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Roland Releases Free Software Update

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Roland Systems Group has released free software updates for all V-Mixers, as well as the S-4000RCS used for stand-alone applications with other mixing consoles.

These new updates feature a new function for M-48 Personal Mixers called “Engineer’s Monitor” that lets the engineer have a local M-48 that can instantly become a “mirror” of any musician's M-48 on the system allowing a whole new level of musician and engineer interaction.

Roland says that any M-48 in the system can now be nominated as the “Engineer’s Monitor” and is placed with the engineer at FOH or Monitor position. When the engineer chooses any of the other M-48s in the M-48 listing on the V-Mixer or in the S- 4000RCS software, the settings for the selected musician’s M-48 are instantly transferred to the M-48 assigned to be the “Engineer’s Monitor”. This enables the engineer to hear and adjust the musician’s M-48 mix right from their local M-48. The engineer can also choose “monitor only” to simply hear the musician’s mix but not make any adjustments.
In addition, the V-Mixer and the RCS software can see, in real-time, the settings of the analog control settings on the M-48 including, Bass, Treble, Limiter, Aux-in and Ambient Mic. The engineer can quickly adjust their local mixer’s settings to match the settings on the musician's M-48 for an exact duplicate mix.

For higher-end touring and session musicians and engineers, this allows for easy expansion of monitor sends on any console by adding M-48s for additional musicians. The growing popularity of stereo in ear monitors has quicklyconsumed the available aux busses on most mixers. The M-48s become a new tool for engineers to create additional and more personalized mixes all with a very comfortable workflow for both them and the musician.

The updates have been posted to Roland Systems Group website and are available for the complete Roland V-Mixer line as well as the S-4000RCS software that uses the S-MADI REAC to MADI Bridge or Digital Snake to control the Personal Mixing System when used with any other console.

The software updates can be downloaded at www.rolandsystemsgroup.com/downloads. Select “Systems Updates” and choose the V-Mixer model or S-4000 to access the respective update.


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