Control Concepts Develops Middleware to Provide EMS Software Scheduling Interface for Crestron Fusion

Control Concepts has built a new EMS Software scheduling interface for the Crestron Fusion Enterprise Management Platform. The interface uses the Crestron Fusion API and the EMS API Web Service to facilitate communication and to exchange scheduling data between the Crestron Fusion and EMS scheduling software.

A plug-in, designed for ease of use and flexibility across multiple environments, uses the appointment management features of the Fusion application and enables users to synchronize Crestron Fusion location schedules with EMS.

Through the API, users are able to add rooms in the Fusion application, to schedule meetings, and to display daily room schedules and appointment details. Users are able to create ad-hoc meetings directly from the touchpanel and to save those meetings to the EMS hosted service.

The middleware product is available for purchase at a fixed price that includes implementation support with an option to extend the maintenance and support relationship on an annual basis.