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Chief Ships Solutions for Mounting Surface Hub

Chief Ships Solutions for Mounting Surface Hub

Chief's XSM1U, a 55-inch mount for the Microsoft Surface Hub

The What: Chief is now shipping a heavy-duty flat panel mount designed to mount the Microsoft 84-inch Surface Hub on walls. Chief already manufactures several mounts that can accommodate the 55-inch Surface Hub.

The What Else: The PSMH2079 is a wall display mount option designed to quickly install the 84-inch Surface Hub. Key features include a 1.6 degrees plumb adjustment, three-inch (76mm) lateral shift, Q-Latch mounting system, and a low profile of 2.51-inch (64mm).

“The Surface Hub promises to have a big impact on meeting spaces and collaboration,” said Kathryn Gaskell, senior product manager at Chief. “It’s a premium product that deserves a targeted mounting solution to ensure a safe, secure installation. We already had mounts available to support the 55-inch version, and now the PSMH2079 provides an option for the 84-inch model.”

For the 55-inch Surface Hub, Chief offers the Fusion XSM1U wall mount, which features centerless shift for post-installation lateral shift; an audible click when the screen safely engages; post-installation micro-height and leveling adjustment; and tool-free latching flags for additional padlock security. For mobile applications, the Fusion XPAU cart works with the 55-inch Microsoft Surface Hub. A turn knob adjusts the height from 48-inch to 65-inch (1.2—1.7m). The cart also includes internal storage for rack mountable and non-rack mountable components. Tool free latching flags add padlock security.

The Bottom Line: A Fusion XVM1U cart will be available in Q2 for the 84-inch Surface Hub.