Constant Technologies Acquires Electrosonic Government Control Room Division -

Constant Technologies Acquires Electrosonic Government Control Room Division

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Constant Technologies has acquired the Government Control Room division of Electrosonic, headquartered in Burbank, California. Constant Technologies and Electrosonic have had a mutually successful partnership in the audio/visual market over the last 5 years and have worked together extensively on many projects for the United States Department of Defense. “It has been great working with Constant. Our open and honest relationship has helped us both be clear about our strengths and strategic direction,” says Jim Bowie, president and CEO of Electrosonic.

“We are extremely pleased to be acquiring the Electrosonic Government Control Room division and continuing our relationship with Electrosonic,” said Brad Righi, president of Constant Technologies. “This acquisition further cements Constant’s reputation as a worldwide leader in the control room market. Although we offer solutions for a broad range of audio/visual needs, mission critical environments are our specialty. These rooms are often the nerve center of an organization -- Constant becomes an integral partner in ensuring our clients have the monitoring tools necessary for maximum resiliency and situational awareness.”

Constant provides customized audio/visual systems integration, as well as technical furniture, built to withstand the rigors of 24/7 environments. With decades of experience across the globe in mission critical rooms, Constant is well equipped to handle a wide variety of projects ranging in scope and complexity. The firm is trusted by both the private and public sector, creating world class, secure centers for firms such as Boeing, Citi, Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, Akamai Technologies, Bank of America, Microsoft, and Johnson and Johnson.

“Constant has recently had an increased focus on solutions for Cyber Security Operations Centers,” said Righi. “As more companies and institutions are affected by security breaches, government and business leaders alike are working diligently to protect against cyber security threats.”

In addition to command and control centers, Constant provides clients with design, integration, and servicing of environments such as network/security operations, emergency management, collaborative spaces, briefing centers, conference centers, unified communication environments, and fusion centers.


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