New Products November 2008

New Products November 2008
  • Extron FOX 4G Matrix 14400

Extron’s FOX 4G Matrix 14400 is a high performance, modular fiber optic matrix switcher, expandable in sizes from 16x16 to 144x144. New for the SMX System MultiMatrix Series are fiber optic 8x8 matrix switcher boards. Extron also introduces three new fiber optic extenders, including the FOXBOX 4G VGA for sending RGB computer-video signals, the FOXBOX 4G DVI for DVI signals, and the FOX 2G AV for sending component video, S-video, or composite video. All three extenders are transmitter and receiver sets that send video, audio, and RS-232 control signals on just a single fiber.Audio-Technica Shotgun Microphones

Audio-Technica has debuted three new shotgun microphones: the BP4071, BP4071L, and BP4073 line and gradient condenser models. Designed for critical extended-range pickup in broadcasting, film/TV production and theater sound reinforcement applications, these highperformance mics offer extremely focused pickup throughout the entire frequency range. Based on in-the-field research and user input, the BP4071, BP4071L, and BP4073 microphones are ideal for capturing high-quality audio for documentaries and feature films, wildlife recording, and theater sound reinforcement. These highly directional mics offer low self-noise and improved resistance to RFI. Their direct-coupled, balanced output ensures a clean signal even in high-output conditions.

Avlex Superlux E303 And E304 Boundary Mics
Avlex’s Superlux E303 and E304 boundary microphones are ideal for a wide range of installed sound reinforcement and recording applications. The Superlux E303 is a professional solution for teleconferencing, distance learning, courtroom, conference and meeting rooms, stage, council chambers, and worship applications. This elegant and unobtrusive boundary microphone features a back electret cardioid condenser, wide dynamic range, a low noise balanced inline preamplifier, and XLR connectivity with a detachable cable. The Superlu E303 utilizes a cardioid polar pattern, has an extended frequency response of 30-18,000 Hz, a dynamic range of 103 dB, and a switchable low-cut/high-pass filter.

Crestron RoomView Server Edition is enterprise management and AV helpdesk software designed to deliver complete network control of AV and environmental resources and room scheduling. RoomView Server Edition integrates seamlessly with the full line of Crestron devices to ensure that every room is connected on the managed network. Gefen Digital Audio Decoders Each Gefen digital audio decoder accepts a digital signal input and provides multiple digital and analog audio outputs with optional amplification. Ideal for creating 5.1 surround sound audio environments, Gefen’s digital audio decoders cut equipment costs by enabling the use of existing audio systems in a new digital environment. The Digital Audio Decoder takes an HDMI audio/video signal from Blu-ray players, set-top boxes or gaming systems and delivers two mirrored HDMI outputs with Dolby/DTS decoded or two-channel mixed audio. It also provides eight RCA outputs along with one TOSlink and one S/PDIF.

Da-Lite Screen Advance Products
Da-Lite Screen Company has launched a new line of universal projector and flat panel mounts with its Advance brand. The new line of Advance products includes new features, a new look and more importantly, represents a new value in a complete line of universal mount application products. To complete the new Advance launch, there is new product identity, new packaging and new installer friendly projector mount kits, designed to reduce on-site installation time. Engineered for the rigors of commercial and industrial applications, Advance projector and flat panel mounts are manufactured in the U.S. using high quality steel, and all products feature durable powdered coated finishes in various colors.

Barix Annuncicom 100-CS
Barix’s Annuncicom 100-CS is a custom audio over IP intercom solution developed collaboratively with Crestron for easy integration into residential control environments. The Annuncicom 100-CS features special firmware to communicate with software in Crestron control systems for residential analog audio and digital IP intercom applications. The Annuncicom 100-CS can communicate with specific products in Crestron AV distribution systems, including certain Crestron Isys wall mount touchpanels.

Wegener Corporation has introduced two new MediaPlan i/o content creation stations: MediaPlan i/o Contributor and MediaPlan i/o Professional. Both new Wegener systems offer advanced tools for creating and preparing media content, including digitizing, encoding, editing, and controlling the quality of media assets prior to uploading them into the MediaPlan content management system. The MediaPlan content management system is part of Wegener’s end-to-end solution for file-based content distribution. Wegener’s new companion MediaPlan i/o Contributor and MediaPlan i/o Professional content creation stations complement and expand the capabilities inherent in Wegener’s family of file-based products.

RGB Spectrum MVS-12 Multicast Video Server

RGB Spectrum has expanded its line of multi-channel recording and streaming systems with the Multicast Video Server. The MVS-12 is a fully integrated system for simultaneously recording, storing, and distributing up to 12 channels of high resolution, real-time imagery using the JPEG2000 compression standard. The Multicast Video Server offers the capability to record and store multiple channels while simultaneously viewing the same imagery at multiple local and remote locations. It is used with RGB Spectrum’s DGy codecs for encoding and decoding at origination and destination points to provide a complete solution for recording and monitoring requirements.Yamaha IM8 Series Console

Yamaha’s IM8 series of analog consoles include the same buildquality and rigorous testing procedures as the wildly successful PM series mixing consoles and will be available in three models with 24, 32, and 40 channels, respectively. All three models inherit technology from Yamaha’s professional consoles and deliver low-noise, intuitive operation. With Yamaha’s innovative single-knob compression feature, operators can dial in the right amount of compression simply and quickly. All mono input channels feature both balanced XLR and TRS phone jacks, with individually switchable +48v phantom power, 26-dB pad switch, gain control, pan pot, and four-band EQ with sweepable mids.Gepco X-Band Cables

Gepco’s X-Band audio cables feature an extra-flexible, low-noise design, making them ideal for critical audio applications. Sonically transparent, XBand cables have a wide frequency response and exceptional RF/EMI noise rejection. This performance is achieved by cabling the pairs with a tight and precise twist and by utilizing a videograde foam dielectric that significantly reduces the capacitance. X-Band conductors are made from finely-stranded, oxygen-free copper to maximize conductivity and protect against corrosion. Each pair is shielded with a dense 95- percent copper braid to provide additional noise rejection and are also available in dual-shield versions.Meyer Sound SB-3F Loudspeaker

Meyer Sound’s SB-3F sound field synthesis loudspeaker is designed for projecting mid- and high-frequency energy over distances up to 1km. The high-powered device employs Meyer Sound’s leading-edge sound field synthesis technology with multiple small point sources to create a focused, coherent long-range sound field. Assuring intelligibility at long distances from the main point-source loudspeaker system is one of the most frequent issues in large-scale sound reinforcement, especially in the critical 2 kHz to 9 kHz frequency range. The SB-3F loudspeaker is designed to address this concern.Canton Sound Bar CD 90 SB

Canton’s Sound Bar CD 90 SB is a loudspeaker system that comprises three individually isolated two-way speakers that share a single enclosure designed for horizontal mounting above or below a flat-screen TV. The CD 90 SB joins Canton’s CD family of compact, high-performance extruded aluminum speakers that are available in silver or black finish. The Sound Bar’s configuration of three speakers in one chassis delivers the same home theater soundstage that would normally be produced by separate left, right, and center speakers but with greatly simplified installation, and an aesthetic sensibility that matches today’s flat panel video displays.

AVerMedia AVerVision SPB370

AVerMedia Technologies’ AVerVision SPB370 Platform Visual Presenter combines a five megapixel camera sensor and 1080p HD output with realtime 30fps video speed, 20X AVerOptical Zoom, interactive software, network sharing capability, a full eight inches x 11 inches lightbox and exclusive AVerMedia presentation features. Live, clear visual images can be viewed and controlled throughout a school campus, office setting, medical facility, and more. The ability to display documents, 3-D objects, microscopic images, and more through virtually any multimedia projector, monitor, or TV greatly enhances visual learning and retention for nearly any presentation situation.Sonance SM55 SST

Sonance’s SM55 SST expands the Sonance range of custom-installation audio solutions. The Sonance Surface Mount SM55 SST single stereo model combines a single, dual-voice coil 5-1/4-inch carbon fiber cone woofer with two flanking, wide-range oneinch silk dome ferrofluid-cooled tweeters, for unexpectedly spacious and natural stereo playback from a single speaker location. Smooth, broad coverage delivers convincing sound to a wide range of listening positions, making the SM55 SST ideal for small rooms, alcoves, and hallways. Installing the SM55 SST requires only a screwdriver and a few moments of the installer’s time.

Hosa Da- Cappo DA07

Hosa Technology introduces Da- Cappo’s new DA07 dual folding ear micro microphone. Featuring an advanced capsule that delivers audio quality and an adjustable dual folding earpiece design. Utilizing a European designed 2.5 mm diameter capsule, this Omni directional microphone delivers natural sounding, full 20 Hz - 20 kHz frequency. The DA07’s capsule also provides EMI protection. With flat frequency response across the microphone’s entire operating range, the DA07 delivers natural sounding, clear audio performance. The DA07 is available in two sensitivities: standard and -10 dB for broadcast applications.

Teq AV/IT TPH372

Teq AV/IT has a smart learning transmitter that will provide display’s DDC information to the source. Once initialized with display like LCD TV, Plasma or HD projector, the transmitter of TPY372 can be attached to any HD sources like PC, Blu-ray player, DVD player, media players, Playstation 3, or digital signage player to extend the HDMI or DVI signal over single Cat-6 or Cat-5 unshielded twisted-pair cable. Teq AV/IT’s new TPH372 allows HD signal from HDMI sources up to 130 feet at 1080p or 170 feet at 1080i or 200 feet at 720p over single UTP cable. With equalization and gain settings, TPH372 provides a fast and easy way to show perfect high-definition image from any HDMI or DVI source to a compatible display in matters of minutes through a single cost-effective UTP cable.Atlas Sound ControlKom

Atlas Sound’s ControlKom offers comprehensive IP-based paging system control with SIP compatibility allowing it to be integrated with almost any existing phone system. With this technology, users can simultaneously send an audio stream and/or text message to IP loudspeakers, computer screens, and overhead paging systems, all with speed, confidence, ease-of-use, and reduced operation costs. ControlKom can be deployed within a single building, throughout an entire campus, or even through multiple campuses. Working in conjunction with IP loudspeakers using true POE capabilities, the ControlKom platform supervises and controls loudspeakers, digital clocks, bells,and zone controllers.

Honeywell FF8 Power Supply

Honeywell Power Products’s FF8 (FireForce 8) variable EOL matching feature allows a resistor to be installed on the power supply acting as a reference for all outputs. This one-of-a-kind feature stands to save fire alarm installers countless hours of searching behind numerous notification devices for the EOL resistor. The FF8 connects to virtually any brand of fire alarm control panel to extend the power capabilities of up to four NACs. Ancillary fire devices can also be powered by this unit. With a total output capacity of eight amps, Honeywell’s FF8 delivers a maximum of three amps per NAC.

EAW JFL210 Compact Line Array

EAW’s JFL210 compact line array features a range of EAW’s most innovative line array technologies within a mobile, lightweight package that’s an ideal solution for a multitude of small- and medium-sized applications, including portable and installed AV as well as musician/DJ uses. The JFL210 can be flown or stacked in a variety of ways. The enclosure size, shape, weight and rigging are optimized for ease of transport and handling. Arrays may be easily flown or ground stacked, and up to two enclosures may be mounted on a tripod loudspeaker stand or on a pole above a polemoun capable subwoofer.

Altinex MX2106AV

Altinex’s MX2106AV is a twoin/ one-out VGA auto plus audio switcher with a one by two distribution amplifier. With an incredibly compact footprint that enables the unit to be easily mounted out of sight underneath a table or on the side of a lectern, the MX2106AV is the ideal solution for small meeting/conference setups where two different sources—such as laptop computers—can be routed to a main display and an accompanying audio system as required. With its integrated distribution amplifier, the MX2106AV has the ability to drive two large displays simultaneously.

Kaltman AirSleuth Pro Bundle

Kaltman Creations’ AirSleuth Pro Bundle contains a 2.4GHz signal generator which generates individual and continuous signals on all of the eleven 802.11 Wi-Fi channels. Also included in the bundle is the AirSleuth Pro 2.4GHz analyzer, a powerful softwarebased analyzer that quickly and easily displays RF activity in the Wi-Fi channels. The bundled system is designed for IT managers, MIS personnel, or anyone involved in 2.4GHz transmissions. The primary applications include: optimizing wireless networks, installation, testing, and troubleshooting. At the heart of the bundle is a new and innovative signal generator product, called the AirHorn.SpeakerCraft Neat 3 Speakers

SpeakerCraft has launched an ultrasmall speaker designed to mimic the look of a miniature can light. The Neat 3 will almost disappear into the ceiling having a minimal footprint and no exterior bezel. Featuring a three-inch full-range driver, this speaker can be installed in almost any location. Its diminutive size dramatically increases its application flexibility and should prove to be a popular solution in many installations. Due to the size of the drivers a subwoofer is recommended. Either the SpeakerCraft BassX series or the new in-wall Cinema Subs would be excellent choices. The Neat 3 uses a two-piece bracket that snaps together inside the wall and is secured with drywall screws through the wall’s surface.Intelix DIGI-DVI-F

Intelix has released the DIGI-DVI-F, a DVI balun which distributes a high-definition DVI-D signal up to 150 feet over two inexpensive unshielded twisted pair cables. The Intelix DIGI- DVI-F supports 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i video up to 150 feet, 1680x1050 resolution video up to 100 feet, and 1920x1200 resolution video up to 60 feet. The Intelix DIGIDVI- F balun supports standard HDTV and VESA resolutions, as well as the DDWG standard for DVI compliant monitors. The unit is also is Mac compatible and HDCP compliant. Each DIGI-DVI-F includes the send unit, receive unit, and power supply. The system is powered on either the receive or the destination end.AKG Acoustics WMS 4500 Mic System

AKG Acoustics’ wireless WMS 4500 microphone system offers improved audio capabilities versatile enough to handle multiple users and multi-channel applications simultaneously. The system’s components consist of the SR4500 receiver unit, the PT4500 emitter, and the HT4500 handheld microphone unit. The WMS 4500 is available in two new frequency bands, Band 7 and Band 8, which offer more options for multi-channel systems in today’s crowded RF environment. The SR4500 receiver unit features an adjustable backlight setting, a factory reset, modified presets and the elegant new casing displays a stylish stage black finish.JBL EON500 Speakers

JBL’s EON500 series self-powered and lightweight speakers feature a combination of JBL’s patented engineered components, enabling a smaller enclosure and lighter weight. When combined with the products’ ease of handling, the EON500 series loudspeaker are ideal solutions for everyone from mobile DJs and musicians to systems integrators. There are three models in the new EON product range. Each of the full-range EON500 series compact, lightweight models features an on-board mini-mixer with loop-thru or mix-out capability, allowing for greater control of the loudspeaker’s output.

PDR Mounts CPAO- 15 And CPAO-21 Stress Collars
PDR Mounts’ CPAO-15 and CPAO-21 stress collars answer the urgent need in commercial installs for safer ceiling plates for 1.5-inch NPT. Commercial clients and their insurance carriers are demanding safer solutions and PDR Mounts delivers. These cost effective, all steel plates provide a rigid pathway for the pipe, locking it into position and eliminating dangerous stress. The CPAO-15 works with common 1.5-inch threaded plumber’s pipe and the CPAO-21 works with PDR’s proprietary telescoping pipe.

Soundcraft EMMA DSP Platform
Soundcraft’s latest digital console, the Si3, is an entirely new DSP platform— EMMA—and has high-resolution, highintensity OLED displays for channel information. EMMA stands for embedded multi-processor mixing architecture, and is a totally self contained, single board mixer, complete with I/O interface, DSP, dynamics and effects. EMMA uses Analog Devices SHARC DSP chips for the DSP mixing, EQ and dynamics horsepower supplemented by Lexicon AudioDNA chips, which provide four stereo effects channels which can be assignedby the user. EMMA is capable of handling the 64 mono inputs, four stereo inputs and 35 buss outputs.

Adder AdderLink X50-MS Video Extender
Adder’s AdderLink X50-MS video extender is a link transparent USB and high performance video extender that delivers industry leading video quality at up to 1920x1200 together with 44.1kHz digital stereo audio over a single Cat-x cable. It enables USB peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and graphics tablets to be extended up to 165 feet from the computer. The Adder- Link X50-MS adds a second video and transparent, high speed RS232 connection, up to baud rates of 19200.

Panasonic Security Systems’ i-Pro WV-ASX400 management software offers enterprise-level video surveillance management and control capabilities on a networked platform. The software accommodates up to 1,024 cameras, 128 recorders and 64 decoders. Control for Panasonic cameras includes pan/tilt, zoom, focus, brightness, preset position call and program, auto mode, click centering and wheel zoom. The software also permits users to display live tour sequence images in a multi-screen format, display live group sequence images on several monitors, and monitor and control cameras individually with the WV-CU950 system controller.Neutrik opticalCON Transceiver Adapter

In an effort to ease design integration of its opticalCON chassis connectors in combination with SFP transceivers, Neutrik has introduced an opticalCON transceiver adapter. The opticalCON transceiver adapter seamlessly connects an optical- CON chassis and an LC SFP transceiver. SFP transceivers are compact, optical transceiver’s used in fiber-optic communications. Neutrik’s opticalCON Transceiver Adapter is compatible with all LC SFP transceivers and enables useof Neutrik’s rugged opticalCON or conventional LC connectors. It features an automatic sealing shutter, which avoids any transceiver contamination on-site and also helps users avoid vandalism by “protecting” the transceiver.

Sigma Southwest ADS Model 8X10

Sigma Southwest has developed the ADS Model 8X10 to provide an eight channel, multiple room audio distribution system. Various options are available which permit the customer to select the desired channel & volume level and listen via headphones or an inroom speaker. Recently Sigma Southwest has introduced a wall control unit that enables the customer to connect their iPod/MP3 player thru the amplified in-room speaker. All options of the customer control unit mount in a standard, single gang electrical box. The ADS system is ideal for tanning salons and office complexes.

Pelco Endura Gateway And Transcoder

Pelco’s Endura Gateway and Endura Transcoder are two important new steps in the progression of Endura technology. These additions to the Endura IP Video System provide significant benefits for users seeking to make Endura video streams available via a web browser and via non-Endura networks. The Endura Gateway provides an interface enabling Web-client connectivity to an Endura IP video system. With the Endura Gateway, users can now view, playback, and manage their Endura IP video system through a web client and Microsoft Internet Explorer.Sennheiser guidePORT Visitor Information System

Sennheiser’s guidePORT visitor information system offers exhibition organizers the benefits of a single system for all types of use—whether they want automatic, freely available visitor information, a guided tour, or even an interpreting system. Depending on the application, guidePORT consists of compact receivers for the visitors, mobile transmitters for the guides and identifiers that automatically trigger audio information, as well as cell transmitters and antennas if large amounts of new information need to be transmitted to the visitors’ receivers. The guidePORT system is being further developed on a continual basis.Wireworks SpeakerLux

Wireworks’ SpeakerLUX can connect between any speaker and amp, ensuring the best possible signal flow due to the cable’s large conductor and ultimate signal delivery. SpeakerLUX is a super-flexible loudspeaker cable with 49 strand 13-gauge bare copper, available in two, four, six and eight conductors and provides efficient signal delivery. Featuring an ultra- flexible PV black satin finish and a pressure extruded jacket, Speaker- LUX produces a lay-flat cable and eliminates the need for inconvenient plastic or string fillers. SpeakerLUX makes the termination process easy without having to worry about loosing strands while the jacket is being stripped.QSC PL380 Amplifiers

QSC’s PL380 amplifiers will be available with detachable power cords featuring 32 amp PowerCon connectors from Neutrik. The flagship 120V and 100V models within QSC’s PowerLight 3 Series now stand to offer users a robust and reliable AC cable connector with high current capacity designed expressly to meet the needs of high-power distribution systems. The 230V PL380 will be upgraded from the 20A PowerCon to the new 32A connector at the same time. The PowerCon connectors are three-pole systems with contacts for phase, neutral, and ground, and are suitable for use with voltages up to 250V.Stantron Racks

Stantron’s GHR rack is a compact, sturdy rack designed to fit into existing infrastructures. The Stantron GHR rack gives integrators new options when replacing or adding racks in technical facilities where space is at a premium. Similar in design to Stantron’s Broadcast E-Rack, the GHR matches up with other manufacturers’ racks and provides a hole pattern that allows direct baying to other racks in existing facilities. Stantron’s cost-effective Cooling Options allows customers to strategically target cooling to the equipment that needs it with cooling panels that fit on the rear rack rails and can be easily positioned.Crown XLS Series Amplifiers

Crown Audio’s extended XLS Series amplifiers significantly elevate the performance threshold of affordable portable PA amplifiers. Comprising the XLS 202, XLS 402, XLS 602, XLS 802, and the brand new XLS 5000, the XLS Series is ideal for musicians, DJs, rental companies, and corporate and hotel AV departments. The XLS Series has now been extended with the addition of the new XLS 5000. Delivering 1,800 watts per channel in 4-ohm stereo mode, and a staggering 5,000 watts in 4-ohm bridge-mono mode, the XLS 5000 packs more than twice the punch of the next highestpowered model in the range, the XLS 802.Alcorn McBride Digital Binloop

Alcorn McBride’s Digital Binloop provides up to 32 tracks of 16 or 24-bit WAV or AIFF files at up to 96 kHz, or up to 16 channels of MPEG-2 video at up to 15 Mbps. Audio or video clips are stored on Compact Flash media; each card can hold hours of audio. Each Digital Binloop accommodates up to 16 reproducer cards. Mono audio files can be independently assigned to the left and right channels of each reproducer, giving the user 32 completely independent tracks. A CobraNet interface option allows users to easily interface the product with networked audio systems.

Toshiba 3LCD TLPX150U Projector
Toshiba’s 3LCD TLP-X150U projector features closed captioning that can deliver a PC-free presentation, thanks to a built-in USB port in a slim form factor. Weighing just four pounds and measuring less than three inches tall, the TLPX150U is perfect for mobile professionals, educators, corporate customers, small-to-medium businesses or for portable digital entertainment. The mobile TLP-X150U produces superior image quality with 2,600 ANSI lumens, a contrast ratio of 600:1, and XGA native resolution of 1024 x 768 and Toshiba’s Natural Color Enhancer5 which provides an advanced color correction circuitry that makes presentation colors exceptionally sharp and vivid.

TV One-task 1T-DA-124

TV One-task’s 1T-DA-124 is actually two separate analog audio distribution amplifiers (DA) in one case. It consists of a 1x4 analog stereo DA via 3.5mm Mini-Stereo connectors and a 1x4 S/PDIF DA via RCA coaxial connectors. Inputs between the two amplifiers do not cross over and there is no analog-digital conversion between the two. The 1T-DA-124 has an audio bandwidth of 20Hz to 20 KHz and the signal processing system ensures a low signal to noise ratio plus flat equalization curves throughout the band pass spectrum. Impedance is 20KO for analog stereo signals and 75O for S/PDIF signals.

Sierra Video BNC Connectors

Sierra Video has begun offering AES digital audio available on BNC connectors in addition to traditional terminal block connectors in two of its routing switcher families. The unbalanced BNC connectors will initially be offered in 16x16 Lassen Routing Switchers and 16x16 Sierra NLE Routing Switchers with 75 Ohm AES digital audio. This option will be an alternative to balanced terminal block connectors and will provide customers with additional choices in signal routing configurations.

Studer’s OnAir 3000 digital broadcast console has had a software upgrade to V3.0. The new software, which coincides with the introduction of the smaller sister OnAir 2500 console, adds new functions and facilities to this digital desk. Introduced with the new OnAir 2500, the brand new motor fader module extends the great variety of optional OnAir 3000 modules. It contains six 100mm faders, four large illuminated and configurable pushbuttons with replaceable lables and twelve illuminated small pushbuttons per channel. Two LEDs in each fader strip indicate channel overload and active fader start.Renkus-Heinz VERSYS VLX3 Line Array

Renkus-Heinz’ VERSYS VLX3 line array is optimized for large and medium scale live sound reinforcement applications from touring and other rental tasks to fixed installation in arenas, stadiums, large houses of worship, and the like. VLX3 is expressly designed for use with external processing and amplification, as well as being fully optimized for the latest generation of multichannel amplifiers that provide integrated digital loudspeaker control, processing and monitoring. The essentials are a comparatively lightweight marine birch ply cabinet that delivers over 133dB SPL, integral flying hardware, and a truck pack-friendly cabinet design.

EASERA SysTune includes the expected frequency displays of both input spectrum and transfer function, while setting new benchmarks with realtime impulse response displays and analysis tools. Advanced noise suppression and signal gating algorithms enable SysTune to acquire five to ten seconds of room impulse response data at usefully low noise levels. For the first time, audio professionals can examine reverberation times and speech intelligibility in occupied venues during a performance or event. EASERA SysTune can process up to eight input channels simultaneously, presenting spatially averaged spectrum and transfer function displays to the user.

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