Samsung USB Image Key Now Available for Digital Signage Running on Scala -

Samsung USB Image Key Now Available for Digital Signage Running on Scala

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In conjunction with Samsung, Scala has developed a special USB key that will reformat the flash drive or hard drive of a Samsung screen with Windows Embedded and Scala 5 Player software. The USB key allows end users to use plug-and-play technology to more easily configure 690- or 780-based Samsung screens or Set Back Boxes for use in a Scala network.

The USB image key overrides the image that Samsung embeds in their screen PCs and converts it to a Scala player. This eliminates the need for customers to manually reconfigure their screens or Set Back Boxes, decreasing the amount of time required to install their network.

The Samsung USB image key is a unique offering to existing and future Scala customers planning to use Samsung displays for their digital signage networks.


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