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360 Media Innovations Cooks Up a Bakery for the Cake Boss

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JERSEY CITY, NJ—When you’re America’s favorite baker, you can’t be seen working in just any run-of-the-mill production center. That’s why celebrity baker Buddy Valastro reached out to the team at 360 Media Innovations, who worked with the Cake Boss star to create a customdesigned 35,000-square-foot bakery production center in Jersey City, NJ.

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Celebrity baker Buddy Valastro reached out to the team at 360 Media Innovations to create a custom-designed 35,000-square-foot bakery production center in Jersey City, NJ.According to Chima Gale, president of 360 Media Innovations, the ELAN g! control system was the best choice for Carlo’s Bakery Lackawanna. “Because the ELAN g! graphical user interface is so easy to use, it’s perfect for this type of commercial installation, where a lot of people will be using the touch screens to adjust system settings. It will be simple to integrate additional subsystems in the future, and the already installed paging and safety features add so much value to the audio system that it would have been a waste to use any other product,” he said.

The ELAN g! system to control 65 speakers, including ELAN E73C, ELAN OM650S, and Speco SPC30RT, distributed across 11 audio zones, allowing employees to choose what music plays in their area from two Sirius satellite radio receivers, two AM/FM radio receivers, and four iPod docks. The system also controls two Crown CTs amplifiers, and uses eight ZeeVee boxes to distribute the video.

When the Cake Boss needs to address the entire staff at once, he can use ELAN’s COMM 2 phone system to page specific zones or the whole building, automatically muting the current audio source and giving him a quick way to address his team. The ELAN g! system is also integrated with the fire alarm and sprinkler system, so if a fire is detected the system will send an audio alert through all 65 speakers.

To access the ELAN g! controls, there are eight ELAN TS7 7-inch touchscreens located throughout the building, an ELAN TS10 10-inch touchscreen in Valastro’s office, and two ELAN HR2 remotes that are used for controlling the 11 Samsung LED and plasma TVs, which range in size from 46 to 64 inches. All of this can of course be controlled by Valastro through his iPhone and iPad, from anywhere in the world.

In addition to the bakery floor, there is a receptionist area, a conference room, a client consultation room, an office for Valastro, and two classrooms where he, his decorators, and other guest bakers will offer paid baking classes to the public. The facility also features two BrightSign HD1010 players for digital signage.


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