self-standing, the matte white screen surface is now available on the 60-inch and 80-inch diagonal Deluxe Insta-Theater screens.

Avocent's Emerge MPX1000 HD Multipoint Extender

Avocent's Emerge MPX1000 HD multipoint extender incorporates HDMI technology for moving high-definition content from one source to multiple destinations. High-resolution computer graphics up to 1280 x 768, HD video up to 720p, stereo audio, and control data are wirelessly transmitted to as many as eight wireless or wired receivers.

It includes a transmitter and receiver that provide feature high-definition media support for use in professional audio-visual applications. The Emerge MPX1000 extension product extends video and audio over standard 10/100 Ethernet wiring up to 3000 feet and wirelessly through walls up to 150 feet, or up to 1000 feet line of sight with optional directional antenna. AV synchronization is maintained at each display and all wirelessly connected receivers remain in lock step with each other. The Avocent MPX1000 HD multipoint extender has interchangeable modules for input of analog VGA signals or digital HDMI/DVI signals.

Sennheiser's ME 36 Mic Capsule

Sennheiser's gooseneck-mounting ME 36 mini-shotgun microphone capsule is a back-electret condenser microphone head that, mounted on the MZH 3015 gooseneck, offers an unobtrusive and highly directional solution to the challenges presented by a wide range of speech applications. The microphone incorporates the proven ME 105 capsule from Sennheiser's series of modular lavaliere products.

BenQ's Digital Projectors

BenQ has added four models to its digital projector line: the MP721, MP721C, MP611, and MP611C. These cross-functional units provide brightness values ranging from 2100 ANSI Lumens to 2500 ANSI Lumens along with a 2000:1 contrast ratio, these units display clear images, even in a brightly lit room. All accept analog RGB, component video, composite video, and S-Video inputs; the MP721 and MP721C also accept DVI-I input. They also can handle a wide range of digital video formats, including 480p, 576p, 720p, and 1080i, enabling them to work with many high-definition TV systems. Additionally, the BenQ five-segment golden-ratio color-wheel helps balance true color saturation and maximizes color accuracy, helping ensure that the projected image is exactly the same color and saturation as the input signal.

Klotz's VADIS 888 Router

Klotz Digital's VADIS 888 router comes with improved aesthetics and an enhanced front panel display to provide more information in a clearly arranged manner and a fan less power supply units (PSUs) for silent operation. An optional hot-swappable redundant PSU is available providing reliability and allowing maintenance operations while the frame is in operation. As with the forerunner model, the PSUs are installed at the front of the VADIS 888 for easy serviceability. VADIS 888 consists of a 19-inch fanless 4RU mainframe with 21 freely assignable slots for proven interface plug-in cards covering the most established analog and digital audio formats. The VADIS 888 is easy to control, either through KLOTZ DIGITAL's control surfaces like VADIS D.C.II, user-friendly software or even via remote control devices.

ETS' Monoline Baluns

Energy Transformation Systems' Monoline Baluns were designed for Ethernet protocols some 15 years ago. Originally the Monoline Product Series was designed to send Ethernet signals over existing coax cable. Engineering thought there should be no problem for this application; however to be sure, testing was completed with an IP camera. Test results showed by using the Monoline Balun, EB59, signals traveled through 500 feet of R59 cable with no signal degradation.

Proel's LEDWALL Screen

Complying with IP65, Proel's Light Emitting Diode video screen, LEDWALL, is resistant to humidity and rain and is suitable for outdoor use. The LED screen can be used in several contexts as concerts, outdoor manifestations, show-rooms, superstores to offer entertainment, public information, or publicity. Every pixel is composed by three red LEDs, three blue LEDs, and three green LEDs, and with RGB system it's possible to obtain 16 million of colors. The LEDWALL is controlled by dedicated software designed by PROEL that allows to create any type of graphic designs based on PC or to link to a camera.

Stratos Optical's HTP-TR4 Quad Port Hybrid Transceiver

Stratos Optical Technologies' HTP-TR4 Quad Port Hybrid transceiver is a rugged miniaturized component-level unit for 1 to 2.5 Gbps multimode optical data link applications. The Quad Port Hybrid combines three critical design attributes for avionics equipment applications, a one square inch footprint that fits within a maximum height of 0.235-inches, compliance with 1x/2x FiberChannel standards, and ruggedness that will withstand avionics vibration and shock requirements.

The Quad Port Hybrid is designed to be insertion mounted with 15 pounds of force to a surface-mount BGA socket soldered to the application card. The socket includes an integrated retaining clip for high-vibration environments. This design avoids exposing the transceiver to high soldering temperatures, simplifies initial production, and enables faster board re-works once the device is integrated into a specific product.

Impact Acoustics' RapidRun Digital

Impact Acoustics' RapidRun Digital is the latest addition to the RapidRun modular cabling system. The RapidRun Digital system exceeds standard length limitations of HDMI and DVI signals. The RapidRun Digital system overcomes normal length limitations of TMDS video signals by providing HDCP compatible DVI and HDMI signals more than 80 feet from source to display. The system features the RapidRun digital active wall plate, the first HDMI/DVI wall plate solution with an integrated equalizer/extender. The extender corrects for attenuation and impedance so the signal can be transmitted over the digital runner, the system's base cable, as long as 65 feet at 1080p resolution.

Vizio's 47-inch GV47LF HDTV LCD

Vizio's 47-inch GV47LF HDTV LCD is the newest member to join Vizio's line of Gallevia displays. By using a full HD 1080p LCD panel, the new 47-inch HDTV delivers high-end performance. The Gallevia's translucent black and silver cabinet encases a display with a native resolution of 1920 x 1080. The case even has touch-sensitive control keys for another added design detail. It also offers a 500 cd/m(2) brightness, 800:1 contrast (1600:1 w/DCR), 16.7 million colors and fast 8ms response rates. The GV47LF's LCD screen comes with IPS technology for a wide 178-degree viewing angle, an anti-glare hard-coated surface, and 50,000-hour half-life.

Furman's Reference Series Power Conditioners

Furman Sound has redesigned its Reference Series power conditioners. The new designs feature smooth contours of black steel and silver brushed aluminum complemented by clear blue LED lights. New dual screen technology adds greater noise reduction for increased performance. The Reference Series units will be designated with a letter "i" at the end of each model number to differentiate them from the original series. The IT-Reference 15i and IT-Reference 20i have been optimized with a new dual screen technology that provides greater noise reduction for the clearest audio and images.

Intelix's HDDA-8-F

Intelix's HDDA-8-F is an affordable one input by eight output high-definition component video (YPbPr) distribution amplifier. The Intelix HDDA-8-F features female RCA connectors and supports high-definition 1080i/1080p resolutions. Multiple HDDA-8-F amplifiers may be linked when more than eight outputs are required. In addition to component video, the HDDA-8-F supports composite video, Y/C video, and professional-level 20 Hz to 20 kHz stereo audio. The HDDA-8-F is compatible with Intelix audio/video over Cat-5 baluns.

JBL's VRX928LA And VRX915S Speakers

JBL Professional has introduced the VRX928LA line array loudspeaker and the VRX915S subwoofer. The VRX928LA is a lightweight, compact eight-inch, two-way, 400-watt line array loudspeaker system that provides line array performance in smaller applications that do not require the long-throw characteristics of its larger, hugely successful sibling, the VRX932LA. The VRX915S subwoofer contains a 2265G neodymium magnet, patented differential drive, 15-inchwoofer in a front-loaded, vented enclosure. The VRX915S complements the VRX928LA line array loudspeaker and both can be safely suspended using the VRX-SMAF small array frame.

TV One's C2-2000 Series

TV One's C2-2000 series is comprised of four down converters, four video switcher/scalers and two universal switcher/scalers. These units feature DVI and analog inputs and outputs, and five of the models are equipped with SDI. All units have a LCD on the front for set-up, eliminating the need for an on-screen display. The C2-2000 series focuses on ease of use while providing features common to more expensive devices. Automatic incoming resolution detection and support of multiple worldwide television standards are standard on all ten units in the C2-2000 family. All units can handle a maximum input PC resolution of 2048 x 2048 and all HDTV resolutions up to 1080p. All ten units are controlled by front panel push buttons, infrared, RS-232 or IP connection.

LifeSize Room And LifeSize Team Version 2.5 Software

LifeSize has released its version 2.5 software release for LifeSize Room and LifeSize Team. Including a high-definition camera, codec, conference phone, and remote control, LifeSize Room allows geographically distributed participants in multiple locations to have more effective, true-to-life interactions.

Peerless' Flat Panel TV Stand

Peerless' Flat Panel TV Stand (SS550P) for 32-inch to 50-inch flat panel TVs boasts a unique triangular base design, making corner or against the wall placement simple and easy. This stand is available in high gloss piano black to match today's TV color trends. Its good looks are complemented by an incremental tilt feature and infinite vertical screen adjustment for the ideal viewing position. SS550P includes two tempered glass shelves for component storage. Its clean and stylish appearance is enhanced with an internal cable management system to hide AV cabling.

Phoenix Gold's HDMX.900 HDMI cables

Phoenix Gold's HDMX.900 CL3-rated HDMI cables feature 1080i and 1080p specifications and are available in multiple lengths for added flexibility. The 900 series' three and five meter options are approved for 1080p standards, with a 7.5 meter 1080p option planned for early in 2007 as well as designs to offer a repeater that will pass 1080p standards up to 25 meters (82.2 feet). The repeater can be added to the nine and 15 meter HDMI cables to guarantee 1080p broadcast. Plans are also in the works to add a 20 meter (65.62 feet) and 25 meter cable packaged with the repeater, which will also be 1080p approved.

Alcons Audio's Cinema Ribbon Monitor System

Alcons Audio's CRMS, cinema ribbon monitor system, is a hybrid three-way main-/two-way surround-system. Each system consists of a separate mid-high frequency (MHF) section, featuring one RBN401 pro-ribbon driver HF with non-vented eight-inch MF and a low frequency 15-inch (LF) section, with low power-compression four-inch voice-coil. The MHF section is specifically designed to act both as MHF section for the main/front system, as well as full-range surround system. This design results in a very uniform sound stage throughout the entire listening area.

The LR14 ultra-compact line-array system also has a new brother: the LR14/90. This is a new pro-ribbon line-array, featuring the Alcons RBN401 pro-ribbon driver, with double 6.5-inch woofers in a 90 x 15 degree configuration. With a total weight of only 15 kg, the LR14/90 pro-ribbon line-array has a great throw-to-size/weight ratio.

FSR's IPS Wall Plate Connector

FSR's IPS (Intelligent Plate Solutions) line is a wide variety of interconnect solutions to handle AV interface applications. A selection of wall plates manufactured of 0.25-inch thick milled aluminum are available from stock in white, black, and ivory. Unlimited combinations of IPS inserts and active and passive interfaces allow the installer to customize a project within budget with an attractive and extremely rugged connector plate.

Sierra's Lassen XL Routing Switchers

Sierra Video Systems' Lassen XL analog routing switchers with increased bandwidth, and the inclusion of IP connectivity in all Lassen family routing switchers. The composite video and stereo audio Lassen XL analog routing switchers improve upon the previous models with the addition of an IP port for Ethernet connectivity and improved video boards with increased bandwidth. The Lassen HD and Lassen SDI routing switcher families are also now outfitted with an IP port for Ethernet connectivity.

The rear panels of all Lassen family routing switchers are now outfitted with RJ-45 connectors for IP communication over Ethernet, and continue to offer RS-232/422 control capability. For Lassen XL composite video routing switchers, improved XL video boards allow for increased bandwidth to 300MHz at -3 dB. Lassen XL routing switchers are available in sizes from 12x4 to 32x32 with redundant power supply optional in 32x16 and 32x32 models.

Allen & Heath's WZ3Monitor

Allen & Heath has launched the WZ3Monitor, a rackmount/desktop console which combines the design principles of the industry-standard MixWizard Series with many modern monitor facilities. Furnished with 16 mono mic/line inputs, the desk boasts 12 mix outputs, which can be assigned as either mono or stereo pairs to take advantage of the recent trend towards personal monitoring.

Mechanically identical to other MixWizards, with individual card, nutted pot construction, and quick-change connector pod, the WZ3Monitor presents the monitor engineer with a compact, easy to use desk capable of mixing a large number of wedge and in-ear sources.

Southwire's Viper And QuantumTPE

Southwire has expanded its line of cord products with the introduction of Viper rubber cord and QuantumTPE cord products. The Southwire flexible cord family is available with 300V and 600V ratings. All have sunlight resistant jackets rated for outdoor use and conductors rated for wet locations. Conductor insulations and outer jackets are oil resistant. Available configurations include up to five conductors. Conductor sizes range from two AWG to 18 AWG in most constructions. Viper rubber cord and QuantumTPE cord, along with specialty cord products, are stocked by Southwire's nine Master Service Centers and are available for immediate shipment. Viper rubber cord products deliver exceptional performance and durability for the extreme operating environments found in industrial plants and contractor job sites. They resist extreme heat, oil, chemicals, abrasion, and other hazards found in the most abusive settings.

Polycom's RPX HD Solutions

Polycom's RealPresence Experience High Definition (RPX HD) telepresence solutions provide an immersive collaboration experience with unique features, including full eight or 16-foot HD cinematic views, Siren 22 kHz StereoSurround high definition sound, and EyeConnect technology that puts the camera at eye level for more natural face-to-face interaction.

Polycom's standards-based HDX 9000 high definition video systems are at the core of the RPX HD, making it the only telepresence solution able to call the million-plus video systems already deployed on desktops and in conference rooms worldwide. The Polycom RPX HD solutions also deliver the finest detail and nuance of expression in voice, video and content all over lower bandwidths.

Atlantic Technology's System 8200e Speaker Line

Atlantic Technology's System 8200e speaker line is an improved version of the company's THX Ultra2 certified System 8200. In order to simplify installation and selection for dealers and consumers, the line now features permanently attached side panels in a gloss black finish, and the system is designed to integrate with one or more of the company's 642e SB THX subwoofers.

The 8200e LR speakers are acoustically identical to their predecessors, but feature a revised cabinet shape and pedestal system that presents a less imposing aesthetic presence in smaller theater rooms. The previous model's slanted rear panel has been revised to a more conventional vertical orientation, allowing the speaker to maintain the same overall internal volume while reducing the speaker's footprint and overall visual impact.

StreamerNet's Content Distribution Portal

StreamerNet has launched its Content Distribution Portal to provide eCommerce Virtual Ticket sales for Streaming Media events. Indie touring bands, faith-based ministries, and all forms of business events or entertainment venues can now utilize the click-and-stream capabilities of the StreamerNet MyTheater webcasting environment to quickly and easily deliver pay-per-view access to online media assets. StreamerNet handles everything from credit card admission processing to secure authorization entrance keys for online webcasting events. The StreamerNet MyTheater Content Distribution Portal also enables the placement of adjunct hyperlinks to related concessions and product sales, additional resource links and advertising placements. The service is free with optional revenue sharing delivery plans.

AudioSource's AS Series In-Wall Subwoofers

AudioSource's AS Series of in-wall subwoofers features 8-inch and 10-inch in-wall 8-ohm subwoofers constructed of carbon/polypropylene. The 100-watt 8-inch model, the AS8SW, features a 40 Hz to 300 Hz frequency response and 87 db sensitivity. The product's outer dimensions measure 10-inches by 10-inches with a cutout dimension of 8.75 inches by 8.75 inches and a 4-inch mounting depth. The 150-watt 10-inch version, the AS10SW, has a 33 Hz to 300 Hz frequency response and 88 dB sensitivity. Its outer dimensions measure one foot-by-one foot with a cutout dimension of 10 5/8-inches by 10 5/8-inches and a 3.75-inch-by-3.75-inch mounting depth.

Hitachi's StarBoard Version 7.1

Hitachi Software's new StarBoard Version 7.1 software features expanded capability and now supports essential elements of Hitachi America's Projector Control (PJCtrl) software. Operating within the StarBoard software, users can monitor and control various elements of any Hitachi projector on the network, including power on and off.

Currently, Hitachi Software StarBoard software Version 7.1 supports several features of PJCtrl including powering projector on and off, switching inputs and a screen-freeze capability, which allows the end-user to freeze the projector's current image and continue PC or StarBoard operation, in effect hiding the background activity. Version 7.1 also includes a projector search feature, which allows the user to search for projectors on the network, resulting in a list of found projectors. This feature saves the end-user the time and hassle of looking up a projector's IP address.

Teq AV/IT's Twisted Pair Product Line

Teq AV/IT's Twisted Pair (UTP/Cat-5) product line features transmitters, 1x4 distributing transmitters, receivers with a range of 500 feet, 1000 feet, and a repeater-receiver that allows transmission of AV signals to up to 2000 feet. Teq AV/IT offers a number of ready to install kits, including the basic Qik-Install Kit that comes with a transmitter, a receiver, a VGA input cable, and a 50 feet Cat-5 cable. One of the biggest advantages of Twisted Pair AV products is, that an existing Cat-5 infrastructure may be utilized for AV signal transmission.

TV One's New Switchers

TV One-Task has added three new switchers to its HDMI line. The 1T-HDMI-821 has two inputs, the 1T-HDMI-841 has four inputs and the 1T-HDMI-881 has eight inputs. All three are certified compliant by the HDMI Authorized Test Center and are HDCP and RoHS compliant. The switchers can be controlled via the front panel push buttons, IR or RS-232 interface. An IR remote control unit is included. An optional IR extender is available which allows the IR receiver to be up to 50 feet from the unit. HDTV resolutions of 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p are supported as well as standard definition 480i. They will operate as desktop units. Alternatively, the 1T-HDMI-821 and 1T-HDMI-841 can be mounted in a remote location using optional special mounting hardware and the 1T-HDMI-881 may be mounted in a standard 19-inch rack using rack mounting hardware that come with the product.

Aviom's Pro64 Series

Aviom's Pro64 Series of audio networking products deliver the flexibility of a digital network, combined with the audio performance and simplicity of an analog wire. All Pro64 products deliver audio with low latency via Aviom's A-Net audio transport protocol. Every Aviom Pro64 system is a network designed specifically to deliver optimal performance in distributing multiple channels of audio to as many locations as desired. As a network, a Pro64 system can distribute audio without being restricted by the physical locations of inputs and outputs or the direction of the signal flow. In Auto Mode, up to 64 channels (24 bits, 48kHz) are distributed throughout the entire network. Channels can be input anywhere in the system and output everywhere, regardless of network topology and layout.

Adder has released the AdderLink AV200 Series range of modular AV extenders. The series distribute clear and bright analog video, CD quality audio, and transparent RS232 signals from a single PC to up to 64 screens at up to 1000 feet from the play out device. The AdderLink AV200 extenders allow for the real time delivery of high quality multimedia content over long distances. They avoid the prohibitive costs of fiber optic cabling, the need for displays with built in CPUs or locating a CPU next to each screen.

WideBand Solutions' Simphonix Si-400

WideBand Solutions' Simphonix Si-400 functions as a stand-alone solution or can be integrated into a larger, existing system. WideBand Solutions has incorporated technology from its WebCall WC301 product into the Simphonix Si-400, enabling hundreds of digital and VoIP telephones to turn into high-quality conferencing systems. Simphonix Si-400 is designed with hardware and speech algorithms that accommodate the full range of human hearing, delivering clean, loud, and clear audio. It features acoustic echo cancellation; noise reduction; auto-mixing with voice activity detection; digital, VoIP and analog phone lines; cross point automatic gain control; web management; and voice reinforcement.

Belden's 10GX Small Diameter Cables

Belden's 10GX small diameter cable is an evolution to Belden's 10GX cable. The 4-pair, 23 AWG UTP copper cables are available in CMR, CMP, and LSZH versions, and in both bonded-pair and non-bonded pair designs. They are intended for use in horizontal cable installations in data centers, high speed LANs, server farms, storage area networks, network access nodes, campus backbones, metropolitan area networks, and short distance backbone connections. The series incorporates Belden's RoundFleX technology, and the resulting level of Alien Crosstalk suppression is fully compatible with Belden's guaranteed performance specifications for its 10GX systems.

Key Digital's KD-VP8 Video Processor

Key Digital's KD-VP8 video processor converts composite/S-Video/component inputs to component/HDMI/Cat-5/Cat-5E/Cat-6/Cat-7 outputs, and convert standard definition NTSC 480i, 480p, and PAL 576i, 576p analog video sources to component video. Additionally, the KD-VP8 includes HDMI and HDMI over Cat-5 outputs. KD-VP8 feature IAS£ intelligent auto sense signal detection and switching, pushbutton control, status-monitoring LEDs, and RS-232 and IR remote control. KD-VP8 processors are expandable, individually addressable, and the KD-VP8 is DVI-D compatible when used with Key Digital adapters and cables.

Community's SONUS

Community's SONUS comprises four full-range models and two subwoofers. All feature low distortion, high-impact sonic capability, ease of transport, and durable construction to withstand the rigors of the road. SONUS full-range models start with the SONUS-1296, a two-way system comprising a 12-inch cone driver and a 1-inch horn-loaded high frequency driver, housed in a multi-angle enclosure. The versatile SONUS-1296 works equally well as a FOH system or on the stage, as a floor monitor.

Next in the line is the trapezoidal SONUS-1596, a 15-inch/1-inch two-way system. Following the SONUS-1596, the larger SONUS-3294 makes the leap to a full three-way system employing a 12 inch LF cone driver, a 6.5 inch horn-loaded MF cone driver, and a 1 inch horn loaded HF compression driver. The largest of the line, the SONUS-3594, comprises a 15-inch cone driver with the same Mid/Hi section as the SONUS-3294. For extended low frequency response, the SONUS line includes two subwoofers with a choice of dual 15-inch or dual 18-inch high-power cone drivers.

Leviton's P1000 Series Rack Power Distribution Units

Leviton Voice & Data has introduced the P1000 Series of rack power distribution units, a solution for data centers, computer rooms, and other high-demand environments that require "always on" power. P1000 Series PDUs are available for both vertical and horizontal applications. Notable features include durable 18AWG cold-rolled steel enclosures, grounding connecting points, overload protection with easy to reset circuit breakers, dual-pole breakers on 208 volt models, and UL 489 rated circuit breakers on 30 amp units.

Waves' MaxxBCL

MaxxBCL is Waves' premier live sound tool. Its combination of world-class bass enhancement, compression, and limiting, plus its rugged construction make it the ideal hardware solution for live venues of all shapes and sizes.

Today, many of the biggest names in show business are using MaxxBCL. It increases bass response while reducing low frequency energy and relieves strain on power amps and speakers.

Kramer Electronics' VM-28HDMI And VM-216HDMI Distribution Amps

Kramer Electronics' VM-28HDMI two input 1:8 HDMI distribution amplifier and the VM-216HDMI two input 1:16 HDMI distribution amplifier were originally designed directly for a customer requirement. Kramer was approached with the need to distribute high quality HDMI signals in a high-end consumer retail application. The VM-28HDMI allows the distribution of one of two HDMI input sources to eight destinations and the VM-216HDMI allows distribution of one of two HDMI input sources to 16 destinations.

The VM-28HDMI and VM-216HDMI are both HDCP compliant and support up to 1.65 Gbps bandwidth to ensure compatibility with all HDTV standards including 1080p/60 signals. Both models also feature enhanced EDID (extended display identification data) operation. Each unit can read a separate EDID in non-volatile memory or provide the default EDID of 720p if one is not stored.

CoolTouch's RX-563SDI Monitor

The CoolTouch RX-563SDI triple 5.6-inch rack mount monitor includes one audio, one SDI, and one composite video input per screen. Reclocked SDI and composite outputs converted from SDI are provided. A single audio input is provided per screen and is not affected by A/B switching between composite and SDI, Audio is not demuxed from SDI. The audio input feeds a built-in speaker, which can be used for basic confidence monitoring or for an audible alarm from an external source. The unit occupies 3RU yet is only 2.1-inches deep and uses an on-screen menu to adjust the picture. Its high brightness LCD offers excellent picture quality even under high ambient light conditions. The RX-563SDI offers a Tri-Color Tally lens, combined with a contact closure based tally system. This unit is powered by 12VDC and comes with a power supply adapter.

KEF's Reference Series

The KEF Reference line-up includes the newly-developed dedicated center-channel speakers, models 202.2 and 204.2, and a unique three-way dipole surround sound speaker, model 206.2. KEF also introduces two outstanding subwoofers, the model 208 and model 209. The classic bookshelf model 201.2, the elegant floor-standing models 203.2 and model 205.2, and the top-of-the-line model 207.2 complete the range.

Digital Rapids' On2 VP6 Codec Module

Digital Rapids' On2 VP6 codec module is designed for its family of media encoding solutions. The new module enables the creation of On2 VP6-based video for Macromedia Flash from Adobe, and supports both live Flash Video streaming via the Flash Media Server and encoding to files from live, tape, or digital media file inputs. The optional On2 VP6 support is integrated throughout the Stream systems' robust workflow and feature set. Content can be encoded to VP6 while simultaneously encoding to other formats, and processing such as graphic overlay can be applied. Live content can also be archived to file in VP6 and other formats seamlessly during live Flash Video streaming.

Microtek's LCD HDTVs

Microtek has introduced two 42-inch LCD HDTVs with full HD 1080p resolution in the U.S. through its North American subsidiary, Microtek Lab. The new CL42HA joins the Cineon series--a line of HDTVs created for the custom AV installer and home theater channel--while the new L42CX2A joins Microtek's line of HDTVs for video enthusiasts. Both the L42CX2A and the CL42HA deliver full-HD 1080p with a native resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels in the wide-screen 16:9 format and are the perfect match for 1080i or 1080p video that is available now from broadcast TV, cable and satellite TV, Blu-ray discs and HD-DVDs. Using advanced scalar technology, the L42CX2A and CL42HA also accept and accurately display video at 480i, 480p and 720p in addition to 1080i and 1080p.

Lumagen's Radiance Video Processors

Lumagen's Radiance series of video processors both refine and enhances the video images presented by high definition front projectors and top-level rear-screen and flat-panel displays, while at the same time functioning as an extensive central switching hub ideal for large home and corporate theater systems. The first product in Lumagen's Radiance series is the RadianceXD which supports 18 video inputs six HDMI with HDCP, four SD/HD component, four S-Video, and four composite. Component inputs can be combined with a composite to support up to four SCART RGBcvS video sources. The HDMI and component inputs accept resolutions of up to 1080p at 60 Hertz. Audio input can accompany the video on one of the HDMI inputs, or use one of the four analog stereo pairs, six coax, or two optical audio inputs.

Extreme's UFLED Infrared Illuminator

Extreme CCTV's UFLED infrared illuminator is an LED-based infrared illuminator. Enhanced capabilities of the UFLED include 24V input; narrow focused beam patterns for illumination up to 650 feet; less than 40 Watts power consumption; expanded operational range -50ºC to +50ºC (-58ºF to +122ºF); new 940nm options for covert operation; and IP66/NEMA 4 design for performance in harsh environments. UFLED also includes a dedicated PSU and bracket as standard. The UFLED is night vision solution for day-night cameras and speed domes.

Monitor Audio's Platinum Loudspeakers

Montior Audio's Platinum loudspeakers' ribbon design uses an ultra-thin enforced sandwich of C-CAM (ceramic-coated aluminum magnesium) alloy suspended in a powerful transverse magnetic field of high-energy NeFeB rare earth magnets. The ribbon serves as both voice coil and radiating diaphragm, with every part of the ribbon driven directly and simultaneously without energy storage. The ribbon is capable of ultra-wide bandwidth with a useable frequency response to 100 KHz and is more than capable of producing sounds and all harmonics found in today's hi-def wide-band formats, such as DVD audio, SACD, Blue Ray, and HD-DVD.

PG LifeLink's Voice Data Video (VDV) columns and aluminum raceway systems are both part of the company's Versa-Duct line. VDV columns provide power and data connections for multiple voice, data, fiber optic, and video applications. Custom design and construction accommodate any configuration of receptacles, switches, ground jacks, and data or communication outlets. The columns are constructed of anodized aluminum with custom color finishes to match site décor; ceiling mount options provide installation flexibility.

Sanus Systems' VisionMount Line

Sanus Systems has added two ceiling mounts for small to medium flat panel TVs to its VisionMount line of AV mounts. These new mounts are ideal for corner locations and when wall mounting is not an option; they are universal mounts, fitting virtually all small to flat panel TVs through VESA compatible TV brackets. The VisionMount Model SC1A flat panel ceiling mount is designed to fit LCD TVs up to 27 inches; it has a total weight capacity of 50 pounds. This incorporates Smoothlock technology. The VisionMount Model MC1A flat panel ceiling mount is designed to fit inch LCD and plasma TVs from 23 to 40 inches; it has a total weight capacity of 70 pounds and features Virtual Axis 3D technology. Model SC1A and model MC1A universal mounts are made of extruded aluminum that provides strength and rigidity. It securely mounts to a variety of ceilings.

TRUE Systems' P-SOLO Ribbon

TRUE Systems' P-SOLO Ribbon is a single-channel microphone preamplifier that uses the circuitry of TRUE Systems' more expensive multi-channel preamplifiers with tweaks to maximize the performance of ribbon and dynamic microphones, both vintage and contemporary. Like its sibling, the P-SOLO, the P-SOLO Ribbon uses the same balanced, transformerless, and circuitry that has earned the TRUE Systems Precision 8 and the P2 Analog.

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