ISF Seminars in NYC at CNN Center

July 9-11, 2012

Combined Level I & II Sessions

The ISF Level 1 Full Day Classroom Session is designed to quickly bring attendees to a level of competence and confidence in calibrating all the important performance aspects of current generation video displays and projectors. This course is appropriate for those not yet experienced in video calibration, as well as professionals who want to refresh their skills on the latest video calibration technologies, tools, and calibration techniques. This course is taught in the field by ISF Certified Instructors.

Course Outline ISF Level 1 & 2

•HDTVs with ISFccc "Engineering for Calibration"
•1080p Bit Mapping Failures
•Video Display Standards, ITU/CEA/CEDIA, etc.
•Windows 7 Free ISF Calibration Wizard
•Hierarchy of the 4 Image Quality Parameters for HDTV Product Design and Successful Calibration
•Where to deploy 16 - 235 versus 1 - 255
•Brightness - Black level - HDTV and PC
•Contrast - White level - HDTV and PC
•1931 CIE Color Science Modeling
•SMPTE Bars for Decoding
•Resolution and Sharpness
•Blu-ray Player Color Space Configuration
•Test pattern Generator versus Blu-ray player calibration
•Introduction to Gamma, White Balance 2/10/20 Point features, Color Management and When it Fails
•Gamut Preset Measurement for HDTV/sRGB/NTSC/EBU/Adobe
•ISF Calibration Software Overview
•Calibrate Display Hands-On
•Tristimulus versus Spectral Colorimeters
•Periodic Maintenance and recurring revenue Streams

ISF LEVEL II is for graduates of ISF Certification and those attending a combined I and II program. LEVEL II focus is a hands-on approach to ISF software guided solutions for advanced calibration, plus system parameters including: EEDID /HDMI verification, 3D color management, multipoint color balance, optimizing multiple processing engines, system building diagnosis, Gamma/EOTF, advanced Gamut matching/distortion/manipulation, and other recent innovations.

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